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Maps of fate by date of birth — plotting and reading

Destiny charts by date of birth: calculation and decoding

Destiny charts by date of birth are compiled in order to follow a person’s life, to get a forecast for the future. Analyzing the schedule, you will understand how to behave in certain periods of life in order to achieve goals with maximum efficiency.

Schedule of fate and will

Graph, map or matrix of fate and will is a concept that was formed at the junction of astrology and numerology. Therefore, the calculation uses information from each of the disciplines.

Maps of fate by date of birth - plotting and reading

The method of calculation, about which we will tell you, is quite rare and not widespread, which is surprising, because thanks to it you can quickly calculate the future of any person.

What opportunities gives the schedule of fate:

  1. Allows you to understand how to behave in a particular day of life. The graph does not predict fatal, unavoidable events, but indicates that you need to consider what to listen to.
  2. Answers questions as to what to do in this or that case: continue to move on or give way to an obstacle, taking it as a turning sign
  3. It gives you an understanding of when you need to pay attention to signs of fate, and when events occurring in your life are only the result of your own actions, and you need to rely not on intuition, but on reason.
  4. Shows critical points — periods of life when your energy drops to its lowest point. And also shows the time when the peak of life activity comes

The most important thing: the schedule divides your life into two types of stages. The first is fate.

During these periods, you can rely on the fateful possibilities, work with the subconscious, practice the techniques of fulfillment of desires, grow spiritually, practice meditations and other things.

The second is will. At this time, your life will depend only on your actions. Decisions need to be made only by reason, rationally and logically.

Intuition to these stages is silent, so all the «signs of destiny» that you see will be false.

Calculation and decoding

Calculation of the map of Destiny is very simple. First, you create a table and enter into it the values ​​corresponding to the date of birth.

And then build a graph of the resulting parameters.

How the table will look like:

Maps of fate by date of birth - plotting and reading

  1. Draw a table of eight columns and six rows.
  2. In the first line, write down the day and month of your birth. In our example, this is 1704. In the second line, write the year: 1954
  3. Next, you need to multiply these two numbers: 1704 * 1954, we get 3329616. Write it in the third row. If the number is a six-digit number, write zero in the beginning.
  4. Next, we change the zeros to ones and repeat the calculation: 1714 * 1954, we get 3349615. We write in the fourth line
  5. Our calculations are ready. The last line in them is the years of a person’s life in increments of 12. The third line corresponds to the schedule of fate, and the fourth will.

The first row of numbers below the line (the first product of the numbers of the date of birth) are the indicators of fate. What you were born with.

The second product, obtained by replacing zero with one, means the manifestation of the personality «I am.» Already a certain prediction, a version of how a person can, by an effort of will, change his line of fate.


Now we begin to build a schedule of life: by fate and by will. To do this, you will need: a piece of paper in a box, a ruler and two felt-tip pens or colored pens of bright color.

We all built graphs at school, remember, or ask for help from friends of schoolchildren or students.

Along the Y axis (vertical) we will postpone the indicators of fate and will, numbers from 0 to 9. On the X axis (horizontal) we will postpone the age, years from 0 to 72 years.

What the graph for the date of birth looks like, which we looked at with an example:

Maps of fate by date of birth - plotting and reading

First, we build the line of destiny by points:

  • At 0 years old, at birth there was an indicator — 3, put a point on the Y axis there
  • At the age of 12, the indicator is also 3, we put a dot on the intersection X — 12 and Y — 3
  • At 24, the indicator is 2, at the intersection of X — 24 and Y — 2 we put another full stop.
  • At 36, the indicator is 9, we are looking for the intersection of X — 36 and Y — 9 and put a point
  • At 48 years old, the fate indicator is 6, we are looking for the intersection of X — 48 and Y — 6, put a dot
  • At 60 years old, the indicator is 1, we are looking at the intersection of X — 60 and Y — 1, put a dot
  • And at 72, the indicator is 6, we are looking for the intersection of X — 72 and Y — 6, put a point

All the resulting points are alternately connected by one line and outlined in bright color. We sign in the line that these colors indicate the line of fate.

Similarly, build a line of will, taking the bottom row of numbers below the line with your date of birth as indicators. Circle the line of will with another bright color and sign it too.

Watch the video on:

How to read the chart?

To begin, let us describe a certain peculiarity of the concepts “will” and “destiny”, so that it becomes clear to you.

“Destiny” or “live according to destiny” — this means that a person, having his own desires, goals inside, lives taking into account real events, circumstances. In order to realize his intentions, he acts, but every step agrees with the circumstances. And they, like signs, tell him what to do next.

Fate leads you in a safe way, with great success, if it is now more profitable for you to live according to destiny.

“Will” is an active human intervention by increasing tension, mobilizing internal reserves. To live at will, it means to remember what you want and to act actively, starting from a straightforward, shortest path.

Obstacles encountered are a reason to increase the voltage.

As we read the chart:

  1. When you draw two lines in different colors, you will see that at a different period of life a different line prevails: either fate, or will. There are dates when the lines go without intersections, but this happens less often
  2. It is necessary to live under the sign that you have higher, that is, more indicator
  3. Find your age on the horizontal and see which line is higher

Higher — this means that by following this line, you will achieve a result faster and easier, with less cost.

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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