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Monthly fortune telling will tell a woman about the future

Find out what will be the next month: fortune telling by monthly

There are many varieties of fortune telling that allow us to slightly lift the curtain of the future and find out what the coming day (or week, month, year, whole life) prepares for us. There are quite serious fortune telling, such as Tarot cards, but many are afraid of them and do not risk contacting them once again.

And there are quite harmless ways to find out your future, for example, fortune-telling by monthly.

Monthly fortune telling will tell a woman about the future

How did fortune telling on monthly

Perhaps someone will say that this method is nonsense, but think for yourself. The female menstrual cycle is Lunar, and this directly indicates a direct connection with the subtle world.

This information was well known to our ancestors, they attached sacred significance to the female blood, therefore fortune-telling on critical days did not look like nonsense or absurdity.

Now you can also use the ancient wisdom, especially all that is required for this is to establish the exact day and time of the beginning of the month.

Divination by month: time of day

  • If your critical days started in the morning, then you can rejoice, since it is precisely this time that is the most successful for any new beginnings — it’s not for nothing that the sun rises in the morning and awakens all living organisms with its power. Therefore, if the monthly began in the morning — in the next 30 calendar days you will surely meet a great and bright love, and you will also have many reasons for sincere joy.
  • Noon — On the whole, the month will be filled with quite positive events, but small difficulties or conflict situations with close ones are possible. Try to concentrate as much as possible on the good and not think negatively — then all troubles will easily bypass you!
  • Evening time— it’s monetary time. If menstruation began in your evening — you can prepare for a substantial increase in your financial situation.
  • But the night, according to the interpretation of divination, represents a not very successful period for the appearance of critical days. If this has already happened, then it would be better for you to postpone the global plans for a while, not to risk and not waste energy, now this is not a very appropriate position.

See also general information about monthly in this video.

The important role of the day of the week

Of course, in addition to the time of day, it is important to pay attention also to the day of the week when the menstrual periods began.

  1. Monday — quite a difficult day, which is valid in the case of this divination. He will foresee the appearance of additional anxieties, troubles and anxieties. But do not give up — nothing catastrophic will happen, just have to be a little nervous.
  2. Tuesday — fate has prepared you a pleasant acquaintance with a charming young man. It is likely that sympathy can grow into a deeper feeling.
  3. Wednesday — portends certain troubles. However, a month is not so much, but as soon as it passes, all troubles will disappear without a trace!
  4. The onset of bleeding falls on a Thursday — you will be invited to visit. And the whole coming month will be filled with fun, socializing and pleasant pastime.
  5. Friday is a mixed day. On the one hand, you will receive various news and surprises. If you believe one version of the interpretation, they will be pleasant, but if the other is not. It remains only to hope for the best.
  6. Saturday — definitely foretells you love. And there is even no doubt, because Saturday in all absolutely mystical areas is a romantic day. Get ready to hear a love confession or even get a marriage proposal!
  7. Sunday — acts as a joyous day, predicting new meetings and news, but only of a positive nature.
    Monthly fortune telling will tell a woman about the future

At what time?

Considering the monthly fortune-telling for a woman, you can somewhat delve into the topic in order to find out the maximum details of the next 30 calendar days. If possible, try to remember the exact time of the beginning of menstruation and use the following interpretation.

Please note that it uses a 12-hour format, for example, an hour of the night or day will have the same value.

  • one — fate will make you happy, give you the desired euphoria, joy, a pleasant surprise;
  • 2 — a rather unpleasant person will appear in your life, which will cause a lot of negative emotions, try to make the right conclusion from the situation, without causing any harm to anyone;
  • 3 — portends a quarrel, and it does not indicate how serious it will be. You should be more tolerant, wise, and guess the possible consequences;
  • four — happiness is already just actively knocking on your door. Open it to let it into your life!
  • five — life has prepared for you a very pleasant surprise, which will pleasantly surprise and lead you to a real delight;

Monthly fortune telling will tell a woman about the future

  • 6 — refuse to participate in gossip. There may be a cluster of rumors around you, spreading rumors — try to avoid it;
  • 7 — A very good start for the menstrual cycle. Soon you will receive a love confession;
  • eight — will face such an unpleasant phenomenon as jealousy. It is important for you to learn to control it, because it will often be completely unreasonable;
  • 9 — you will probably be actively discussed behind your back. With this, of course, nothing can be done, you need to try to behave with dignity, without giving any additional reasons for negotiations;
  • ten — you will fly on the wings of love! The main thing is not to lose touch with reality;
  • eleven — you absolutely in vain suspect your partner — he keeps you completely faithful;
  • 12 — The number claims that some person seeks to get your attention by seducing you. Need to be on the alert!

Be sure to listen to the recommendations of divination — they will help you navigate how to behave properly in the coming month, so that everything in life is good.

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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