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Meditation on the runes: features and rules, instructions for

What is meditation on the runes and how to properly conduct

Meditation on the runes: features and rules, instructions for

In order to fill your life with the power that the ancient runes carry, it is important to clearly understand their essence and to realize the power of each symbol. A good helper for this is the runic meditation.

With the help of several sessions of meditation, a person is able not only to realize all the depths of the meaning of a rune symbol and to fully interpret it during layouts, but also to introduce into his life the force that fills them.

What is rune meditation?

Any source of sacral knowledge about the runes and methods of working with this tool says that meditation on the runes is a special way to establish communication with your subconscious, open it to get new knowledge and understanding of the forces of the Universe, which is embedded in each rune sign. With this technique you can relax your body and mind, to reach a state of altered mind, while remaining in a state of wakefulness.

Many inexperienced practitioners may confuse such meditation with hypnosis or various occult techniques. This is a rather gross mistake.

Rune meditation is a special method that helps to open your knowledge and subconsciousness to gain secret knowledge

How to run a runic meditation

In order for a meditative session to be successful and productive, you should take care to conduct it correctly. For a productive session, you should choose a place in which no one will disturb the meditator.

Practitioners recommend a comfortable sitting position.

If the place for rune meditations is a forest, then you can sit next to a tree and lean your back on its trunk. It is possible that a person takes a seat at a desk with a burning candle on it.

Nearby you can place writing accessories and other items that may be necessary in the process of meditation.

Many people who first decided to conduct such a meditation may wonder why it is necessary to light a candle. Her fire will serve as a guide from the material world to the mental world.

Its presence indicates that the person decided to make the transition from the routine activity to the activity of the shaman. In order to tune in to meditation, close your eyes and mentally reproduce the image of that particle of nature that causes pleasant emotions.

This will allow both the body and the mind to relax, as well as accelerate the transition to the detached state.

In order to tune in and quickly enter a detached state, it is necessary to present an image of a particle of nature that causes pleasant emotions in you.

When the desired state is achieved, you can proceed to the immediate rune meditation. With your eyes closed, visualize the desired rune in front of you.

The image of the runic symbol should look like a luminous figure among the void. Refer to the rune, several times whispering its name.

Give the request to open to the mind and consciousness that part of her great power that will be most useful at a particular point in time.

After that, you must go into a state of passive observation and carefully listen and memorize everything that will be said by the rune.

Information may come in the following form:

  • visual images;
  • specific keywords and phrases;
  • clear connected speech.

The end of a meditation session a person will feel intuitively.

Once all the necessary information is received, open your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and then regain your conscious state.

Returning to reality, write down in detail all the information received and impressions of communication with each particular rune. It is important to remember that in one session you can call one rune.

In case of problems with obtaining images, do not worry. This suggests that the subconscious of the person needs a little more practice, and one hundred percent success is guaranteed.

Meditative sessions on the Fehu rune

As already mentioned, each particular rune gives a person specific powers that are stored not only in the Universe, but also in the people themselves. That is why it is important to clearly understand what meditation on the Fehu rune gives.

Meditative sessions involving communication with this rune, have the following objectives:

  • improvement of financial condition;
  • generation of new ideas and plans that promote enrichment;
  • assistance in the implementation of long-standing plans for travel, acquisitions and new beginnings.

Runic meditation with the Fechu rune will help to achieve the desired purchases

Such meditations should be carried out twice a day until the force flowing in the rune begins to flow perceptibly in a person.

When the energy stored and transmitted by the runic symbol begins to be felt in a person, he will become more energetic, his inner forces will wake up, which will contribute to the generation of ideas and self-confidence.

As a result of several sessions of meditation, the rune of Fehu will help you to become confident not only in yourself, but also in the fact that any started business will end with complete success, and in financial terms come maximum well-being.


With the help of such sessions, one can achieve a better understanding of the sacral meaning of each of the signs, as well as the awakening in oneself of the energies and forces with which the Universe fills man and runes.

Meditations with the Fecha rune are used by people who would like to significantly improve their material well-being and to implement those plans that have long been put on hold for various reasons.

Runic meditation

Meditation on the runes: features and rules, instructions for

Runic meditation is an extremely important stage in the «knowledge» and understanding of the runes. What does it mean and what gives?

I would like to start with the fact that there is such a thing — “the runes open up for everyone in their own way” and it really is like that ..

