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Money line on hand: how to find signs of wealth, money triangle

Money line on hand: photo with decoding, wealth prediction

Examine your palms: a line of money on your hand will show you what financial opportunities are given to you by nature. This knowledge also helps to understand whether you have the talents to become a rich person.

How to find the money line on the hand?

Palmistry is a science through which you can read the fate of a person by the hand. In this theory, there is the concept of baselines, from which it is necessary to build on predictions.

Money line on hand: how to find signs of wealth, money triangle

There are four main lines on the palms, each of which reveals the secrets of the heart, mind, life and destiny. Signs of wealth — this is not a certain line, you need to analyze the whole picture.

Therefore, in order to assess your financial capabilities, you need to:

  • find all the lines on the palm, which symbolize the monetary processes in life;
  • analyze their location relative to each other and other lines;
  • to conclude.

You will never know how much money you will have and when you will achieve financial well-being. But get information about how some of your qualities affect material well-being, and in what ways you can come to it.

Signs of wealth on the palm

Carefully study this scheme: it shows the location of the main lines on the basis of which you will form a prediction.

Money line on hand: how to find signs of wealth, money triangle

After you have studied the photo, read the decoding of the main characters of palmistry:

  1. The line from the base of the thumb to the index. If its shape resembles a five-pointed star, you are naturally endowed with the gift of “making money” literally from the air. There is nothing impossible — the subconscious always suggests the most simple ways to solve financial problems.
  2. If the dash from the thumb is continuous and reaches the little finger, then at some stage in life unexpected wealth will fall on you. It will come in a flash: it could be a large inheritance, a lottery win or something like that.
  3. If the line reaches to the middle finger, you have chances to get rich. But for this you need to use your natural talent as a leader, leader. The success will lead to the creation of your own business or managerial position that you will hold
  4. If there is a line in your palm that crosses the lines of mind and success, there is a chance to become financially successful. But the money will come as a result of your achievements, the realization of goals. That is, you have to try, using the «intelligence and wit», not too relying on luck

If there are any of these lines on your palm, you can not worry about material well-being. You have every chance of becoming a rich and successful person.

Other money lines on the hands

Consider the special cases of the location of the lines on the palms, which somehow indicate your financial capabilities, data from birth.

  1. If your palms are speckled with a set of deep enough, but short lines, this is an auspicious sign. You are a financially literate person, you understand how to earn money and what to invest in. It is possible that success will come from outside help.
  2. Pay attention to the line of the Sun — if it is direct and clear, then money will come into your life along with fame. You can get rich if you become a public person
  3. If the line of the Sun is uneven, winding, then stability should not be expected. Your life is a constant change of success and failure. In financial terms, you then sharply «break the bank», then suffer from lack of money. It is better for such people not to build their own business, but to work for hire, otherwise they will have to spend too much energy.
  4. If the line of the Sun is absent or interrupted, it is hardly visible on the palm of your hand, financial success is not about you. You can work long and hard, but it will not bring a lot of money. Focus on the best personal qualities, develop and try, you should not rely on luck, then there are chances to get rich

Of course, if by nature you are not endowed with cash talents, this does not mean that you need to accept and forget about financial well-being. Your fate is in your hands, you just have to put much more effort than the people who have monetary success with birth.

Money triangle

Financial capabilities of a person can also be estimated by the so-called «money triangle». This is the intersection of three lines:

  • Destiny — an indicator of efficiency and hard work
  • Heads — an indicator of intellectual abilities and talent to think logically
  • «Money Cap» — the ability to see and correctly assess the financial opportunities that come to life

Look at the picture, how these lines should ideally be located:

Money line on hand: how to find signs of wealth, money triangle

The clearer the triangle looms in your palm, the more likely it is to become a successful, wealthy and financially independent person.

Watch a video on how to strengthen the money triangle:

But natural data is amenable to adjustment. What do we have to do:

  1. If the line of Destiny is not clear enough or is interrupted, then you need to learn to demand a decent payment for your work. You can not dump or hold a low-paid position, you underestimate yourself
  2. If the problem is with the Line of the Head, it means that you are investing too much money in the maintenance of the family, help to relatives, and at that time they are consumer-related. Take help as a given. Need to learn how to spend on yourself first
  3. In the case when the problem line is a scoop, you have no talent for commercial activities. All earnings flow through the fingers, and why this happens is not clear. This is an indicator of a man who spends, who needs to learn financial literacy, a more rational attitude to money

If the forecast from the point of view of palmistry for you is disappointing, you do not need to be upset. In your case, you need to learn to rejoice at what you have now. Think not by problems, but by solutions.

Search for ways out of critical situations. Train positive thinking. Work hard.

When you learn to be happy, without being obsessed with financial difficulties, money and abundance will come into your life.

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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