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Monthly fortune telling: 2 options for truthful interpretation of the future

True monthly fortune telling for love — find out your destiny!

Menstruation is an obligatory part of the life of every healthy female body. Our ancestors believed that a woman during menstruation is endowed with special magical power and, on an intuitive level, is inclined to perceive the advice of the Higher Forces. There is even a monthly fortune telling, 2 versions of which are actively used today.

It allows you to know what events will be filled for you the whole next month.

Monthly fortune telling: 2 options for truthful interpretation of the future

General information about divination

Each woman has the opportunity to use fortune telling on critical days, but only once a month — on the first day of their beginning. Many girls feel that they will soon begin their period by the presence of certain symptoms.

But for fortune telling, the moment when the very first spotting appeared appeared is especially valuable.

Please note that the monthly will not be able to tell you about long-distance events. The maximum term for which the forecast applies is 30 calendar days or a month (equal to one menstrual cycle).

At the same time about the future you will be able to tell:

  • Times of Day;
  • the day of the week when the period began;
  • the number of their beginnings.

Now we will look at all these characteristics in more detail.

Frustrated by the appearance of menstruation? In fact, they are very important for the female body, find out why in the next video

True divination on the monthly time of day

You need to pay attention to the time of the beginning of menstruation and seek help for interpretation:

  • Early in the morning (up to eleven) — This is the most favorable time to start menstruation. In this case, during the next month you will receive a lot of attention from the opposite sex and find yourself in a harmonious relationship with your surroundings. If you are in conflict with someone, then this situation will improve soon.
  • In the afternoon (from eleven in the morning until one in the afternoon). You can also calm down — daytime foreshadows you only joyful and positive events, and also indicates that in all you will be accompanied by Madam Fortuna.
  • At noon (from 14 to 17 hours). If the beginning of the monthly period fell on this period, fortune-telling indicates that you may face major troubles and setbacks. It is necessary to be careful and believe only yourself.
  • In the evening (from 18 to 21 hours). Evening onset of menstruation is more favorable than in previous versions, but events that make you depressed are not excluded. You can also feel lonely for the next thirty days.
  • At night (from 10 pm to 6 am). If critical days began at night — you will most likely survive a painful separation from people close to you in spirit. It is also not excluded that the separation will be provoked by deceptions or dishonesty of your loved ones. Even during the whole cycle, other unpleasant surprises are not possible.

Monthly fortune telling: 2 options for truthful interpretation of the future

But even in that situation, if you received a not very harmonious prediction, do not be in a hurry to be upset. The monthly cycle is only thirty days and, most likely, the subsequent cycle will definitely change the situation for the better.

Divination by monthly for love by the day of the week

Days of the week also carry a certain characteristic. If you want to achieve a more accurate result — you can simultaneously apply these two methods at once.

So, what does each of the days of the week mean?

  • Monday. It carries a rather heavy energy. Traditionally foreshadows the emergence of significant unrest and hassle, but with what emotions they will be associated — this is probably unknown. There is one positive point, if the monthly begin on Monday — some person known to you is planning to make you a pleasant surprise.
  • Tuesday. If the beginning of the month was on the second day of the week — you will soon see your good friend with whom you have not communicated for a long time. Also not excluded a romantic acquaintance with a very nice guy or man. In addition, you can probably survive major changes (but the probability of the latter is not very large).
  • Wednesday. This is not the best time to start menstruation. The whole subsequent cycle you will have to solve various problems and constantly worry about them. But the good point is that in the end, you will still successfully cope with all the difficulties if you perform certain actions for this. Also, if the monthly period begins on Wednesday, then the Higher Forces want to tell you that you must continue to fight, and you will win.
  • Thursday. It is not a very unambiguous day of the week. On the one hand, he foreshadows an active celebration of some event in a noisy company. And on the other — indicates that because of this meeting, you may face major troubles, so you need to be extremely careful.
  • Friday. This is a very good day to start the menstrual cycle. You are waiting for good news that will be very unexpected for you and can drastically change your life. But you need to work on yourself and on the situation.
  • Saturday. Is another good day. Your life in the next 30 calendar days will be filled with positive events. It is likely that you can easily gain significant benefits. In this case, all the troubles and bad weather will bypass you the tenth road. Fate has prepared for you a pleasant surprise!
  • Sunday. The beginning of the month on Sunday sets you up for a wave of positive and positive emotions. The appearance of small “cracks” in the relationship is not excluded, but you will manage to correct the situation in time.

