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Monthly divination for women: ways and decoding

The rules and methods of divination by month for women

Monthly divination for women: ways and decoding

The rules and methods of divination by the monthly for women are very interesting topic, about which you can write more likely not an article for the site, but a whole book. Indeed, from ancient times to this day, the monthly periods of girls are shrouded in a veil of secrecy and witchcraft.

Who knows why this strange peculiarity has been granted to us — to shed blood once a month and experience pain and mood changes? Many sorcerers and fortune-tellers have realized that, like everything else in our world, the alternation of menstruation, delays, periods of mood changes and pains — both the abdomen and the whole body are not accidental and are related to what surrounds us in everyday life, and analyzing the connection between reality , past, present and monthly, they came to the conclusion that the future can be predicted.

Attention! If you have a delay of more than one week, it is better to consult a doctor.

Today, there are many ways to divination by the month, each is good in its own way, but how to choose the one that is right for you? Read our article, and you will become a connoisseur in the field of fortune-telling by monthly, you can make an exact fortune-telling yourself or your friends, show signs of fate and interpret the messages of intuition.

General information about fortune telling

Does menstruation cause the awakening of special powers? The same, that monthly strengthen sensitivity and intuition — it is confirmed by many women.

It is in this state that you can see the signs of fate.

A girl can resort to divination by menstruation only once a month — on the first day of the menstrual cycle. Many women in advance feel the imminent approach of critical days for a variety of characteristic symptoms.

But the value for divination is precisely the moment when the first discharge of blood begins to appear.

Find out information about distant events using this technique will not work. The maximum period at which you can get a prediction is one month (or, to be more precise, one menstrual cycle).

There are several ways of divination by monthly, namely:

  • By the time of day;
  • By the day of the week;
  • By the number.

Features of proper divination by monthly:

  • To calculate the predictions take into account only the first day when menstruation began
  • If you use 2 variants of divination, you can get more accurate results.
  • Prediction is done only for one month.
  • By fortunetelling, it is worth writing down the results somewhere. This will help not to forget what fate promises.
  • A favorable prediction should not be told so as not to prevent a good event from coming into your life. Foreign languages ​​can ruin everything.

Then we talk about them in more detail.

Prediction by time of day

Pay attention to what time of the day or night your menstruation began and consult the interpretation:

  • Early morning (before 11 o’clock). This is the most successful time. In this case, fortune telling promises you a romantic relationship in the coming month, and also indicates harmony with the rest of your surroundings. If you have strained relationships with someone from relatives, friends or acquaintances — the situation is stabilized in the best way.
  • Daytime (starting at 11 am and up to 13 hours). If the onset of menstruation coincided with this time period, you also have no reason to worry and anxiety. During the next cycle you will experience many happy events, good luck will always be with you.
  • Noon (from 14 to 17 o’clock). Those representatives of the fair sex, whose period began at this particular time, divination warns of possible major troubles, failures during the month. Use extreme caution and trust yourself exclusively.
  • Evening time (from 6 to 9 pm). This option is more favorable than the previous one, but events that provoke melancholy or a feeling of loneliness during the next menstrual cycle are not excluded.
  • Night. It represents the most unfortunate time to start critical days. The girl, most likely, will have to endure separation from people dear to the heart. It is also possible that deceptions or dishonesty on the part of the latter will lead to a temporary separation. There may be other unpleasant surprises.

Monthly divination for women: ways and decoding

Even if the resulting prediction was not very positive, you should not be upset. Fortunately, the menstrual cycle is not very long and already in the next it is likely that the situation will change for the better.

Signs of the morning hours

Guessing by monthly does not require to determine the time to within a second. It is quite enough to look not even at the clock, but through the window.

If the next menstrual cycle is destined to start early in the morning, this month, luck will follow everywhere and everywhere. There comes a favorable period for new love and renewal of past relationships.

Harmonious communication and the ability to create psychological comfort are your strengths.

Monthly divination for women: ways and decoding

It will not be difficult to incline others to their point of view. Yes, and you yourself will get real pleasure from staying in the work collective, among friends and relatives.

Pleasant surprises and repeated coincidence of circumstances in your favor are expected. Guessing on the morning of the monthly applies to the entire first half of the day.