Despite the fact that you can find out the general meaning of each rune, it will be only very superficial information about it. In addition, when performing runic meditation, so to say “beginning runic” sees images (someone else hears sounds, someone feels smells, etc.) understandable and peculiar to his system of perception and world view.

How to do it and where to start? First of all, you need to find a place where no one will distract you, and no one will interfere.

Ideally, of course, to comfortably sit in nature, but in the realities of the 21st century it is sometimes very difficult to do — to find a quiet cozy corner so that no stupid mushroom picker, young people bathing by the river, the fisherman and their ilk interfere.

It would seem that there is a way out — go deeper into the forest … Perhaps not a bad option, but if you do not have a personal vehicle, you cannot walk far, and there is a great chance to get lost and not end up with excellent rune meditation, but a nervous breakdown after that Once lost, you will hysterically stray into the search for a way out for several hours (at best =)). And ideally, probably all the same — it is to sit on a beautiful horse and rush away in the distance, where then tied it with pleasure and great effect to meditate. But I think that it’s not possible for most people to count on such an opportunity.

So, if for some reason or another you didn’t manage to settle comfortably in nature, then we begin to “look for” a place in our own apartment or house. It would be best to take a sitting position with firm back support.

Not so much a chair as probably a chair. Although I personally once meditated and lay on the bed, because although there was a lot of furniture in the house, there was not a single chair, and I was very uncomfortable on the chair.

Although you can also sit at the table, of course — I repeat: for whom it is more convenient …

So, the place is found. What else does?

Basically? obviously would not hurt a candle. This is not a mandatory element, but for many people a burning candle helps to better tune in to the upcoming ritual, in this case, the rune meditation. In addition to a candle and matches, it would also be advisable to put a notebook with a pen next to it, into which you can then write down your visions, impressions and thoughts …

And finally, proceed to meditation. Close your eyes and let go of all your thoughts and concerns, stop your inner dialogue, relax.

It will take some time. Well, it is great — you have nowhere to hurry, so relax at your pleasure, completely disconnected from reality.

And then transfer to the place where you feel comfortable and calm — it can be a quiet lake or a deaf forest, gently murmuring river or the seashore. It would be desirable that this was the place where you were in real life, where you felt comfortable and cozy.

And after having “visited” this beautiful place and felt complete relaxation, mentally evoke the image of the runes. As if to see it as a bright sign of a coldly bluish glowing color in the void.

View it from all sides as if it is a very real object. Whisper its name.

And turn to the rune, asking it to open for you.

And watch what happens next. Watch and listen, feel — in front of you there can be images, flashes of thoughts, words or passages of words, you can hear sounds.

For everyone, this process is too individual … At the same time, do not try to analyze what is happening in any way (you can do this later), but just contemplate.

You will feel the end of meditation yourself. And as soon as the rune meditation is over, take 2-3 deep breaths and open your eyes.

And now it is time to take a pen and notebook prepared in advance and write down everything that you have seen and felt there.

Write as much as possible, even if some images are incomprehensible to you now or a series of any pictures seems meaningless to you — write everything down to your impressions and emotional background that you had during the meditation on the runes. And at the end extinguish the candle.

Runic meditation for beginners

Meditation on the runes: features and rules, instructions for

Runes — this is a serious sacred tool. Once they were perfectly mastered by magicians, using them for self-improvement, to call on the Force and communicate with them.

Understand the runes, comprehend the ancient runic art and do homemade meditations on the runes is possible only through constant serious practice. The interaction with the runes opens up the possibility of sacred meaning to a person.

And this interaction should have a deep meaning for a person. Runes can not be played.

Runic meditation — a way of knowing the outer and inner world

Meditative work with the runes refers to the shamanic practices.

Runic meditation is the thread of Ariadne, which, extending from consciousness, establishes a connection with the unconscious person to get contact with his true, deep Self, which is practically impossible for the modern person to meet with in ordinary life.

We have become deaf and blind, and to see the light we need help. Runes are a tool, and strong meditation is a way of gaining universal knowledge of the forces that exist in the universe, and a method of gaining steady contact with them.

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Free rune meditation online — a way to communicate with the subconscious

Certainly, runic meditation is not an occult exercise. And this is also not self hypnosis. This is a very special way of deep relaxation of the body and mind.

This technique of relaxing the mind slows down brain processes, and a person attains an altered state of consciousness, while remaining capable, remaining an observer and a witness to himself.

For simple meditation on the runes choose a place and time, comfortable in all respects. The position of the body is sessile, with rigid support for the back.

For this purpose, perfect chair with a high back.

