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Monthly value by day, day of the week and time of day

Signs on the monthly — guessing for the near future

A regular menstrual cycle is first and foremost indicative of strong female health. During the period of “critical days,” women of the fair sex become more sensitive and vulnerable, moreover, both on a physical or psychological level, and also on a mental level. Since ancient times it was believed that these days they acquire a special magical power, allowing them to look into the future and learn about important events that will occur over the next 30 days.

My grandmother told me about fortune telling and omens, and to my surprise they turned out to be true, so I decided to share this information and also talk about old superstitions.

Monthly value by day, day of the week and time of day

How to guess on the monthly?

To find out what events are awaiting a woman during the month, you need to pay attention to when the menstrual periods begin, namely the time of day, day of the week and date. Each indicator is assigned its own definition, and their totality allows you to learn a small prediction about the near future.

Times of Day

The value of the month by day and day of the week is not entirely accurate, if you do not take into account the time of day in which they began.

  • Morning. The period from dawn to noon is considered very favorable. He promises good changes and pleasant events in his personal life. Very often menstruation, which began in the morning, indicate an improvement in relationships with loved ones.
  • Day. The time from noon to sunset foreshadows joyful and happy events. The next 30 days will be filled with extremely positive emotions. And relationships with friends and relatives will be extremely favorable and calm.
  • Evening. If the «critical days» began in the evening, namely, from sunset to midnight, then you should prepare for trouble. Minor troubles, quarrels and gossip will accompany the woman for the next month. In addition, she will often be in a dull and depressed state.
  • Night. Menstruation, which began at night, always foreshadows negative events in his personal life. Over the next few weeks, the woman will not feel the support of her close people. The reason for this may be conflicts, over-employment or long-distance travel. It is also possible separation or separation from your loved one.

Monthly value by day, day of the week and time of day

Day of the week

In order to clarify what events are to be experienced in the next few weeks, it is necessary to take into account the day of the week on which the monthly periods began.

  1. Monday. We’ll have to face the troubles that will bring a lot of anxiety. It’s just not known whether they will be pleasant or negative.
  2. Tuesday. It is time to make changes in your life, for example, to get new acquaintances, take up the realization of your desires, start working on a new project. Any business will surely be crowned with success. In addition, there will be a chance to improve relations with a loved one, relative or old friend.
  3. Wednesday. Troubles that you were so afraid to avoid will not succeed. Fortunately, you were morally ready for them, so you can calmly resolve the situation. In order not to aggravate your position, you should not trust strangers who allegedly want to help.
  4. Thursday. In the next few weeks to attend an event where you heartily have fun. There will also be new acquaintances with interesting people who will become good friends.
  5. Friday. It is necessary to face difficulties and misunderstandings, but do not despair. Patience and wisdom will help to cope with all troubles.
  6. Saturday. Soon fulfilled cherished desires. Girls who dream of love will receive a letter from a fan with confessions of feelings. And those who already have the second half, will finally be called «under the crown.»
  7. Sunday. Fun and happiness will accompany you throughout the next month. Life will be filled with joyful events, travel, pleasant communication and new acquaintances. It may take an important conversation, which will be remembered for a long time.

Monthly value by day, day of the week and time of day

Day of month

When divination on menstruation, it is very important to consider the date of the month, on which their beginning fell. Each date has an individual interpretation, indicating the outcome of upcoming events.

  • 1 is a good time for undertakings and realizing your goals.
  • 2 — you will have to experience a feeling of contempt for one of your close people.
  • 3 — try to avoid conflicts, otherwise you will have to deal with unpleasant consequences.
  • 4 — soon the auspicious events will take place, which will give a lot of positive emotions and memories.
  • 5 — a pleasant surprise, a bargain.
  • 6 — learn obscene gossip about yourself or a loved one.
  • 7 — reconciliation or improvement of relations with the beloved.
  • 8 — do not do anything stupid, and do not give your chosen one a reason for jealousy.
  • 9 — have patience and keep calm, because you have to figure out a difficult situation.
  • 10 — mutual love or strengthening of relations with the current partner.
  • 11 — do not doubt the loyalty and devotion of loved ones.
  • 12 — temporary attraction to a person who will bring only pain and frustration.
  • 13 — the period of trouble and total bad luck.
  • 14 is good news.
  • 15 — sad or adverse news.

Monthly value by day, day of the week and time of day

  • 16 — do not tell anyone your secrets and plans, otherwise they will not come true.
  • 17 — a long trip, because of which you have to be separated for a short time from your beloved.
  • 18 — new love or the development of current relationships.
  • 19 — happiness in personal life.
  • 20 — unrequited feelings or misunderstandings with his beloved.
  • 21 — be careful, someone wants to appropriate what belongs to you.
  • 22 — a sudden monetary gain or the emergence of a new source of income.
  • 23 — an unexpected event will give a lot of happiness and joy.
  • 24 — meeting with a man whom you have not seen for a long time.
  • 25 — new acquaintances, pleasant communication with friends.
  • 26 — close will assist in the difficult case.
  • 27 — fulfillment of a cherished desire.
  • 28 — success in business and getting cash profit.
  • 29 — some events will make you sad and upset.
  • 30 — your feelings are mutual.
  • 31 — there will be a merry trip, but do not forget to control your behavior, otherwise it will be a shame later.

Monthly fortune telling helps prepare for upcoming events or even prevent them. Therefore, if you find out that in the next few weeks there will be problems at work or in your personal life, you should immediately take action.

For example, to “tighten up” business affairs and avoid conflicts with colleagues or superiors. Wisdom, restraint and pliability will help to avoid trouble in personal relationships.

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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