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Lines of children on the arm — examples, photos with transcripts

Lines of children on the arm — examples, photos with transcripts

About future heirs dream, both men and women. Many people want to look into the future and find out how many children are expected through the lines on the palm of their hands.

Several schools of palmistry have some differences in the principles of prediction. Try to understand them and find the surest way to divination.

General definition

According to the most common methods of palmistry, the lines of children are on the left side of the palm (right hand) and come from the line of marriage. The marriage line should be sought from the beginning of the little finger. The little finger’s cushion, from which the phalanx of the finger emanates is called Mercury’s Hill, the heart line is located just below.

It is in this zone (between the Hill of Mercury and the line of the Heart) that the lines of marriage can be seen extending from the edge of the palm.

What palm to look for the lines of a love union

There may be several marriage lines (relationships), and some of them do not exist at all. Therefore, it is customary to read information from both hands.

There are also many auxiliary lines, signs in other zones that can be used as confirmation of a particular version.

Lines of children on the arm - examples, photos with transcripts

The line of love has nothing to do with our passport, so you should not calculate the number of official marriages on it. She describes more emotional attachments with the opposite sex, which were at certain moments of life, had a continuation of a few years and it was from these attachments that children may have appeared.

Determining the time frame for a relationship starts from the heart line. The closer to it is a parallel line, the earlier it will join in a love union. Multiple marriages or close attachments display all subsequent short lines.

They will also go from the beginning of the rib, parallel to each other.

So the middle of the zone between the line of the Heart and the beginning of the phalanx of the little finger (the hill of Mercury) is considered to be the thirty-year boundary. If the line is located approximately in this place, but a little closer to the line of the Heart, then the marriage will take place at an early age, up to thirty years.

But this technique is not suitable for calculating young people.

Lines of children on the arm - examples, photos with transcripts

For girls and boys (under the age of 20), this zone should also be divided into two parts. But the middle of it will be twenty-two years.

Consequently, the entire gap from the line of the Heart to the little finger will be forty-four years.

It is considered that more relevant information about the future of a person is contained on the palm that he actively uses in his activity (for right-handers — right, for left-handers — left). But in any case, you should take into account the location of the lines on both hands.

The lack of lines of relationships is not a reason to think about celibacy. This may indicate that you have entered into this connection by calculation, not related to the emotional state of the soul.

Make sure that you will be bound by family ties by looking at other areas of the palm.

Other marks on the palm, indicating marriage and children

In the Indian school of palmistry on love relationships, marriage and children can be found on the rings on the wrists, or rather on the third ring of the wrists (if you count from the fingers). If such a bracelet displays a clear and smooth line with a natural shade, then family life will develop safely and will take place in mutual love and understanding.

The substantial distance between the second and third lines indicates late marriage and the appearance of offspring as early as adulthood. Temporary ruptures of the bracelet speak of separation or disagreement.

But the points, grids, lines, crossing the bracelet (in the form of a cross) predict a divorce or loss of a person.

Indian chiromancers tell about the offspring by the presence of a line that bends around the thumb, in the place of the first fold above. It resembles a ring in the middle of the phalanx. Several rings show the number of partners who left a mark in the mind.

Islands on the rings say about the number of children.

Lines of children on the arm - examples, photos with transcripts

Nevertheless, the European principles of reading on the palm are more common. Recall that in this description, the lines of children and family relationships are at the beginning of the phalanx of the little finger, in the zone of Mercury.

The marriage line originates from the edge of the palm (below the little finger) and continues along the line of the heart.

Lines of children can be seen on the lines of marriage, they go up to the little finger and can only be slightly noticeable. These horizontal lines may be many, they indicate potential variants of the birth of offspring.

Pay attention to those that are more visible and more pronounced. It is by them that one can determine the actual amount of offspring left.

Child gender and baby health

The lines of marriage and the lines of children are closely interrelated. A bright, long and deep line of relationships shows consistency and stability with one partner for many years.

The split of such a line in the form of a fork hints at discord and parting at the initiative of the owner of the palm.

Branch up the palm of the lines of marriage reveal information not only about the number of children, but also the field of the child. A deep and long line implies the birth of a boy. The line pointing to the daughter is often paler and less noticeable, and its length is shorter by a quarter.

Sometimes it is difficult to see on one of the hands, so actively connect to the description of the other hand.

If both lines differ in texture, but they are the same in length, this is a reason to think that children will not be born as same-sex. To make sure your prediction, you need to pay attention to the area at the base of the thumb to the wrist.

This area as it surrounds the line of life and it is called — the Hill of Venus.

The lines of children here are located at the beginning of the second joint and run vertically to the Hill of Love. They become more noticeable when the thumb is bent.

A more visible line also indicates a son, and a light and not very deep one — a daughter.

Lifeline and children

The palm of a woman has additional information about children on the line of life. The Life Line begins its way between the thumb and forefinger, gradually going down, bending around the Hill of Venus.

The noticeable processes growing from the Life line down to the Hill of Venus will indicate the number of children. By the point from which the trait originates, it is also possible to determine the age at which motherhood is expected.

For this, the line of life from beginning to wrist should be divided into seven equal segments, each of which will be approximately ten years of life. This method is not able to give a precise definition of the age of the mother, but the period of birth of the child in this way can be determined.

We noticed that from this place on the life line a small line still goes up (to the fingers of the hand) — this is a sign of joy. The event associated with the appearance of the child will be a long-awaited happiness for you and will bring a lot of pleasant troubles.

Additional signs about relationships and offspring

Having found evidence of the presence of children on all grounds in the palm of your hand, let us return to the traditional zone, which tells about future offspring. Closely located dashes on the marriage line may indicate children of the age, as well as the potential possibility of conception during this period.

The order of children is determined from the line, located closer to the edge of the palm. If at first the line is deep and long, then the boy will be born first.

A less noticeable and shallow line, the second from the rib indicates the appearance of a daughter after the son.

The appearance of the twins is determined by the V shaped icon on the marriage line. Two lines emanate from one point vertically in the direction of the fingers — expect twins.

In this scenario, the palm can show the appeared line of Happiness, which has several more names (the line of the Sun, the line of Apollo, the Line of Talent).

This line shows the degree of joy and satisfaction with the usefulness of life. It often runs parallel to the line of Destiny, on the left side of the palm, crossing the line of Mind and the line of the Heart.

For some people, this line may not appear immediately, but during a period of special pleasure and exultation.

Sometimes children are not only joy, but also the complexities of education, mutual understanding with their parents. Palmistry describes such situations. Thus, the display of the line of marriage and children under the line of the heart indicates the heart experiences of family woes.

In this situation, the child can bring a lot of difficulties and trials.

The number of lines of children in a married couple can be at least twice as different. A man, as a rule, has many more dashes.

In this case, it is not necessary to talk about illegally born children or babies from other future marriages.

Men are always given more chances to gain offspring. Women often get rid of an accidental pregnancy, reducing the chance of getting pregnant in the future.

Weak and slightly noticeable lines indicate exactly such cases.

The islands between the line of marriage and children tell about the poor health of the child. But since this zone is relatively small, it is better to consult a specialist for accurate analysis. Moreover, additional information about the health of the child tells the area Hill of Jupiter (the beginning of the thumb).

It is here that lines dash away from the life line, by which an experienced palmist can assess the direction and extent of the disease.

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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