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Love reading by handwriting: how to find out what he thinks about you

Love reading by handwriting: how to find out what he thinks about you

It is often extremely difficult for a woman in love to understand whether her feelings are mutual. Alas, it is impossible to read the thoughts of others, and asking directly is too bold a step. In this case, love can be a handwriting guessing: its results will show what the man thinks about you and help you choose the right course of action.

Why can handwriting reveal what is hidden deep in the human soul? The fact is that the writing process is not a mechanical operation, a simple movement of the hand. It is closely connected with the subconscious, and therefore on paper all deep-seated processes are reflected, which the person himself often does not even realize.

Surely you yourself paid attention to how your handwriting changes depending on the emotions you experience. Love, sympathy, hostility — all this is manifested in the manner of writing.

Love reading by handwriting

To find out what the love object thinks of you, you need to ask him to write a couple of lines. Therefore, such fortune-telling is most convenient for those who are already in a certain relationship with a man — working or friendly. However, it is quite possible to get a sample of the handwriting from the person to whom you feel sympathy, but are not personally acquainted — for example, ask for a phone number.

The most important condition — a man should write a note immediately after your request and in your presence. Through contact with you, his emotional state will manifest itself in the manner of writing most clearly.

After the coveted sample is received, carefully analyze the handwriting. The interpretation of its features will help you understand how a man feels towards you. In addition, the manner of writing can give you a lot of valuable information regarding the character of a man.

Interpretation of handwriting features

In order to get the most complete picture of the prospects for a relationship with an object of your liking, you need to analyze its handwriting on several parameters — and then put all the information together.


  • Narrow Fields — A man is prone to long-term reflections and is unlikely to bring clarity to the relationship, until he carefully considers everything. Weighing all the pros and cons and, as a result, your stay in a state of suspense may be delayed for a long time. You should be active and covertly “push” your object of love towards the right decision.
  • Wide fields give out the person inclined to impulses and fast actions. If such a man is in love, he will not delay recognition for a long time. Experienced feelings are usually vividly manifested in all his behavior, so if you have been receiving signs of attention for some time, do not take it for ordinary chivalry. By the way, this feature of handwriting speaks of generosity and the ability to care for really beautiful.


  • Heavy pressure — most often such a manner of writing manifests itself when a person is under the power of emotions. So if this feature is reflected in the note that the man wrote in front of you, he is clearly interested in you. In addition, a strong pressure speaks of determination and perseverance, so do not doubt that the object of sympathy will be very active in seeking your favor.
  • Low pressure gives nature a fond and romantic. The manifestation of this feature in the note can be interpreted in two ways: a man either experiences a certain awkwardness next to you, which indicates the presence of feelings, or, on the contrary, does not experience any strong emotions and perceives you only as a good friend. If he is not very sociable, then the first option is most likely; if he is reputed to be an extremely sociable person, the second one.

Line direction

  • Straight line indicates a stable condition. This means that your presence in a man did not cause a special emotional outburst. But do not be in a hurry to be upset: straight lines indicate the presence of self-control and composure, which could well manifest itself in this situation.
  • The line goes up, talks about writing enthusiasm. If, after talking with you, the man wrote a note in which the lines run up — he experienced a clear emotional lift, and this is a very good sign. Among other things, this manner of writing speaks of the optimism and vigor of its owner.
  • Line down gives doubt and uncertainty. There is no clarity about a man towards you, and therefore your presence confuses him somewhat. Such a manner of writing is peculiar to people who tend to underestimate their strength. Give the man unobtrusive support, and active actions will not keep you waiting.

Letter arrangement

  • Distant. The isolation of letters from each other speaks of a developed sensual and emotional sphere. If in the lines written in your presence such a feature is traced, the object of your sympathy is clearly not indifferent. But before starting a relationship, he will wait a certain time — to be completely confident in his feelings.
  • Contact The handwriting, in which all the letters are interconnected, distinguishes rectilinear people with predominantly logical thinking. This means that they need to check their feelings with the mind, and only then enter into a closer relationship. As a rule, such a man will not lead a fleeting affair — if he has already begun to show signs of attention, he will go to the end and take full responsibility.

Love fortune telling on handwriting will help you find the answer to your question and make a correct plan of action. We wish you strong and mutual love, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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