Before you should certainly be a burning candle in the candlestick, symbolizing the most powerful element — the Fire. It is also useful to have on hand a notebook and a pencil that may be needed during free meditation on the runes.

Thin and sharp as an arrow, the flame of a candle plays the role of a conductor to the subconscious. Colossal energy of fire activates work with runes.

During one meditative operation, it is permissible to communicate with only one rune. It is necessary to work consistently with each rune, starting with the first — Feh, the runes of good.

The outline of the runes has two lines — vertical and diagonal. This is not by chance, for everything has a meaning.

And this is due to the fact that energy moves in directed flows through all layers of Being — out and in, up and down.

Runic Meditation Technique

Meditation on the runes: features and rules, instructions for

Hello, dear friends! There are many books and articles on the Internet, where authors and runologists give their own interpretation of the meanings of runic signs.

Thus, we can always turn to this content and try to understand what the runes want to tell us in this or that fortunate scenario.

But most practitioners forget that the runes are a much deeper tool and the power of runic signs, as well as their meaning, are far more extensive than what books and articles give us.

For full awareness of their power and meaning, which is embedded in every rune mark, it is necessary to merge with each rune, to feel it, and only then it will open for you all its strength. Meditation will help us in this.

Immediately I hasten to assure you that to start the technique of meditation, having no idea about the basic meanings of the runic signs is a deliberately doomed business. Therefore, I strongly recommend to start to explore this section of the site, as well as this one.

It is very important to start the technique with a ready-made set of runes.

And so, let’s get started! Choose a time when no one will disturb you and a place where you can be alone with the runes and your thoughts. Lonely, prepare the room for the upcoming practice.

There are no special and rigid rules. Let it go free.

Do you want candles in a circle — well, kindle incense — great, to change into ritual clothes — great! Remember that the preparation for the ritual is already the ritual itself.

In this way, we collect around us objects and furnishings that help us tune in to the desired wave.

Therefore, I do not limit in the manifestation of fantasy. Intuitively, you will do everything right.

By the way, a very interesting moment at which you will catch yourself is that you feel at this moment a sense of belonging to something incredible.

You may even have the feeling that you are almost omnipotent! And, perhaps most importantly, a feeling that I would call the hype, although in reality it is something else.

Satisfied with the arrangement of the ritual place, it should be consecrated with the Hammer of Thor. An example of such sanctification is in my previous articleRunny amulet for money. Then light candles and incense (if you decide to use them).

Sit back. The pose should not cause discomfort, otherwise we just can not concentrate on meditation.

For these purposes, you can choose a chair with a high back, or a chair. I highly recommend not to lie down during meditation, because there is a high probability to fall asleep. It is also not worth practicing lotus poses.

You suffer and you don’t really pomderetiruete (of course if you are not a professional yoga).

It is better to use muffled light, as it distracts less (candlelight is the most it).

After we have taken a comfortable posture, you need to close your eyes, relax, and stop the Inner Dialogue. In other words, to ensure that you have no thoughts.

Simple contemplation and passive listening.

After stopping the Internal Dialogue, there is often a feeling of vibrations (as if a very weak current passes through the body), or there is a hum in the ears.

If this does not happen, do not be sad, the meditation can still be continued, it will bear fruit, it’s just that they will be somewhat lower and, perhaps for the full picture, it will be necessary to repeat it for several days in a row.

Next, imagine the rune, the power of which you want to comprehend. Mentally draw it in front of you with a blue glowing light or even a flame (to someone as handy). Call it and ask to be revealed for you.

Beyond that, start peering into its form, into the light that comes from it. Remain a passive observer. Do not try to think out and draw something.

Runa will do everything herself.

After some time, the rune will begin to show images that reveal its meaning. Do not try to analyze them right away — this will bring down the mood and the wrong information will be used in the course. Just watch.

When the images are finished, you may want to talk to the rune. In this case, start a dialogue with her.

The energy of the runes, unlike their form, is alive. It is unique to each of them, therefore, communication with each rune will occur in different ways. Ask questions about its nature and nature.

The answer may come in various forms. As in the form of images, and in the form of sounds or quite specific speech.

After the end of the dialogue (or images), or if you feel that enough is enough for today, thank the rune. Ask her to merge with you and enter her light, after which the meditation can be considered finished.

Open your eyes, put out the candles and incense (if they were used) and record your experience with the rune on paper. Describe everything that happened to you.

This will help to more accurately understand and interpret the information received, as well as not to miss small details.

