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Monthly divination for women

Monthly fortune telling is a time-tested way to predict future events. They talk about it much less often than about many other methods of divination, but not because of its inefficiency.

Rather, the reason lies in the fact that many consider this method indecent, and magic men do not like it, since it is not available to them. In addition, this fortune telling is exclusively individual, they cannot be engaged in the company.

But with the help of fortune telling on monthly you can learn a lot about what you will learn below.

Monthly divination for women

Divination by month is based on the interpretation of the time of the onset of menstruation — time of day, day of the week, date. If it began in the morning or in the morning, it foreshadows that in the near future you will find a new love, or your relationship with your present lover will be filled with warmth, joy and passion. Evening beginning of the monthly such joy does not promise, rather you expect boring or nervous and unpleasant days.

Worst of all, if the monthly began at night — this may be a sign of a quick separation.

Day of the week is also important for fortune telling on monthly.

If the monthly began:

  • on Monday — you will find a tense and restless day;
  • on Tuesday — friends will want to meet you;
  • on Wednesday — you are waiting for some trouble;
  • on Thursday — wait for an invitation somewhere;
  • on Friday — joyful and unpleasant events will be interspersed;
  • on Saturday — Your wish come true, love events are possible;
  • on Sunday — you are waiting for some joyful events.

Divination by month based on the date of the month on which the first day of the cycle falls, gives no less food for thought.

If the first day of menstruation:

  • 1st number — in the near future you will be absolutely happy;
  • 2nd — you will experience contempt and disgust for someone or something;
  • 3rd — you will find a quarrel with a loved one;
  • 4th — a pleasant surprise awaits you;
  • 5th — in the near future you will receive a nice present;
  • 6th — some unpleasant rumors will soon spread about you;
  • 7th — you make sure that you are loved sincerely and faithfully;
  • 8th — you will feel bouts of jealousy;
  • 9th — you will worry about unpleasant events and gossip;
  • 10th — love will flare up in you (perhaps — to the current partner);
  • 11th means your lover is truly devoted to you;
  • 12th — someone will charm you (it is possible — using magic for this);
  • 13th — the coming weeks will be unlucky for you;
  • 14th — you will learn the good news;
  • 15th — the news that you learn will be unpleasant;
  • 16th — you may suffer because of inadvertently spoken words;
  • 17th — threatens separation from a loved one;
  • 18th — you fall in love with someone, most likely — not serious;
  • 19th — you will experience a strong passion;
  • 20th — threatens you with an unrequited love;
  • 21st — you should beware of deception;
  • 22nd — promises you an unexpected profit;
  • 23rd — good luck will accompany your endeavors;
  • 24th — unexpected guests will visit you;
  • 25th — you will meet an interesting person;
  • 26th — people around will feel sorry for you (and it will be for what);
  • 27th — your wish will be fulfilled, perhaps not one thing;
  • 28th — in your personal life everything will be well;
  • 29th — you have to cry bitterly;
  • 30th — you have to fleeting, but a pleasant hobby;
  • 31st — you are waiting for unexpected adventures.

It should be remembered that fortune telling on monthly does not predict events for long-term periods. This prediction is important, first of all, on the days of menstruation.

The closer to the beginning of the new cycle, the less relevant the prediction.

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