Monthly fortune telling: 2 options for truthful interpretation of the future

The interpretation of all the numbers of the month

It is with the help of magic numbers you can make an accurate forecast for the next 30 days.

Use the following interpretations of each number to predict your future:

  • First day — Fate promises you joyful events that will stimulate you, fill you with a sense of euphoria.
  • Second — you will be disappointed in some kind of person from your inner circle.
  • The third — conflict is not excluded, which can either be quickly resolved, or be transformed into a protracted hostility — in this case your actions will play a big role.
  • Fourth — very soon your innermost dream will come true.
  • Fifth — expect a pleasant surprise from your loved one.
  • The sixth — you will suffer from someone else’s evil language, be careful, because your enemies are now at the peak of their activity.
  • Seventh — foreshadows mutual fervent feeling.
  • The eighth — for the next thirty days you will be jealous of your loved one.
  • The ninth — you will be discussed, your enemies will even try to spoil your plans.
  • Tenth — the coming menstrual cycle promises you love for some personality.
  • Eleventh — You may unexpectedly face with unbridled jealousy. Show the feminine wisdom and do not quarrel with your loved one over any trifles.
  • The twelfth — heralds the emergence of a very persistent admirer, who is likely to turn for help to black magic in order to secure your location.
  • Thirteenth — The next thirty days you will find a not very harmonious atmosphere.
  • 14th — you will hear from a dear person.
  • Fifteenth — be careful — someone from your environment will unpleasantly surprise you.
  • 16th — control your words, otherwise you can provoke serious clashes with your homeworkers or colleagues.
  • Seventeenth — you face a short or long separation from your beloved.
  • 18th — if you have not yet met your betrothed, you will most likely receive a marriage proposal, and this number is predicted for family women to switch to another phase of the relationship.
  • Nineteenth — you will get acquainted with a representative of the opposite sex who will bewitch you, although in reality he does not want anything serious.
  • 20th — it is necessary to be afraid of a deceit from the friends or the second half.
  • Twenty-first — The number is a warning, you need to always be sincere with your lover, so as not to lose your relationship.
  • Twenty second — the whole subsequent menstrual cycle, you will not feel the need for finance.
  • Twenty-third — you will outlive pleasant events that will significantly raise your spirits and give you a state of happiness.
  • On twenty-fourth — Guests will visit your home very soon.
  • The twenty fifth — the number promises a quick acquaintance with a pleasant young man who can end in marriage.
  • Twenty sixth — you will have a faithful and loyal friend on whom you can rely.
  • Twenty seven — a person unexpectedly appeared in your life will help to realize one of your secret desires.
  • 28th — The number does not promise you significant changes in the field of personal relationships, but then you will succeed in your career, you can expect to receive financial profits.
  • Twenty nine — if your period began on this day, then soon you will shed a lot of bitter tears. No need to hide your problem from your own people — share your grief with them.
  • 30th — promises you an acquaintance with a positive guy or man with whom it will turn out to create a happy relationship.
  • Thirty first — The number promises that you are waiting for exciting adventures and pleasant surprises.

Monthly fortune telling is not just exciting fun. Critical days are an intimate thing that has received much attention at all times, they carry a sacred meaning and have a certain impact on the energy of a woman.

Do not miss your opportunity to know the fate of the near future on this interesting and truthful fortune-telling!

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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