How to learn how to properly meditate at home for beginners: tips. How long do you need to meditate and how many times a day? How to meditate correctly: 5 steps

Meditation on the runes: features and rules, instructions for

Today, Eastern practices have become very popular in our country. A large number of young people, as well as mature people, get acquainted with such teachings and, thanks to them, radically change their lives.

Meditation is one of such miracle practitioners. But what do we know about her? How to learn to meditate?

Why is meditation considered so beneficial to humanity?

What is meditation?

What is meditation?

  • Experts in Eastern practices called meditation a set of exercises, knowledge and skills that allow you to completely relax your body and mind.
  • Through meditation, a person is able to let go of all earthly things, renounce social as well as financial problems and fully concentrate on his spiritual state.
  • Meditation tempers the body, spirit and mind of a person.
  • Only in moments of complete relaxation can a person be able to relax and draw new forces from himself, nature, the cosmos.
  • Just a few minutes of meditation can be equated to hours of sleep.
  • At the same time, in the minutes of being in such a trance, the concentration of all vital forces is at the limit, which allows the brain to work at an unnatural level and solve even the most complex tasks beyond anyone’s control.
  • During meditation, a person learns to clear his or her mind, put aside all pressing concerns and fully concentrate only on his spiritual component.

Fans of meditation claim that their favorite ritual is capable of a great deal:

  • Discipline.
  • Enlighten.
  • Lead to full awareness of yourself and everything around you.
  • To help live in accordance with its own rhythm, and not to chase the rhythm that sets the society.
  • Rid of fuss.
  • Sharpen all feelings and teach them to separate their own desires from the wishes of others.
  • To fill with a charge of cheerfulness and inspiration.
  • To form an inner core in accordance with our own moral concepts, and not with the concepts of society.
  • Reveal the creative data laid by nature.
  • Clear the mind and body of everything unnecessary, prepare the platform for something large-scale.
  • Regain yourself.

There are several types of meditations:

  1. Concentration or vipassana meditation is a meditation practice based on the peaceful contemplation of the whole environment, as well as the perception of external sounds.
  2. Respiratory meditation is relaxation that comes at the moment of absolute concentration of a person on his breathing.
  3. Walking meditation is a complex type of meditation designed for professionals, based on focusing all attention on the body and the sensations of the person walking.
  4. Desolation meditation is a practice of relaxation, in which a person is completely removed from his thoughts, experiences and feelings.
  5. Transcendental meditation is a technique in the process of which a person utters special words and phrases in Sanskrit (mantra).

How to meditate correctly: 5 steps

5 levels of meditation for beginners

Of course, teaching by professionals is considered ideal, especially since today there is a school of meditation in almost every city in our country.

True, teachers in such schools do not always possess an adequate level of knowledge and practice. But, nevertheless, even the most experienced theorists will be able to teach the basics of meditation — the main thing is to start, and then you can do it yourself.

For beginners in this area, 5 steps have been specifically designed to learn how to meditate correctly:

  1. Timing for meditation.
  2. Choosing a place for the procedure. The best option for beginners is a quiet, cozy place, without extraneous sounds. In due course it will be possible to relax even in the noisiest and most populous place. A very good influence on the procedure for entering into a trance sound of flowing water — this can be a home fountain, an aquarium or just a quiet stream of water from the tap. You can also use monotonous, smooth, quiet music. Experts do not recommend beginners to meditate in the bedroom, as in the process of relaxation a person can fall asleep, feeling himself in a designed for sleeping environment.
  3. Choosing the right posture. Professionals often opt for the lotus pose. Beginners should not be the first to take a similar posture, because if you are not used to it, your legs will go numb, and instead of relaxation you will only get discomfort. Optimal postures for beginners are considered to be a “half lotto” (legs folded in Turkish), sitting on a chair or lying on the floor with arms and legs outstretched. Whatever posture is chosen, its main task is to completely relax the body. The back should be flat, but not tense — this position will allow you to breathe calmly, evenly and to the full lungs.
  4. Absolute body relaxation. To enter a trance, you need to completely relax all the muscles. Completely relaxed, correctly chosen posture contributes to complete relaxation. Do not forget about the face — all its muscles should be at rest. Professionals most often use for meditation «Buddha’s Smile» — a facial expression on which there is a barely noticeable half-smile, which symbolizes happiness and repels all the negative. In order to learn to smile slightly in a relaxed state, you must go a long way.
  5. Focusing on breathing or reading mantra.. The final stage of meditation consists in closing the eyes and concentrating all thoughts on breathing or mantras. In the process of meditation, the mind can be distracted by extraneous objects and reasoning — in such a situation it is necessary to simply return it to the point of concentration.

