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Name days in February: male and female names according to the church calendar

Male and female names in the church calendar: name day in February

Now many parents, choosing the name of their child, do not rely on their own preferences, but on the church calendar. Before choosing it, young families turn to the clergy to help them identify with the saints born on the interesting day of the month.

To do this, there is a special book: The Saints, or, as it is called otherwise, the Months, which contains more than two thousand Orthodox martyrs and saints. It has long been customary to give the child a name on the eighth day from birth at baptism.

In the case when it coincided with the name of the saint who patronized this date, then the girls and boys acquired a second holiday, the name day or the day of the Angel.

People use the church calendar to find out what saint is commemorated on their day of interest. He does not in any way replace the Orthodox.

It is important to consider that it is constantly updated. In 2000, confessors and new martyrs of Russia were included in it.

Therefore, a person born before 2000 should turn to old editions.

The calendar, released in 2017, was based on the already existing 2008. Therefore, the names in the calendar are given in the form fixed by the church, and may differ from the spoken.

The table also did not include the female and male names of the saints, whose days of memory are transitional.

Names according to the church calendar in February:

Days of Memory in FebruaryMenWomen
oneZachary, Nikolay, Feodosy, Peter, Heinrich, Arseny, Sawa, Efimy, Mark, Theodore, AnatolyEuphrasia
2Pavel, Zakhar, Leo, Lawrence, Yefim, Vasilid, Vass, Evtikhii, EvseniInna, Pinna, Rimma
3Anastasius, Maxim, Ilya, Valerian, Aquila, Candide, NeophyteAgnia
fourEuthymius, Macarius, Nikolai, Anastasius, Gabriel, Leont, John, Manuel, Jacob, Peter, Parod, Timofey, Zioni
fiveSalaman, Agafagel, Clement, Gennady, Mavsima, Feoktist, Seraphim, PeacockEvdokia, Catherine, Milica
6Nikolay, Timofey, John, Anastasius, Macedonia, Gerasim, Vavila, AgapiusKseniya
7Grigory, Boris, Vitaly, Peter, Mar, Iannuariy, Popliy, Maisey, Philip, Alexander, Felix, Anatoly, Vladimir, Martsial, SilvanFilizata
eightXenophon, David, Joseph, Ananias, Peter, TheodoreMaria
tenIsaac, Theodore, Palladium, Leonty, Bartholomew, Ephraim, Ignatius, TheodosiusOlga
elevenMoky, Hyperichus, Gerasim, Roman, Ignatius, Leonty, Jonah, Constantine, Jacob, Aviv, Silvan, Lawrence, Pitirim, Parigory, Luke, John, Julian
12Basil, Hippolyte, Savin, Vladmiir, Zinon, Gregory, Peter, Stephen, KensorinPelagia, Chrysia
13Claudius, Serapion, John, Diodorus, Victor, Nikita, Cyrus, NikiforFeoktista, Triphena, Athanasia, Eudoxia
14Nikolai, Peter, Trifon, Satyr, Seconds, Wendimian, SatornilPerpetua, Filitsitata
15Vasily, Michael
sixteenBlasius, John, Roman, Claudian, Andrian, Vladimir, Evvul, Papii, Simeon, NikolaiAnna
17Peter, Cyril, John, Dmitry, Theodore, Methodius, Vasily, Georgy, Yuri, Boris, Avramiy, Alexy, Arkady, Andrei, Isidor, Iador, Evstafy, Nikolai, Seraphim, AlexanderRaphael, Anna, Catherine
18Macarius, Yelladiy, Mikhail, Evagriy
nineteenVukol, John, Photius, Maxim, Anatoly, Vasily, Alexander, Julian, Theophilus, Varsonofy, Dmitry, EvilasChristina, Maria, Favsta, Martha, Callista, Dorothea
20Parfeny, Luke, Alexander, Alexy
21Sergius, Sawa, Alexander, Simeon, Theodore, Andrei
22Gennady, Innokenty, Vasily, Pankraty, John, Nicephorus, Philagrias
23Prokhor, Longin, Porfiry, Valerian, Peter, Vaptos, Valerian, Charalampy, PorfiryPavel, Ennafa, Anna, Valentine
25Anatoly, Maletia, Alexy, EugeneMaria, Marina
26Pavel, Sylvester, Zosima, Basil, Parthenius, Nikolai, Michael, Stephen (Simeon), John, Eulogius, Vladimir, MartinianAnna, Svetlana, Vera, Zoya, Irina
27Michael, Theodore, Onesimus, Maron, Auxentius, Abraham, Kirill, Isaac
28Michael, Peter, John, Eusebius, Paphnutius, Alexy, Onisim, Nikolai, SimeonSofia, Euphrosinia
29Feodul, Jeremiah, Maruf, Pamphilus, Daniel, Seleucius, Porphyry, Paul, Valent (Ualet), Mafruf, Samuel, Elijah, Julian

One day may be patronized by several saints. Then the choice is up to the parents.

For example, a girl born on February 2 can be baptized as Inna or Rimma.

To find out in memory of what exactly the righteous child was named, you need to find the date of birth of the child in the Svyattsyakh and pick up the day that follows her and mentions this saint.

Before the child is named after the saint, parents need to study in depth his biography and life episodes. Many believe that the chosen names greatly influence a person’s life.

Name days in February: male and female names according to the church calendar

Name days are a special holiday in honor of the memory of the saint, whose name was given to a person at baptism. They have long been a common Christian tradition. During baptism, everyone gets the name of one of the saints, and then the church categorically prohibits changing it in later life.

This is considered a great sin, since in the future the saint will protect the possessor and direct him on the right path.

Angel Day is celebrated once a year.

Their name in the first decade of February is celebrated:

In the second decade, birthday men:

In the third decade:

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