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Lucky numbers by date of birth — how to know your

How to find your lucky numbers by date of birth

In our world, absolutely everything can be expressed by numbers. It is therefore not surprising that people have always sought to find a number that will bring them good luck.

For this purpose, many are in a hurry to ask for help from magicians or fortune-tellers, while it is quite possible to calculate lucky numbers yourself by date of birth.

Lucky numbers by date of birth - how to know your

What helps a lucky number

Probably, every person knows such a thing as an unlucky day when you “got up on the wrong foot” and all events did not develop as desired. At the same time, there are, and vice versa, especially happy days, when the Universe itself sends you significant meetings, it helps to easily and harmoniously solve any problems.

It is known that all accidents are not accidental and such a coincidence is usually interpreted by the fact that the number of this day is happy for a given person.

In your lucky numbers you can successfully perform the following actions:

  • pass interviews;
  • plan business trips;
  • enter into important financial agreements;
  • You can also use this number as your mobile phone number, car sign, and so on.

Lucky numbers by date of birth - how to know your

In total, each person has three lucky numbers: on the day of birth, on your birthday and the date of birth of your parents, as well as on your name.

Calculation of the lucky number number 1

In the first method, we use your date of birth to find out your lucky number. Just add together the first and second numbers, if you get a two-digit answer, then repeat this operation again.

For example, 25 = 2 + 5 = 7.

How to interpret the resulting numbers:

  • 1 is the number of success. All your undertakings are doomed to succeed;
  • 2 — fate helps you to be in the right place at the right time, great if your credit card starts with this number;
  • 3 — allows you to find a harmonious solution in all situations. Use the charms on which the triple is drawn;
  • 4 — will save you from financial losses, acts as a symbol of stability and orderliness. Try to solve all important matters exactly 4 numbers;
  • 5 is the number of active and positive people. Promotes the discovery of new perspectives and opportunities. We recommend you to get yourself a magic «penny» and always carry it with you;
  • 6 — is the happiest number of the whole series, but carries certain dangers. You can easily win the lottery or casino, but do not abuse the mercy of fate;
  • 7 — helps to calculate the likely resolution of any situation and gives control over it, directs it to the “true path”;
  • 8 — is the patron saint of women. Bring success in the love and family sphere. Schedule for 8 all important events in your life;
  • 9 — promotes the discovery of new knowledge and self-improvement.

In this video you will learn more about lucky numbers.

Calculation of the second lucky number

In this option, you need to work with the date of your birth, as well as your parents. Consider how this happens with a specific example:

You were born, for example, May 25, 1994

Your mother — December 9, 1954

And the father — March 18, 1951.

It will be necessary to add their sum:

Now divide the resulting figure by three and get your lucky number:

The numbers are not rounded, the lucky number will be exactly 31, not 32.

Calculating the lucky number of a name

There is another way to find out your lucky number — this is done by the letters of your name. Each letter corresponds to a specific number, for example:

  • Letters A, Y, T, Y — number 1
  • B, K, U, I — number 2
  • B, L, F — number 3
  • G, M, X — number 4
  • D, N, C — the number 5
  • E, O, H — number 6
  • F, P, W — number 7
  • H, F, L — number 8
  • And, C, E — number 9.

Lucky numbers by date of birth - how to know your

For example, take the name Marina.

Using the data above, we get:

We reduce two-digit number to single-valued:

How to decipher the meaning of numbers

Number 1

Indicates leadership and self-confidence. A person likes to keep everything under his control (and often it is so easily obtained by the will of fate).

Learn to show more trust in your loved ones.

Typical traits: pride and ambition, which are ideal for a career, but that prevent you from creating happy relationships.

Number 2

These people are excellent empaths. It is in need of loved ones, prone to indecision. It’s more important for them to have a happy family than to make an impressive career.

The two are suitable professions associated with communication. It is important not to get depressed and to accept yourself as they are.

Number 3

These people are real “zhivchiki”, they are always on a positive wave. But they are different inconsistency in decisions, capriciousness.

They can let others down by their irresponsibility.

Number 4

These are the declared materialists. They are distinguished by sufficient closeness from the surrounding world; they are straightforward; they prefer to follow logic, not feelings.

Fours need to learn more simply to look at some things.

Number 5

Responsible for unpredictability, gives good luck in life. Fives are extremely active, they adore diversity and cannot stay in one place for long. It is easy for the fives to make new acquaintances, as well as lose old ones.

They are very broad-minded.

Number 6

These people are distinguished by harmony, tranquility, appreciate family comfort. For them, family is the most important part of life.

Sixes are crazy about order, unlike the previous version, they can not tolerate chaos and adventure. Possess sufficient diplomacy.

Number 7

Lonely people and philosophers. Strongly do not need others and material wealth.

I love magic, the unknown, are prone to creativity.

Number 8

These are very enterprising people, inclined to business, with managerial skills. They have strong character and will, are closely connected with the sphere of material benefits.

Can be very fixated on finances.

Number 9

Nine carries creative energy, points to a rather interesting and extraordinary personality. But it is quite difficult for these people to find themselves in this world.

It is important not to neglect your talent.

Now you know how to find out your lucky numbers by date of birth, to win the lottery, successfully conclude important deals and resolve any issues. Use them as amulets and do not forget about them!

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