How long do you need to meditate and how many times a day?

Time and duration of meditation

  • Teachers of the Eastern practices recommend beginners to meditate twice a day — in the morning and in the evening.
  • Morning meditation will allow you to recharge your batteries for the whole day, set yourself the necessary goals, and also tune in a positive way.
  • The optimal time for meditation in the morning is the moment of sunrise.
  • Of course, such a time may scare many, especially in the summer, but once practiced, a person is unlikely to be able to refuse it.
  • In the evening, meditation is extremely important in order to relax, relieve day stress, analyze everything done and get ready for bed.
  • Beginners should start meditating with just a couple of minutes — gradually increasing this interval is recommended.
  • It is advisable to dive into a trance for 2 minutes throughout the first week, and after a week, increase this time by another 2 minutes — and so add a few minutes with each week.
  • Do not despair if you do not immediately get so long to be in a state of complete relaxation — professionalism comes with experience.
  • Over time, it will be possible to learn how to meditate for about half an hour anywhere, at any time of the day.

How to learn correctly and start meditating at home to beginners, women: tips

Beginner’s Meditation Board

Here are some rules and tips that can help at the beginning of learning the art of meditation:

  • We begin to meditate with short sessions lasting from two to five minutes. Over time, the duration of meditation can be increased up to one hour or more — everything will depend on the needs of the brain and body.
  • The best time for meditation in the morning is the first minutes after waking up. If the mind is still asleep right after sleep, and it simply forgets about meditation, you can make yourself a reminder that reminds you to perform a relaxing ritual.
  • You should not dwell on how to begin to meditate — everything will go by itself — you just start.
  • During meditation, it is recommended to listen to your body — it will tell you how it feels and what’s new with it.
  • In order to enter a trance it is necessary to concentrate all your attention on inhalation and exhalation — you can, as it were, trace the entire path that the air passes from the mouth to the lungs and back.
  • Do not worry about extraneous thoughts. The fact is that we are all human, and in any case we will be visited by certain thoughts. Let them be — do not just dwell on them.
  • Having caught yourself at the moment of thinking over something during meditation, it is advisable to go back to breathing.
  • Do not be annoyed about the thoughts. Thoughts are good. The presence of thoughts in our head indicates that our brain lives and functions normally. Therefore, being distracted by any thought, you can simply smile at her and continue your path to purification.
  • Sometimes it is worth to be alone with his thought. If thinking has already surfaced in the subconscious, you should not drive it right away — you can watch it for some time, but not delve into it.
  • During meditation, one must strive to know oneself and begin to love oneself infinitely. You should not criticize yourself for something, take offense at yourself, blame yourself for something — it is better to understand why this happened and forgive yourself.
  • Physical self-knowledge is very important. Over time, you can mentally explore your entire body, part by part. During one session, it is desirable to scrupulously feel only one body — in the next session you can proceed to another body.
  • Meditation is necessary regularly. Single relaxation sessions will never give the desired result — you need to agree with yourself to do the exercises every day.
  • You can meditate not only in the walls of your own home — with time you can learn to relax even among a crowd of people or while walking (walking).
  • Like-minded people to help. It is much easier to learn Eastern practices together with close people than to yourself — mutual responsibility will be the key to the absence of absenteeism.
  • The help of professionals. If the first sessions did not give the proper result, or it is simply boring to meditate on one, you can turn to one of the many communities practicing meditation.
  • It is advisable to end the process of meditation with silence and a smile.

How to meditate lying down?

How to meditate lying down?

  • Meditating lying is no different than sitting in any of the relaxing postures.
  • True, professionals do not advise starting to meditate in a lying position, since there are risks of falling asleep.
  • In addition, it is undesirable for meditation lying to choose a bedroom and a bed — then sleep will definitely be provided.
  • The posture of meditation lying in Eastern practices is called Shavasana.
  • In order to correctly adopt the recumbent posture, you must place the legs shoulder-width apart, and the arms along the body, palms up.

How to meditate under the mantra?