How to guess the daily monthly

Guessing on the daily monthly, which began to light, sounds like a warning. The fortune teller is obliged to take note that a whole month is better not to trust anyone.

Now is not the time for revelations and risky ventures. The probability of all kinds of trouble is very high.

Monthly divination for women: ways and decoding

How to guess in the evening monthly

Guessing on the evening monthly, started after sunset, usually foreshadows major changes, to foresee the nature of which, unfortunately, is not possible. The state of inexplicable anxiety and melancholy threatens to considerably spoil the mood, if you give a go-ahead to similar emotions and, even more so, take them for a premonition of misfortune.

Monthly divination for women: ways and decoding


As you know, the night is the most unpredictable part of the day and the fortune-telling by the nightly monthly confirms this truth once again. The coming month is fraught with dirty tricks coming from the closest.

It is not recommended to marry, divination of young girls encourages in no way resist the temptations.

Monthly divination for women: ways and decoding

Divination by days of the week

Another popular monthly prediction method is the day of the week. For greater accuracy, you can also use the previous method. Decoding the days of the week of the onset of menstruation will be as follows:

  • Monday. No wonder he is secretly considered a difficult day. In almost all cases, indicates a strong emotion and trouble. But what emotions they bring you — this is already solved by higher powers. The probability here is 50 to 50. However, don’t be in a hurry to get upset, because if the beginning of the critical period was on Monday, you can get an expensive gift from a person you know.
  • Tuesday. Menstruation, which began on the 2nd day of the week, foreshadows a quick meeting with an old friend or acquaintance with whom you have not communicated for a long time. In some cases, it also promises a new acquaintance with a pleasant young man. And very rarely, but still remains the possibility that radical changes will come into your life.
  • Wednesday. It is an unfavorable day for the onset of menstruation. During the next cycle you will be faced with various troubles that will make you worry a lot and constantly think about them. But you can find a solution to any problems, if you make some effort. It should be noted that the beginning of the monthly on Wednesday is a kind of hint of fate, that you need to continue the struggle and in no case will you come out a winner from the situation.
  • Thursday. Pretty ambiguous day. May indicate the rapid celebration of some events in a large company of people. But at the same time, the meeting can bring both positive emotions and cause major troubles. Therefore, be careful.
  • Friday. It is a very good day to start critical days. In this case, fortune telling promises to receive unexpected and enjoyable news that can turn your life around drastically. Your best effort should be to do this.
  • Saturday. Also represents a favorable time. Very good events will happen in your life over the next month. It is possible that you can easily get many benefits, as if by magic. And all the troubles will dissolve themselves and disappear from your path. Perhaps a loved one will make you an offer or a long-forgotten wish will come true.
  • Sunday. If the monthly began on this day, you can tune in for a period of joy and fun. There may be small problems in personal relationships and some contradictions, but they will be resolved very quickly.

Prediction by day of month

The day on which menstruation began also plays a big role in divination. Use the following interpretation if you want to find out what fate has prepared for you for the next 28-35 calendar days.

What does the onset of the month on a specific day of the month:

