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Merry divination in the New Year’s Eve

Merry divination in the New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve — a time of positive emotions. To cheer up and to diversify a holiday with interesting occupation, use cheerful New Year’s divinations.

Without active entertainment and games, the New Year’s Eve will not be so interesting, because after congratulations and a tasty meal, you just need to diversify your leisure time. Divination is a good way not only to know your future, but also to have fun, and in the New Year it will be very useful. With the help of entertaining Christmas divination, you will ensure yourself and your guests a good mood and a charge of positive emotions.

Merry New Year fortune telling

Everyone wants to know their future, but sometimes you can just rely on fate. This version of fortune telling is considered comic, but who knows, perhaps its result will be quite truthful.

On New Year’s Eve, bake a lot of your favorite cookies and put a note on each of them, which says:

  • a gift from a loved one;
  • a trip to the sea;
  • new friend;
  • good news;
  • new love;
  • secret admirer;
  • wealth;
  • long road or moving;
  • happiness;
  • invitation to a fun event;
  • the return of an old friend;
  • successful business;
  • job change;
  • romantic dinner by candlelight;
  • trip to the island;
  • Adventure;
  • change for the better.

Attach each note to cookies and give them to your loved ones on New Year’s Eve so that they know what to expect in the New Year.

Merry Christmas divination for love

Take small pieces of paper and write on them several names of the opposite sex. After that, fold each of them, tie a red thread and put them in a bowl. On New Year’s Eve, mix the pieces of paper thoroughly and say:

“I am waiting for my (my) sweetheart (th) for the New Year’s dinner. Let him (she) hear me and come to me this second. ”

After that, pull out one of the pieces of paper and unfold the thread. What name will be written there, so will call your future soul mate.

Comic guessing from the pictures

Take any magazine and cut out of it the pictures of any items that you would like to have next year. This could be a car, a picture of a person of the opposite sex, a photograph of another country, and so on. Roll up the pictures and put them in a box with a lid. On New Year’s Eve after the chiming clock, shake the box with your scrapbooks and say:

«What will now be in my hands will appear in my life.»

After that, get any picture. Expanding it, you will find out what you can find in the New Year.

In the New Year do not forget to make a wish, and in order for it to be fulfilled, contact Nicholas the Wonderworker for help. A higher power will surely help you if your requests are sincere. We wish you success and new achievements, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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