Meditation under the mantra

  • Mantras are special words and phrases in Sanskrit.
  • What makes mantras remarkable during meditation for our people is that we do not understand their meaning, and during their reading we do not have any associations or plots in our brain.
  • Mantras are spiritual and material.
  • Material mantras must be pronounced in order to achieve some material benefits.
  • Spiritual mantras, however, are most often pronounced by people who are searching for themselves, or old people at sunset.
  • In other words, spiritual mantras are recommended to be read only to those who are not interested in the material world.
  • Most often, the following words in Sanskrit can be heard from meditators: “Om”, “So Ham,” “Krishna,” etc.
  • The mantra «Om» is not suitable for family people, as it is the mantra of renouncing everything material.
  • The mantra «So ham» has a charming effect on meditating people. Translated from Sanskrit, it means «I am.» This statement fits any person. It allows you to know yourself and make friends with yourself.
  • The mantra «Krishna» is naturally associated with the name of one of the Indian deities. It is believed that the pronunciation of such a mantra creates a kind of protective halo around a person.
  • When reading mantras, it is necessary to pronounce the first syllable on an inhale, and the second — on the exhale.
  • If at the end of the session the person simply falls asleep, there is nothing wrong with that — the dream will be a continuation of the relaxation procedure.
  • It is necessary to pronounce the mantra a certain number of times or within a certain time period.
  • During the reading of the mantra, you can use the rosary — each bead will respond to one pronunciation. Thus, it is possible not to count how many words were said — one circle of beads equals 108 spoken words.
  • For meditation under the mantra, you can choose any of the known poses.
  • In our country, the question of whether to use mantras during meditation is quite acute, because in fact they can be considered Hindu prayers.
  • In their prayers to other gods, Christians often experience discomfort and rejection. Although in fact, this procedure can hardly be called a kind of ritual or rite. Therefore, the choice is up to the people themselves.

How to meditate on the runes?

Meditation on the runes

  • Runes are a rather complex magic item.
  • Runes are special marks on a stone or tree.
  • In ancient times, with the help of runes magic and sorcerers carried out witchcraft.
  • Many psychics and to this day use these magic pebbles for their rites and rituals.
  • Runic meditation is a way to purify the human consciousness to learn the secrets of the runes.
  • To conduct meditation on the runes is necessary in a quiet, secluded place.
  • The best posture for this type of meditation is posture sitting on a chair with the back.
  • Most often in the process of runic meditation a lighted candle is used — fire, being the personification of one of the most powerful elements, will help to get into trance faster.
  • For one ceremony, it is desirable to use only one rune — it is worth starting with the knowledge of the rune Feu (Fehu), the rune of goodness.
  • The last thing you need to know about the rune Dagas or the rune of Destiny.
  • In the process of meditation, you may also need a clean sheet of paper and a pen or pencil — with the help of them you can later write down all your thoughts and feelings.

How to meditate on the runes?

Algorithm runic meditation:

  • Light a candle.
  • We concentrate all our attention on the flame of fire.
  • We close our eyes and mentally find ourselves in a favorite place where you can be left alone with your thoughts and relax.
  • When the mind calms down and the circle of thoughts dies down in our head, we imagine a rune.
  • If the rune appeared before your eyes, we pronounce its name and ask it to open up to us.
  • We try not to add our own feelings and emotions to the image of the runes — all sensations must come from her.
  • We contemplate, we listen and we feel everything that the rune will reveal to us.
  • Feeling that the rune has already demonstrated everything, we open our eyes and return to the outside world.
  • We use a leaf and a pen to fix everything, what the rune showed — these could be words, sentences, events, sensations, sounds.

It is also worth noting that work with the runes may not be possible immediately — you need to go to it for a long time and persistently. It is also worth warning that not all the runes are only an identification of something bright and good — there are very dangerous runes that can harm a person, so before you take on such a complex matter, you need to prepare for it as much as possible.

Summing up the article, I would like to note that meditation is a very useful and necessary process. However, ignorance of all the subtleties, as well as the desire to try something new can lead to irreversible processes (improper use of runes or mantras).

That is why it is desirable to do everything under the guidance of knowledgeable, proven practitioners, and not charlatans.

Meditation for healing the whole body: features of the technique

Meditation on the runes: features and rules, instructions for

Meditation for healing the whole body is aimed at eliminating the psychosomatic causes of various diseases. Being engaged in meditative practices regularly, you will find a way to harmonize body and mind.

We will tell about the technique of meditation in detail.

How to conduct healing meditations

In order for meditation to be effective, you must follow some rules. Follow them and get the desired result.

