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Luna Tarot — the meaning of the card

The main image on the map is the big bright moon, on which the dog and the wolf howls. Two towers are visible in the distance, and a reservoir and a crawling out cancer are drawn from the bottom of the map. The trail, which is visible between the two towers, symbolizes the border of the real world from the world of magic and mystery.

The main focus of this card is that you need to go through life without fear.

Luna Tarot - the meaning of the card
Luna Tarot - the meaning of the card

In a straight position, the Moon card symbolizes a person’s inner subconscious fears and doubts about the unknown. In most cases, it is treated negatively and is associated with depression and hopelessness. Quite often, the moon warns of the danger associated with deception or self-deception.

This lasso emphasizes the emotional instability of a person, which does not allow him to make the right decisions during this life period.

When this card appears in the scenario, it indicates that the waiting period has come, when it will be very difficult to distinguish truth from lies. Enemies around are making intrigues, and gossip and rumors are very annoying.

Therefore, it is important that when making any decisions a person listens to his own intuition. It is very good if, after the card fell out in a scenario, a person will decide to rest and go on a long journey.

This is a map that indicates that the bad luck line, although it is coming to an end, there are still many challenges in human life in various spheres of life.

The moon may indicate the following:

  • In the field of health, this card indicates poor or poor health. Very often, this can be caused by stress and nerve overstrain. In combination with certain maps, it can be a precursor to the development of cancer.
  • Relationships in the personal sphere do not add up, since all of a sudden they reveal the falsehood and insincerity of a partner. Sometimes the card foreshadows treason.
  • In the business field, the map points to strong competitors, and sometimes even enemies. A person can be substituted or he will fall under the reduction. During this period, the search for work, almost useless.

This card represents a dreamy person with a rich inner world. If there are positive cards next to this lasso, it may indicate that there are close people close to the person who are ready to provide support.

But if there are negative maps next to the Moon, this indicates that there are many deceivers and liars surrounded by a person whose support cannot be counted on.

In the inverted position, the Moon card can be interpreted differently. On the one hand, it symbolizes the revealed deception.

And this means that the bad luck streak associated with the intrigues of enemies is coming to an end. But you should not relax, because only the ability to soberly assess the situation will help minimize the negative consequences of the events of this life period.

But on the other hand, the card indicates that a person cannot distinguish truth from falsehood.

In various spheres of life this lasso may indicate the following:

  • In matters of health, light diseases are outlined. But if a person is very suspicious, then they can become serious illnesses.
  • In personal relations, everything is quite stable, but small disputes and conflicts can not be avoided in this life period. But at the same time, if the partners can speak frankly, then they will be able to fully restore the relationship.
  • In the business sphere, troubles cannot be avoided, but nevertheless there comes a time when all the intrigues will be revealed and a quiet working period will come that can be characterized by ups and downs.

The card personifies emotionally unstable individuals whose behavior is usually unpredictable. Sometimes it indicates that there are enemies and traitors surrounded by a person.

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