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Love fortune-telling on the cards from Marilyn Kerro

Love fortune-telling on the cards from Marilyn Kerro

Estonian witch Marilyn Kerro told about her favorite card fortune telling about relationships and love. Thanks to him, you can learn about the feelings of a partner and the future of relations with him.

For this fortune-telling on love Marilyn Kerro uses ordinary playing cards. But they can tell the truth only if they belong exclusively to the fortuneteller, and if they have not been used in the game.

Before you start the alignment, you need to determine the card of your loved one. In this case, there are generally accepted rules of card divination. The king of tambourines is a young man, the king of worms is a grown man or already married.

A mature man is a club king.

The necessary cards must be removed from the deck and put on the middle of the table. After that, the rest of the deck is mixed and removed part of the cards on top of his left hand. At the same time, the fortunate one should mentally repeat the name of her lover.

Next, you need to draw four cards in order from above and spread them out on four sides in a clockwise direction around the partner card. It should be a cross. If there are two or more cards of the same value in the layout, the alignment should be continued.

In this case, the king will be surrounded not by four, but by eight cards.

Cards in the chart show what feelings a person feels for the guessing person and what events await them in the near future.

After completion of the alignment, you can proceed to the interpretation of fortune telling. When deciphering cards, their suits are not counted, only dignity is important here.

  • Ace — love and devotion. Feelings are strong and mutual.
  • King — the help of a friend in love affairs.
  • The lady is a rival. This means infidelity of a loved one.
  • Jack — anxiety, efforts that will be unnecessary and useless.
  • Ten — the person thinks about the guessing, it is interesting to him, but this does not indicate strong feelings on his part.
  • Nine — everything will go well, in a couple love and harmony will reign. Also, this card may indicate a marriage proposal and a quick marriage.
  • Eight — an unpleasant conversation or quarrel, which can lead to separation.
  • Seven — a meeting, romance, ease.
  • Six — separation from his beloved, love at a distance. Or it could mean a trip or a trip together.

If in this scenario there are several cards of the same value, then they need to pay special attention — they reinforce the meaning and indicate what will most likely happen.

Psychic Marilyn Kerro called this fortune-telling the simplest, but at the same time, accurate way to predict love. According to her, rituals and divinations do not have to be long and complicated. After all, the truth is always on the surface. We continue to root for our favorite participants in the “Battle of Psychics” and do not forget to press and

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