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Love divination — truthful and accurate

Love divinations are known all over the world, they existed from time immemorial and will exist as long as love exists in the world. After all, what could be more important for a girl than knowing or not being loved by the one she is willing to give her heart to, will her relationship with a chosen one be happy, is she destined to get married or which fan should she give preference to?

The love divinations described below will help to get answers to many questions and, at the same time, experience the thrill of touching the mystery.

Love divination - truthful and accurate

If you want to find out if you are destined to be happy with your boyfriend, try an old love fortune telling with two matches. To do this, put upright two matchboxes and insert one matchstick in them. Set both matches on fire at the same time by saying these words:

If the tips of the burnt matches are facing each other, then you are destined to know happiness in love, if they look in different directions, then your relationship has no future.

You can find out how narrowed yours will be through love divination to the four kings. To do this, you must put four card kings under your pillow at night with the words

Falling asleep, try to think about these kings. Which one of them you dream, so will your fiance. If you dream of a king of hearts — the groom will be young and rich, if the peak is old and jealous.

If the club king dreamed up, the officer or business man would be narrowed down. If the king of diamonds dreams, the one you dream of will ask for your hand.

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