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Love divination by photography: how to find out the relationship of a loved one

Love divination by photography: how to find out the relationship of a loved one

Divination for love are the most common and diverse. At the same time, with the advent of new technologies, they are being improved and are not inferior in accuracy to the old and the traditional.

Why are photo divination?

Photography is not just a picture of a person. It contains a piece of the one who is depicted on it. And this means that through a photo you can influence a person. Moreover, they knew about this ability of images of people from the very beginning.

It was noticed that with some models of artists something happened after the completion of the work. It even happened that they were overtaken by a sudden and incomprehensible death. Of course, with a photo this will not happen.

But it reflects the energy of a person, so by influencing it you can influence the person who is depicted on it. That is why one of the most effective love spells are the love spells from photographs.

What photo is suitable for love divination

First of all, the photo with the help of which you want to guess should be clear and perfectly depict the person who interests you. It does not matter at all whether it will be a portrait photo or a full-length photo. The image of the person and his face should be clearly visible. The material on which the photo is printed is also of no fundamental importance.

It is only important that he does not spoil the image itself.

The second condition for guessing from a photograph is a single image. The person you are guessing should be in this photo alone. Judge for yourself: if there is someone else there, it means that his or her energy is also included in the photo.

That is, it will disturb you, or divination will give you answers regarding the other person. Choosing a single photo, you can simply protect yourself from mistakes.

Love guessing by photo

First get ready. In addition to the photo, you will need a candle, matches or a lighter, a saucer and a sheet of paper. By the way, the candles must be chosen correctly, because they can also attract luck, wealth and love.

Also, for divination, you need to know the full name, date of birth and pay attention to the color of hair and eyes. If you find out the height, this additional information will make the results of divination more accurate. Now write all this information on the prepared sheet of paper.

First, endow a piece of paper with the energy of your loved one and your own energy. Fold the sheet in half and attach a photo to it. To enhance love-telling, rub the piece in a circular motion, thinking of the person in the photo.

Some practitioners of this method of divination claim that it becomes more accurate if you pronounce the name of the person you are guessing.

Now the photo can be removed. After this procedure, crumple the sheet so that it fits in your hand. Take it into the left fist and above it with your right hand several times draw a circle in the air, moving clockwise. A sheet charged with your energy can now fully convey information to you.

Put it on a saucer and light a candle. From the candle, set fire to the paper and watch how it will burn.

If the paper burns hard and fast, then it means that your feelings are already mutual, and the person you are guessing on is not at all indifferent to you. If the paper does not catch fire, then, most likely, the time has not yet come, and so far this person sees a friend in you. Also, during burning, black smoke may appear.

There may be two interpretations: either they are deceiving you, or the person you are wondering about cannot even decide on his own feelings.

To conduct divination, you must choose the right days. This will help you daily lunar calendar. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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