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Merry Christmas guessing on Christmas decorations

Merry Christmas guessing on Christmas decorations

In the New Year, everyone wants to know what has prepared a new stage for him. With the help of fortune telling on Christmas-tree toys, you can not only have a great time with your family, but also look into the future.

Before the New Year holidays, everybody lights up new hopes and starts making plans for the future. It is these thoughts that hold us at the moment when we decorate the Christmas tree. All our desires are energetically reflected on the New Year tree, affecting both the location of the toys and the choice of their colors.

That is why on a festive night you can tell fortunes and find out what to prepare for in the coming year.

All guests can be connected to such a fortune telling: on New Year’s Eve it will be an excellent entertainment, which will give a lot of bright emotions.

How to guess on Christmas tree toys

Few people stop at one or two shades, choosing decorations for the Christmas tree. As a rule, forest beauty shines with almost all the colors of the rainbow. It is for the color of toys and to tell fortunes for the New Year.

After the chiming clock, several decorations should be removed from the tree — so that their number coincides with the number of guests. Best of all, if all the toys will be of a different color. However, if there are a lot of celebrants, then there will be nothing terrible in repeating the shade.

The most important thing is that toys should be of the same shape, then divination will be the most objective and honest.

The ornaments removed from a New Year’s tree need to be put in an opaque sack. Each of the guests, without looking, takes from him one toy — the one that first came to hand. When everyone gets their Christmas decoration, you should interpret its color.

This will help the description below.

The value of the color of Christmas tree toys

If you got red toy, then in the New Year you will find a great success in love. For those looking for a soul mate, this color promises an early attainment of happiness, and for family men — strengthening mutual understanding in a couple, favorable changes and even possible replenishment of the family.

Golden Christmas ornament promises career success and a solid increase in salary. If you got a golden toy, do not be afraid to take on responsible assignments in the New Year — they will surely lead you to prosperity. Maybe you have long wanted to open your small business?

Take the result of fortune telling as a sign of fate and act boldly.

Blue toy promises the attainment of spiritual harmony and the strengthening of kinship and friendship ties in the New Year. Be sure that you will find answers to all the questions that torment you and change your life for the better. And relatives will help you in this matter and advice.

Green toy promises to achieve the desired goal. If you have already planned important and responsible matters for the next year, then know that they will certainly be crowned with success. Green is also a symbol of harmony and peace, because such a toy also points to the line of conduct that you need to follow in order for the desired to come true: try to avoid conflicts and show more understanding towards others.

Christmas decoration in white or silver signals that the wish you have made for the New Year will surely come true. Therefore, take advantage of the opportunity and whisper your cherished dream on New Year’s Eve: the Universe will hear your words and will surely help you make your dreams come true.

Purple toy predicts promising acquaintances in the New Year. Try to attend events more often and be attentive to those around you — it is likely that you will meet a person who will play a key role in your career success or become your second half.

Jewelry, which will be made fortune-telling, it is better to give the guests — they will be excellent talismans and will remind everyone of the New Year’s prediction, prompting action. When dressing a Christmas tree, you can pre-select “fortune-telling» toys and supply them with special notes — for example, tie a satin ribbon to each.

Do not forget about New Year signs — they can also tell you what you should prepare for in the coming year. Let the New Year’s Eve bring you only joy, and the predictions will be exactly what you would like to receive. We wish you happy and bright holidays, and do not forget to press buttons and

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