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Lines on hand

Lines on hand — minor lines and signs

Palmistry is an ancient mystical method of prediction, using lines on the palm to determine fate. The lines on the hand of a person tell about the character, inclinations, variants of the development of life events and even the length of the life path.

The lines can determine the makings of mental and creative abilities, find out the number of future children and spouses. Consider the fundamental values ​​of all the symbols of palmistry.

Lines on hand

Main lines

To begin acquaintance with the interpretation you need to study the main and minor lines on the hand.

Main lines:

Secondary lines:

  • health;
  • marriage, affection;
  • wealth;
  • glory;
  • geometric figures.

After that, the figures on the palm are considered: points, crosses, squares, asterisks, lattices. In the end, bracelets on the wrist are interpreted — the lines around it.

Line of fate

From the line of fate begins divination and interpretation. It is formed from the fingers and goes down to the wrist.

Sometimes the line of fate can form in the center of the palm. If you see a discontinuous line of fate, it means that a person is distinguished by inconsistency in his priorities.

Consider the value of the line of fate depending on its location:

  • from the middle finger — a person is distinguished by an independent character warehouse;
  • from the index finger — indicates wealth;
  • from the ring finger — life success depends on their own efforts;
  • from the little finger — a person can expect a ruin.

If this line branches at the wrist, it is considered a good sign. If the line is long, life will be long.

The line of fate can be formed at the edge of the palm, in this case, the person has a penchant for everything mystical and transcendent.

Heart line

This symbol denotes the emotional sphere. It can be used to determine how a person perceives the inner environment. Also, the line will show the state of human health — heart disease.

About emotionality will tell a twisted feature. If it is not clearly visible, the person is distinguished by acute sensitivity.

The location in close proximity to the fingers indicates the inability to express feelings, the location closer to the center of the palm shows the ability for sincere feelings.

If the line of the heart intersects with the lines of the head (mind) and life, this indicates a pathological jealousy: a person may even go for a kill. If the line stretches up, it shows a jealous character.

The clearly delineated line shows the nobility of feelings and intentions, a deep red — ardent love and passion. If there are no “twigs” on the line, the person has the dryness of nature and heartlessness. If other thin lines cross the line, it shows a tendency to betrayal and an unfaithful heart.

Double line of the heart shows the faithful spouse.

Head line

This symbol denotes intellectual development and the ability to think. The line is formed between the first and second fingers of the hand and goes down with the wrist, crossing the palm. The longer it is, the greater mental abilities a person possesses.

If the trait reaches the other edge of the palm, it speaks of the insight of a person and the gift of foreseeing events.

If the line forks, it means that the person has creative thinking and is able to generate different ideas. This sign distinguishes writers, poets, and artists. Sometimes the lines of life and mind unite — it shows the independence of the mind and the ability to make independent decisions.

If these lines pass close to each other, it means that the person is careful and never throws himself into the pool with his head. The fuzzy line of mind will tell about a timid and weak spirit person.

If the line is interrupted, the person is endowed with a weak memory. He does not know how to concentrate and does not differ even by average intelligence.

If the line is wide, it shows a hot temper and an adventurous temperament. Crossing the little dashes will tell about frequent headaches and poor memory.

Deep colorless trait characterizes the thoughtfulness and seriousness of a person, painted in red color — cruelty and despotism, delicate pink color — high intelligence.

Lines on hand

Life line

In a healthy person, this line will be clearly delineated, deep and elongated. This is a good making by nature.

If it forms at the very edge of the palm and has a clear outline, this indicates a decisive character; if it appears in the form of chain links, the person greatly depends on the opinions of others.

The combination of the lines of life and the head speaks of natural caution. If the connecting segment is very long, the person is suspicious and shy.

If these two traits are not interconnected, then this is a gifted, talented person.

What does a short, but clearly defined line show? Such lines mean weak health, but not a short life.

If another thin line appears parallel to this line, it is called the “guardian angel” of the person. The broken line indicates the dramatic changes in life that a person will have to face.

Secondary lines and signs

The secondary lines on the hand also have their own meaning. They are considered after the interpretation of the four main lines.


This line is formed from the little finger and is connected to the line of life. If it is bright and well visible, the person has excellent health and a powerful energy resource. The lack of a health line does not tell about human diseases, but about adherence to material values.

Such a person cares little about spirituality, it is completely focused on earthly problems.

Marriage, affection

This line looks like a dash on the edge of the palm under the little finger, above the line of the heart. Actually, this dash may not talk about marriage, but simply shows the cordial affections of a person. The closer this line is to the line of the heart, the earlier the person will marry.

The closer it is to the little finger, the later marriage expects a person.

If the line of marriage is not intersected by transverse tickers, has clear outlines and bright color, the marriage will be long and successful. If the dash of marriage is divided into two branches, the marriage will be without love.

If the dash looks down — waiting for a divorce, if it drops sharply down — probably early widowhood. If parallel to the line of marriage is another thin dash, the couple will be happy in living together.

Lines on hand


As such, there is no wealth line, this symbol forms the union of the lines of fate and the head with the intersection with a short line. The result is a triangle, which is called monetary.

If it is clearly expressed and has no gaps, the person will be provided. The broken figure of the triangle shows the inability to dispose of money, as well as the likely ruin.


Where is the sign of glory? It is located parallel to the line of fate. This person will become famous and popular in any area of ​​social importance.

The propensity for a certain kind of activity can be determined from the characteristics of the lines of mind, heart and life.

Geometric figures

Often on the main lines of the hand are geometric shapes in the form of crosses, asterisks, squares and grids. They are considered as an addition to the basic value.

The grids signify confusion in affairs, unclear circumstances and all sorts of obstacles. Crosses represent obstacles and difficulties.

If a cross appears in the square — the person is endowed with supernormal abilities.

The squares talk about the availability of protection and support. A person will always have a patron who helps in life matters. Asterisks are formed at the junction of three lines and they say that a guiding star accompanies a person.

Sometimes asterisks show joyful events.

Islands are formed by diverging and connecting lines. These are unfavorable signs of depression and tendency to hysterics.

Sometimes islands may show solitude.


On which hand to watch the value of the lines? The leading hand (with which you write) shows the changes that have occurred as a result of human actions.

The lines on the passive arm mean the makings of birth. To make an accurate prediction, it is necessary to compare the location of the lines on both palms.

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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