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Love palmistry: what your line of marriage says

Love palmistry: what your line of marriage says

Many people seek the help of palmistry to find out their fate. This can be done easily and independently. It is only necessary to find the line of marriage on your hand and decipher it.

Marriage line

For love predictions about marriage in the palm of your hand, you must find a marriage line. The most common interpretation of all the existing ones is to consider the line of love of Mercury, located near the little finger, as a line of love. It can be found on the right hand between the beginning of the little finger and the line of the heart.

In most cases, these are small, inconspicuous lines, emanating from the edge of the palm. An image will help you find it:

Remember that it is necessary to look for this line on the hand that is your main one. If you are left handed, look for the line of marriage on your left hand. Right-handed, respectively, on the right.

The line of marriage is the nearest strip to the line of the heart, and not to the little finger.

Decoding line of marriage

Love palmistry offers several interpretations of the marriage line, depending on its type:

Case one: the line is straight, without branches. Marriage will be happy — do not wait for a divorce, because your happiness will be very long. A very long and straight line means a noble marriage.

Be very careful, because any differences from a straight line mean something completely different.

Case two: if the line is very long, but is curved towards the heart line or crosses it, wait in the marriage of a despotic spouse or other problems. If the line is short and crosses the line of the heart, then you are very likely to be a widow or widower.

Case three: splitting line at the end. This sign means that the marriage will be broken due to disagreements and significant differences of character. This is obvious, since such a drawing is similar to a road, which is divided into two paths that will lead you and the failed partner in different directions.

Case Four: loop at the tip of the line. In this case, wait for the scandals — your marriage will be full of constant squabbles and negative emotions. In the end, you too, with a high probability of waiting for a divorce.

Case Five: line with various additions. Parallel line of marriage feature means having a lover. If the line of the lover crosses the line of marriage, then big problems are waiting for you — a third person will significantly affect married life. If there are patterns or crosses on your marriage line, it is better to consult a palm reader for advice, since such cases require more detailed investigation.

Perpendicular lines emanating from the marriage line mean the birth of children. If these lines are short and angled, then they can also talk about the problems that threaten to cause the marriage to dissolve.

Remember always that your destiny is only in your hands. Palmistry will help you to predict what can happen to you if you do not take any steps. Try to change your life — find the strength to keep your loved one next to you, because in the end, only we choose whether to believe in predictions or not. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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