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Marilyn Kerro: Fortune Telling by the Egg

Marilyn Kerro: Fortune Telling by the Egg

Psychic Marilyn Kerro told about one ancient method of fortune-telling for the future. Estonian witch offers to learn her fate with the help of ordinary chicken eggs.

For fortune telling, Marilyn Kerro recommends taking a raw chicken egg and a clear glass of water. The egg must be carefully broken and pour only protein into the water. Further watch what pictures will appear in the glass.

If the squirrel fell to the bottom of the glass — this is a bad sign. It may portend death, serious illness, accident, car wreck, or other nuisance. In this case, divination is worth stopping.

If the protein remained in the center of the glass and began to form into any shape, then divination must be continued. It is necessary to decipher the resulting figure. This will be the interpretation of the future.

Marilyn Kerro led the value of the most common figures in this method of fortune telling:

  • The man is an assistant, a friend, an ally. Auspicious sign meaning help affairs.
  • Bird — to money, luck and career growth.
  • Tree — joy, health, family, well-being.
  • The mushroom means that the fortuneteller must heed the advice of his close people.
  • Flower — wish fulfillment, happiness, good news.
  • The cross is a life change, an important decision, a turning point.
  • Mountain — difficulties, problems and obstacles.
  • Star — a new acquaintance that will change life.
  • A cloud means that it is best for those who are guessing in the near future not to take any active actions. It is better to go with the flow, it can lead to good luck.
  • Person — news, obtaining information that will have a great impact on the future life.
  • Broom — scandal, quarrels, fight. It may also mean that it is time for the fortunate one to break off relations with some people from his close circle.
  • A dog for a woman is a rival, envious, for a man is a friend, like-minded person.
  • Ship or sail — business trip, trip, long-distance travel or transfer.
  • A church for a young woman foreshadows a wedding. If a guessing person is at a mature age, then this is a precursor of death.
  • Fish — a sign of luck and good luck.
  • Arrow — problems with money, financial losses.

If the figure is not like anything, it can mean a period when the fate of the fortuneteller has not yet been determined. In this case, Marilyn Kerro advises not to change anything and just follow the course of her life.

Psychic claims that eggs have a special energy. It turns out that with the help of chicken eggs one can not only guess, but also determine the presence of damage and the evil eye. And many magicians and sorcerers use eggs to remove a negative from a person.

The range of application of chicken eggs in magic is very wide. In addition, many legends and beliefs are associated with this product. According to Marilyn Kerro, an egg is a symbol of life, the energy of which can work real miracles.

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