  1. Engage daily. For the prevention of diseases, one meditation per day is enough, and for serious health problems, two to four daily sessions will be required.
  2. Try to turn off the “internal dialogue”. This means that during a session of meditation you must completely free your mind from extraneous thoughts, relax your body and concentrate only on your internal sensations.
  3. To get away from thoughts, concentrate on breathing. Try to feel every breath and exhale, watch how the air fills your body.
  4. The room in front of a meditation session must be ventilated to fill the space with a stream of fresh air.
  5. Meditate in the most comfortable position in which you can feel comfortable while stationary for a long time.
  6. Pick up calm and peaceful music. Melodious sounds will help to relax and concentrate

And, of course, do not forget to follow the instructions of doctors. Meditation will help enhance the effectiveness of treatment, but is not the only cure for all diseases.

Once you have prepared for the session, you can begin the meditation.

What do we have to do:

  • Sit back and close your eyes. It is very important to keep your back in a straight position.
  • Take a deep breath through your nose and then slowly exhale through your mouth. Breathe in this rhythm until you feel that your body is completely relaxed.
  • With the inner eye, pay attention to the chest area. Mentally place your hand on your heart and watch the sensations that arise in your body during breathing.
  • Then start repeating the words: “there” on each breath and “from there” — on the exhale. Repeat 108 times. Concentration is very important, you should not be distracted by extraneous thoughts.
  • If you can’t remove your thoughts from the subconscious, start repeating: “these are just thoughts, and they’ll leave now.” Immediately after this, return to the concentration on breathing.

Continue until you feel it is time to stop meditating. Usually the session takes from ten minutes to half an hour.

At the end, take a deep final exhale through your mouth, slowly open your eyes and smile. You can return to everyday life.

How does the whole body healing meditation work?

All those who have been engaged in spiritual practices for a long time can clearly see the difference between healing and healing. In the first case, you simply eliminate the symptoms with medication and medical procedures.

But even if you are recovering, the illness sooner or later will again be felt.

For complete healing, deep work with the causes of diseases is needed. In psychosomatics, there is a clear list of negative emotions that make you feel bad.

How does this happen:

  • For example, you have experienced some kind of strong negative feeling. Resentment, anger, irritation. If this happened once, do not worry. Emotions in this case will slightly affect the subtle body, but the physical will not have any effect
  • But when your emotions become frequent, deep, become a habit, from a thin body the disease passes into the physical and you become ill.

That is why it is so important to work with emotions, negative attitudes and beliefs. The purpose of meditations is to relieve you of this burden and prevent disease.

And if you already feel bad — stop the course of the disease, start its healing at a deeper level.

It will not work if you are accustomed to relying only on physical actions, phenomena and events. For healing, you must believe in the existence of an aura, a subtle body, by virtue of your own subconscious.

Your thoughts and beliefs are always reflected in the surrounding reality, therefore, working with them is so necessary for everyone. If you can achieve harmony between soul and body, forget about feeling unwell forever.

What other techniques can I use?

As we have already found out, the cause of any illness lies in negative emotions and feelings. You can start practicing with techniques aimed at eliminating the negative and cleansing the soul from limiting beliefs.

  • Meditation Hooponopono. Very simple, but really effective Hawaiian method, which is based on repeating just four phrases. Cleans the soul from the negative and increases the energy vibrations of your aura
  • Morning meditations according to José Silva method. They help to enter the alpha state and learn how to visualize the image of the desired. In our case — imagine yourself completely healthy.
  • Osho Dynamic Meditation. A very non-standard way: you do not just sit with your eyes closed and relax, but, on the contrary, give an active way out to the negative. During the session will have to cry, sing, shout, dance, shouting mantra. Works best in group classes.

If you are not sure which method to start with, contact an experienced spiritual mentor who will choose the best way for you to meditate. To enhance the effects of classes, try to keep track of your thoughts, not only during the sessions, but also during normal times.

Useful tips on how to meditate

Meditation on the runes: features and rules, instructions for

How to learn to meditate correctly? Mastering the meditation technique for beginners is not at all difficult.

This requires a little patience and desire, and the reward for this will be good health, good mood and mental balance, the ability to deal with stress and overcome difficulties.

What is meditation for?

Meditation is one of the ways to improve your life, make it more harmonious and happy, develop new abilities and talents, increase the level of energy and heal from diseases. The goal of meditation is to reach a mental state where the flow of thoughts stops and the higher consciousness comes to the fore.

Recently, with increased stress load on a person, meditations for beginners are becoming increasingly popular. After all, they contribute to relaxation and stress relief, relieve depression, soothe and clean up thoughts.