  • 1 — Euphoria, joy, pleasant changes in life. Happiness, good luck
  • 2 — Frustration with the actions of loved ones.
    Negative attitude of the environment.
  • 3 — There are possible conflicts with unpredictable development, which either will soon disappear or will continue on the rise, up to open hostility. Be careful to avoid big quarrel. Pay attention to your health.
  • 4 — A dream or wish come true. Cheerful and happy period. Avoid petty worries
  • 5 — Favorite person will present a gift. It is also likely a profitable investment.
  • 6 — Be careful. Your detractors want to defame you, slander. Do not pay attention to gossip and do not worry about it.
  • 7 — Meeting with the one and only man, with the main love of life. Another option — reconciliation with your beloved
  • 8 — Fictitious or real cause for jealousy. Watch your loved one. Do not make scenes of jealousy, not to bring to the trouble
  • 9 — Requires caution and endurance. Foes are determined to destroy the relationship of a woman with her beloved
  • 10 — Predicts falling in love with a new man or an old acquaintance, one with whom the woman has already met
  • 11 — Be wary of gratuitous feelings of jealousy and mistrust. Suspect the hidden motives can as a woman of his man, and vice versa. Be careful not to destroy the relationship, believing in some nonsense
  • 12 — The possibility of the emergence of a new feeling can be overshadowed by magical divination from a certain man
  • 13 — Serious difficulties. Adverse period
  • 14 — Unexpected happy news
  • 15 — Unpleasant surprises associated with a boyfriend and close friend
  • 16 — Gossip and gossip can bring to trouble. Keep your mouth shut in order not to talk too much.
  • 17 — Separation from the beloved. Be wary of conflicts, otherwise this separation may become long-term.
  • 18 — The proposal for marriage is waiting for a lonely woman. In the life of a married, a new period in relationships will begin, some major changes
  • 19 — New love, the hidden side of which is a certain calculation of the familiar man
  • 20 — Beware of deception from loved ones. However, such a lie can protect you from some unpleasant truth. For unmarried women, it is a prediction of unrequited feelings.
  • 21 — A major deception that can destroy relationships, even lead to the separation of spouses. Beware of scammers and mistrust dubious deals. Spend more time with children
  • 22 — you are waiting for financial well-being. Winning the lottery, successful replenishment of finance for a large amount, an unexpected bonus. You can also find a new source for earnings. Extreme time to find ways to increase revenue.
  • 23 — Unexpected joyful events will make a woman happy. These events will play an important role in her life.
  • 24 — Holiday in a big way. Many guests will be invited to the house. Prepare to receive
  • 25 — Fatal or simply pleasant communication with a new person. Expanding the circle of dating
  • 26 — A person who will be able to become her faithful and attentive friend will enter the life of a woman. Help from relatives. Stable course of life
  • 27 — The sudden appearance of a friend or a new acquaintance will contribute to the fulfillment of cherished desires
  • 28 — Calm in the love sphere. Successes in affairs. Appearance of cash
  • 29 — There may be disappointments and reasons for tears. Close friends will take part in problem solving
  • 30 — New acquaintance with a man, which will lead to a long relationship with him. Mutual and bright feelings
  • 31 — A sudden trip somewhere. It can be caused by some ugly events that a woman has committed. Unpredictable journey

Monthly divination for women: ways and decoding

In traditional Chinese medicine, the menstrual cycle of a woman was assigned the significance of a peculiar cleansing process. It was believed that the waste blood of these days leaves the female body, and in return it produces a new, clean and fresh.

In many ways, it is precisely this process of self-renewal that the beautiful half of humanity owes to the fact that it lives longer than men.

On the basis of exactly what day of the month, day, and week this process of self-purification began, theories have been put forward about what a woman herself can expect during the next month.

You may not believe in it or be skeptical, but the fact that our world is cyclical — every person knows. In addition, almost any such terrestrial cycle can be predicted by the scientists themselves.

For example, the beginning of a thunderstorm is often promoted by hot and sultry weather with abundant evaporation of moisture from the surface of the earth, and after summer inevitably comes autumn. If you take a closer look and study cyclical processes, as you should watch them, then it will be possible to predict even the most complex ones.

It was precisely this that the ancient witches and medicine men in many parts of our land did in ancient times. Then the critical days were considered just a general process from the cycle of the cycle of things, and not a separate biological process.

Moreover, even the first doctors noticed an interesting peculiarity — if a group of women closely contacts and closely communicates, and its members spend a lot of time side by side, their monthly cycle shifts, which subsequently leads to full synchronization of this process for all who entered this group.

Monthly divination for women: ways and decoding

This means that factors affecting our body from the outside, including other people, phenomena, and events. That is, a woman’s monthly period is not a separate area of ​​self-renewal, it is a very sensitive cycle to any changes.

And already from this it follows that it can not only be corrected or even controlled, but also interpreted what it means.

Monthly fortune telling is based on three factors for a reason. The whole world is cyclical, which means that the time of day (sunset and sunrise), the day of the week, and the day of the month matter.

Many women confirm the truthfulness of fortune-telling on monthly, but it should be remembered that guessing is necessary only on the first day of menstruation. And do not forget that every divination of three is important, it is on the basis of them that a common interpretation is created.

