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Money numerology, how to handle them, an easy way to pull

Money Numerology: The Magic of Numbers and Numbers on Bank Notes

Money numerology will help uncover the prosperous and magical secrets of wealth. It is believed that financial success depends to some extent on a person’s energy, on how much he is able to “pull” crisp bills into his life.

Pay attention to the numbers of banknotes that appear in your wallet.

Easy way to attract money

The figures are fraught with special magic, so a person who knows how to use them is able to achieve success in everything.

Money numerology, how to handle them, an easy way to pull

As for financial issues, there are several secrets:

  • Never ask the Universe for money — desire what you can buy on them
  • Forget about the stinginess — give gifts to relatives and donate to charity, at least a little. This way you will create a financial funnel, and the money will start coming into your life.
  • Do not save in several cases: do not spare money for yourself on holidays and birthday, invest in successful projects and help those who are in need

These simple actions will already help to enter the financial flow and never need funds.

A digital code of each bill will help determine its history and understand how happy it is.

Wealth code

You can calculate your personal number of financial success. To do this, add the first four digits of your date of birth. For example, if you were born on October 16: 1 + 6 + 1 + 0 = 8.

Money numerology, how to handle them, an easy way to pull

  • Unit. Unfavorable bills for you — in denominations of 10, 100 and 1000 rubles. They can not be saved, on the contrary — you need to spend or exchange more likely. But 1 ruble coins should be put in the piggy bank — they symbolize the beginning of financial success
  • Two. Symbol of poverty and waste. In your case, when receiving amounts in which there is a deuce — 200, 2000 or 200000 rubles, you need to exchange or spend. But in any case do not borrow and do not borrow them. Also, do not make important financial transactions on the 2nd of any month.
  • Troika. Favorable and sustainable number. You are able to successfully invest in the right projects, increasing your capital. Charity will also help to attract success in the event that the donation amount contains the number 3. People will reach out to you for help — do not refuse, and the perfect blessing will return in triple size
  • Four. It personifies complete financial stability. Most likely, you know the price of money and know how to use it. The main thing is not to become a party to adventures and financial fraud.
  • Five. You can not save in the piggy bank five thousandth bills — spend or exchange them necessarily. But it is advisable to invest them in large purchases — for example, to buy something for the house.
  • Six. You are lucky financially. Most likely, you have never had to live in need, but you only heard about the delay in wages from others. But it is especially important for you to develop spiritually, not to dwell only on the material world.
  • Seven. Dangerous number for tranzhir and shopaholics. It is dangerous for people with sevens in a date of birth to give large sums in their hands — money literally flows through our fingers. You do not know how to save and save, so often you live from paycheck to paycheck
    Money numerology, how to handle them, an easy way to pull


  • Eight is a sign of infinity. Favorable number for the financial sector. Such people are able not only to make savings, but also to invest money wisely, increasing their capital.
  • Nine. A number with a neutral value. No influence on the financial sphere of life.

Happy bills

If you want to put an unchangeable bill in your wallet to attract money, it is important to choose the right banknote. Numerology helps to find the «happy» numbers on the money.

Money numerology, how to handle them, an easy way to pull

Look at the numbers in the banknote number:

  • 6 and 4 — the number of harmony and stability. The most successful ones will help to increase capital and attract financial success.
  • 2 and 7 — unfavorable numbers. If there are bills with such numbers in the wallet, it is better to spend them as soon as possible. It is advisable to buy something that does not stay long in the house — for example, food
  • 1 and 8 — such bills can be put in a piggy bank. They will attract money into your life, and you can save enough

But the happiest will be the banknote, in which there are digits from your birth code. In our example, this is a figure eight — with such a number a person has every chance of becoming rich.

Watch a video about the magic of numbers and numbers on money:

How to handle money

There are a few tips that will help create the right financial energy and achieve success:

  • Do not store dirty, torn, dented bills at home. Money loves accurate handling — keep it in your wallet, try not to crumple and scatter anywhere. Get rid of torn immediately
  • If you are going to make investments, use new bills, and leave old banknotes for everyday expenses.
  • Try not to lend. If you lend, the fewer the bills, the better. It is better to borrow money with one note of 1000 rubles, than ten of 100
  • Any magic rituals aimed at attracting money, do on Fridays, after sunset. These are the most favorable days that will help enter the financial flow.
  • Do not recalculate savings in the evenings — it is best to count money in the morning.
  • Try not to dwell on thoughts about money. Think not about how much you need, but about that. what you spend it on. Then desire will be fulfilled much faster.
  • Precious metals are best kept in a safe deposit box. If you keep them at home, you will attract thieves and scammers. This rule applies only to gold and jewelry purchased with your own money. Donated, on the contrary, enhance the favorable energy

These tips are quite simple, but if you use them, you will notice that crisp bills have begun to appear more often in life. There will be new financial opportunities, a cash flow will open.

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