The main objectives of meditation are to harmonize one’s inner world, to awaken the brightest and highest feelings in a tired and embittered man from constant stress: love, kindness, compassion. With the help of meditative practices, a person is healed physically and spiritually, gets a powerful boost of energy for a full life.

During meditation, the following changes occur in the human body:

  • normal functioning of the nervous system;
  • release of cortisol, the main hormone in the human body that causes stress, is slowed down.
  • muscle tension decreases;
  • pressure returns to normal;
  • increased release of the hormone of happiness — serotonin;

Meditation for beginners is not a mystical doctrine, the purpose of which is to discover your superpowers or to penetrate the secrets of the universe. This is quite an earthly practice that will help you overcome your shortcomings and weaknesses, improve concentration and mental abilities, teach you to see the world around you and yourself really and objectively.

How much time should be given meditation?

Try to keep your meditation sessions regular. It is best to do the practice twice a day: in the morning and before bedtime.

So you can recharge your life energy before the start of the day, and in the evening — relax and get rid of the stresses of the day.

Meditative practices should be your daily lesson. It is not at all difficult to find half an hour a day to meditate.

But if you are very busy or cannot sit for 30 minutes in one place, there is a special practice of five minute meditations for you.

It is believed that it is best to meditate with eyes closed. With this kind of meditation, there is a deep penetration into your inner being.

But if you are not comfortable — open your eyes.

Where is the best to meditate?

  • For meditation, you must choose a place where no one and nothing will distract you. It is best to meditate in the same place — so you will easily and quickly enter a meditative state.
  • It is usually not recommended to meditate in the room where you sleep, because of habit you can fall asleep quickly. But if this is the only possible option for solitude, then do not worry.
  • It is also very good to meditate on nature — in the forest or in the park, on the beach or in the country. But, of course, it is desirable that this place was not too noisy and crowded.

What should be the posture during meditation?

The ideal pose for meditation is the lotus posture, but it requires a high degree of flexibility. Not everyone will be comfortable sitting with legs crossed and straight back. Usually, beginners are recommended to use simpler poses for meditation:

  • Lying on your back. This posture is more suitable for relaxation and for the treatment of insomnia, because it is very easy to fall asleep in it.
  • Standing on the floor. With this position, a person has a strong connection with the earth. You must stand up straight, put your feet in parallel, draw your belly in and pull your shoulders back.
  • Sitting on a chair. This is the easiest pose for newbies. Sit up straight, your back should create a right angle with the chair. Do not lean on the back of a chair and do not sit on the edge. Put your hands on your knees and relax your whole body. It is usually difficult for beginners to sit on a chair for a long time, keeping their backs straight, because the muscles are tense and quickly tired. But with regular workouts, it becomes easier and easier to sit up straight every time.

How to learn to concentrate while meditating?

To concentrate and clear your mind of running thoughts is the main difficulty for beginners. The following techniques will help you to enter the meditative state:

  • Concentration on breathing. Focus your mind on inhaling and exhaling: as the air enters through the nostrils, enters the lungs, comes back. Just watch your feelings, you do not need to visualize it. Do not be alarmed if breathing slows down during meditation. This is normal.
  • Reading mantras. To concentrate attention and relax, you can repeatedly pronounce special phrases — mantras. Mantras have special vibrations that direct energy to a particular task and bring you into an altered state of consciousness.
  • Visualization. Often, in order to enter a meditative state, they use visualization of various images, for example, multi-colored fire.

What feelings can arise during meditation?

While meditating, you can feel the cool breath of wind at the crown of the head — the location of the Sahasrara chakra. Some people feel warmth or coolness in the center of the palms, shivering or vibration in the lower abdomen, various movements inside.

These sensations are caused by the circulation of qi energy in the body.

You can feel airy and completely weightless soaring above the ground. There may be a feeling of complete disappearance of the physical body, its dissolution in the surrounding space.

At the highest levels of meditation, a person can feel himself as one with the Universe.

Useful recommendations for meditators

Learning to meditate will help you such recommendations:

  • Do not count on quick results, because meditative practices require a lot of patience and time. Do not forget to persevere.
  • Beginners are usually hard to stop the flow of thoughts that interfere with concentration. Do not worry about this, because over time you will learn everything.
  • You should not take abundant food before meditation, because its digestion slows down the metabolism and interferes with concentration. But if you are experiencing severe hunger — eat light food, so as not to think only about food.
  • Sometimes at the initial stage of meditation, depression and other mental disorders can be exacerbated. This is because the negative energy gradually begins to come out of your body. Soon everything will be normal.

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