Signs concerning the monthly

Below we list the most common ones:

  • During critical days it is forbidden to swim in the water and visit the temple;
  • It is necessary to refuse cooking, not to perform household chores;
  • You should not plant any plants, otherwise they may die;
  • If the period began on the wedding day, it was believed that the children of the bride will have a hard life. To protect yourself from this you need to read a special conspiracy;
  • Women whose beginning of menstruation coincided with the full moon, were considered witches. They were forbidden to look at people and pets, so as not to jinx it.

It was also believed that a menstruating woman is able to protect a home from a fire. To this end, she bypassed the burning building three times and the flames did not transfer to other structures.

Also monthly blood was used as a charm to protect the house.

Experienced wonderedki advised in fortune telling on monthly pay attention to the lunar day, on which menstruation began. At 1, 12, 13, 14, 19, 23, 26 and 29 lunar days the prediction will be inaccurate.

On all other days, you can count on true information.

And finally, I would like to add that fortune telling on monthly, as well as any other, will work only if you believe in it unconditionally. After all, faith is the fundamental factor that helps us work wonders and create a new world around us at our discretion.

Monthly divination for women: ways and decoding

Monthly fortune telling on a loved one

And this fortune telling by the menstrual cycle will help the girls to find out how their loved one relates to them. If menstruation begins in an even number, then he loves, and if odd — no.

Monthly fortune telling is quite rare, and at the same time truthful.

This prediction will help you to find out what your beloved person will be by character, of course, if you haven’t got one yet. Two days before the beginning of the menstrual period, one must ask the question early in the morning when I shall meet my love and what it will be in character, and wait for the onset of menstruation.

  • If the monthly go on Monday, then you will meet your loved one very soon. He will be pleasant in communication, which will attract you, skillfully chooses flattering words, but remember that in this way he will behave not only with you, but with other girls. Redo it will not work. So either have to accept it as such, or leave.
  • If the monthly go on Tuesday, then literally this week you will see who becomes your favorite, but not the fact that you will immediately understand it. He has very strict rules, so he prefers to first examine a person before trusting him, for this reason your relationship may develop according to a slow scenario. If you are willing to wait, then it will become your ideal couple, but if you are impatient by nature, then you will not be together for long.
  • If the monthly go on Wednesday, then you will meet your love in six months. He may not immediately like you, as he is sullen and not friendly by nature, but this is only in relation to strangers. After he reveals your soul to you, you will realize that he is a wonderful person, ready for the sake of his second half for everything. But then again, you have to wait until he realizes that you are!
  • If the monthly go on Thursday, then your love is very close, only you do not notice it. Look around, maybe your neighbor is one who, without you, has no idea of ​​his life, or maybe this is your long-time friend. That is, it all depends on you, as soon as you make out the person who becomes the closest and dearest person for you, you will immediately merge into love and happiness with someone who will replace everything in this world.
  • If the monthly go on Friday, then you will not soon find your love, but when this happens, you will realize that you have waited so much time for nothing. He is romantic and ready for crazy acts, with him you will always feel protected. His care will wrap you up and so will not want to change anything, which in the end you can stay together forever, but on the condition that your monthly periods start on Friday for three consecutive months. Divination by monthly these days is very common.
  • If the monthly go on Saturday, then your beloved, you will meet by chance and it is still unknown when. It can be both tomorrow and in a year. But you will immediately understand that it is him. You will like the smell, the look, the manner of behavior — it will become for you the ideal of a man. But remember that there are no ideal people, and it is so unpleasant to be disappointed, therefore do not build castles in the air. He is an ordinary person, which means there are flaws in it.
  • If the monthly period goes on Sunday, you can be sure that your meeting will take place very soon, but it’s not a fact that you want to spend a long time with such a person, because he is rude and even somewhat aggressive, maybe you will immediately like this behavior, but not in relation to you. And this is quite possible, because he will not be able to remain gentle and patient for a long time. But we all choose the one whom we are ready to endure if not to love. Therefore, everything will depend only on you.

Monthly fortune telling may look frivolous and even absurd, but it is difficult to resist the fact that many women believe in its veracity and effectiveness.

More information on the site viva-woman.ru

Menstruation Divination

Make a few days before the onset of menstruation, and then wait for it to begin. Pay attention to what time it will happen.

This is very important in order to know whether the desire will be fulfilled or not.

  • Midnight — your wish will be fulfilled in a short time.
  • Midnight — one in the morning — it will not be fulfilled.
  • The hour of the night — two in the morning — your wish will not be fulfilled soon.
  • Three in the morning — four in the morning — your desire may not be fulfilled, and maybe yes.
  • Four o’clock in the morning — five o’clock in the morning — conceived, of course, be fulfilled, but only under certain conditions that you may not agree to.
  • Five o’clock in the morning — six o’clock in the morning — we need to clarify our plans, otherwise it will not be fulfilled.
  • Eight o’clock in the morning — nine o’clock in the morning — it will be hard for you to fulfill it, but all this is possible.
  • Nine o’clock in the morning — ten o’clock in the morning — it has already been fulfilled, maybe only a little not as you would like.
  • Eleven o’clock in the morning — noon — be fulfilled, but not as soon as we would like.
  • Noon — one o’clock — good wishes are surely fulfilled.
  • Two o’clock — three o’clock — you yourself interfere with the execution of the plan.
  • Four in the afternoon — five in the evening — it will be fulfilled in five days.
  • Five o’clock in the evening — six o’clock in the evening — to be fulfilled during your vacation
  • Six o’clock in the evening — seven in the evening — and would you like it to be fulfilled? Then try next time to guess.
  • Seven o’clock in the evening — eight o’clock in the evening — it will not be fulfilled until your friends interfere with you.
  • Eight o’clock in the evening — nine o’clock in the evening — you will share your dream with your beloved, then it will surely come true.
  • Nine o’clock in the evening — ten in the evening — if you do not cease to constantly suffer, then your desire will not be fulfilled.
  • Ten in the evening — eleven in the evening — you have to work hard for your wish to come true.
  • Monthly fortune telling is a time-tested way to predict future events. More information on the site viva-woman.ru

Divination by month in the women’s team

It so happened that where women work for a long time, there is such a law — menstruation begins either day to day, or with a slight difference. From this and it depends on what awaits you at work among colleagues.

Monthly divination for women: ways and decoding

  • If everyone in your office starts their period on the same day as you, then we can say that friendship and mutual understanding prevail among you.
  • If it is five days earlier than yours, then this person constantly suppresses you and tries to show your superiority.
  • If you are four days earlier than you, then you have a strained relationship with this person, but he will not harm you.
  • If you are three days earlier than you have — you are good friends, but beyond work, your relationship does not go out.
  • If you are two days earlier than yours — you and your colleague often find common topics of conversation and often your opinions coincide, but still you will not be close.
  • If a day earlier than you — your friendship is strong and kind.
  • If a day later than you have — you are good friends, but often you can afford some sidelong glances at her.
  • If two days later than you have, there is nothing good in your relationship, as you constantly put pressure on this person, interrupting and imposing your point of view.
  • If it is three days later than yours — your colleague constantly envies you, but you give a reason for it.
  • If you are four days later than yours — your colleague feels ill at ease when you are near.
  • If you are five days later than you have, you have crushed it with your authority and continue to do so.


In addition, women have a more subtle perception, they actively study their own emotional and energetic field, have developed intuition.

Perhaps these facts led to the fact that since ancient times, girls and women are guessing by the monthly. It is difficult to say whether such a fortune-telling has a serious magical meaning or is rather a comic character.

However, according to modern experts, such a fortune telling allows you to get information about what awaits a woman in the near future, what you should pay attention to, what to beware of.

In general, every woman can decide for herself how true such a fortune telling is. To do this, you should perform a ritual, record the result and, within 2-3 weeks, relate the events that occur in life with the recording.

So she can understand what of the prophecies came true. And in order to eliminate the possibility of a simple match, repeat the procedure in the next cycle.

Five elements in the cycle of female self-renewal

Monthly divination for women: ways and decoding

As is known, in the traditional teachings of the Chinese there are five main elements — Wood, Water, Fire, Metal and Earth. Like all other elements on the planet, they obey certain rules, namely, they circulate in our world.

There are separate points when these elements are most active, and they fall on a part of the time of day, week, and month.

Even the zodiacal calendar works on the basis of such cycles, only the account in it is maintained for a larger circulation — for a year.

In the phase of women’s self-renewal, like the cycle of the main five elements, the same processes are observed:

  • The tree gives birth to fire;
  • Fire gives birth to the Earth;
  • Earth gives birth to Metal;
  • Metal produces Water;
  • Water creates a tree.

Thus, the beginning of a new cycle is the Tree, and it is completed by the elements of Water. However, immediately after the end of the Water activity, the phase of the Tree is born again, and this cycle is endless.

The element of Water is a kind of final stage of one cycle, and it is during this period that the woman’s self-purification stage occurs. Water is blood, it is a body fluid that gives life, gives rise to the development of a new cycle.

At the time of the birth of the Earth — approximately in the middle of the female cycle, ovulation occurs. This is the most fertile period for conceiving and fertilizing an egg.

As the Earth gives life, so the female body during this period is most fruitful for the emergence of a new life. After the completion of ovulation, if fertilization has not taken place, the female body resembles Metal — this is a period of relative sterility, as on Metal, at this time nothing will take root in the woman’s body.

Then this phase is completed, generating self-purification and the onset of critical days.

Monthly divination for women: ways and decoding

Divination by monthly feng shui implies possible, because it is just one of the many closed cycles-cycles occurring on our planet. To be able to interpret a similar process of the female body is not an outlandish opportunity, but rather a logical and regular phenomenon.

Question from the reader

Monthly divination for women: ways and decoding

Hello! I would like to ask you one question.

The fact is that my grandmother recently died and, unfortunately, I cannot ask her anymore.

My grandmother was not that highly educated. I doubt she graduated from more than four classes of school.

But, as often happens with people of the old school, her level of education was more than compensated for by the enormous life experience.

Granny commented on any event as if she understood everything, and her predictions so often came true that I even began to think that Granny had the gift of foresight.

After death, my mother gave me a letter, which Grandma wrote shortly before her death.

Imagine how surprised I was when I read in a letter that my grandmother knew the exact date of her death ?!

The letter was written that prompted her when she would die my period.

I did not understand anything and asked my mother. My mother is a big skeptic and, naturally, she did not believe what was written in the letter.

But she told me about the fact that my grandmother often wondered all around and guessed a lot of things.

One of the favorite ways of fortune telling grandmother was fortune telling for menstruation. That’s just what kind of fortune telling it is and no one except the dead knows how to use it.

Dmitry, maybe you can tell me how monthly fortune telling works? I really want to be ready for everything that fate prepares for me!

Monthly divination for women: ways and decoding

In general, fortune telling is not exactly my profile, but I really know something about it.

There are two types of divination: professional and domestic.

Professional divination, such as tarot cards, etc. accurate enough, but in order for the cards to begin to obey you, you must have remarkable magic talent.

Household divination not always accurate and based mainly on the centuries-old observational experience of generations of our ancestors. One of those fortune-telling is divination by month.

Female body — very sensitive to various kinds of changes in the external environment. It is women who suffer the most from magnetic storms and other weather disasters.

In addition, the relationship between the physical membrane and the astral body in women is much more durable and sensitive than in men. It is this relationship that explains the fairly high accuracy of the predictions made as a result of fortune telling on the monthly.

So, there are several varieties of this fortune telling.

  • You can guess by the time of day at which menstruation began. If your monthly period went in the morning, then in the near future you will be expected by something good connected with your loved ones.
  • This refers to the people with whom you have the strongest emotional connection, and not about the love of the opposite sex. Something good will certainly happen to you, thanks to your mom, dad, grandmother, or maybe an old friend.
  • Monthly, which began in the afternoon, foreshadow good luck for the time of the future cycle. Good luck will follow you in everything, you just have to not turn a blind eye to the good things that are happening to you, but go to meet your destiny and catch luck by the tail.

Beginning in the evening or, worse, at night, menstruation does not bode well. The most accurate word for what can be predicted in this case is the word «disappointment».

No wonder that people say that under the night menstruation begins in women who are single and unloved.

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