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Line of wealth: palmistry on success and luck on hand

Wealth line: features of decoding values ​​on the palm

Is it possible to find out about the financial possibilities of a person with the help of lines on a hand? Palmistry claims that all the fundamental events in a person’s life are predetermined and are reflected in the lines on the palm, the signs and the shape of the fingers.

On the left hand, events destined by fate are reflected, on the right hand — the correction of events by a person in the process of life activity. Therefore, the lines on the palms may not coincide. Our theme is the line of wealth: palmistry about money marks on a hand.

Where are these tags located and what can they tell about?

Line of wealth: palmistry on success and luck on hand

Fortune telling

How to start a fortune telling about wealth? This ritual must be approached in a complex, as there is no independent line of money on the palms. There are 4 fundamental lines:

And where is the money line in the palm of your hand? It is formed by combinations of the main lines. But first you should consider the shape of the hand:

  • wide shape with a large brush determines the strong spirit of a person who is able to keep the flow of wealth;
  • the subtle, graceful form of the hand speaks of either aristocracy or infantilism.

The lucky ones and the darlings of fate characterize the particular structure of the hands — they have a beautiful shape with elongated fingers and oval nail plates. What can phalanges of fingers tell?

If they are wide enough, a person is adequately oriented in the material world. Consider more:

  • strong phalanxes of the little finger and index finger talk about the ability to earn finances;
  • a strong phalanx of the middle finger talks about the ability to retain financial flows;
  • if the little finger is equal in length to the ring finger, the person will be driven in commerce;
  • finger-tips in the form of a trapezoid talk about the ability to attract cash flows;
  • wide square fingers will tell about the empty love of money — a person does not know how to draw them into his life;
  • curls on fingerprints talk about the ability to capture cash flows «into the network.»

Now consider the patterns of the lines on the palm and their meaning.

Line of wealth

The line of luck in money matters is visible on all the main lines of the palm. Let’s start with the lifeline.

It must be clearly defined and deep. If the shoots move upward (in the direction of the fingers), this shows success.

If the life line runs alongside the line of the mind, but does not merge with it, it shows adequacy in decision making. A person knows how to think through every step, to clearly draw up a strategy for accumulating money.

That is, the decoding of the lifeline may indicate the characteristics of a person necessary for a successful fate.

Consider the line of fate that vertically crosses the palm (see the location of all the lines on the photo). The palmists say that this is the most insidious line: it can disappear and reappear.

Often you can see a broken fateful line. If the line of fate has disappeared, this indicates a loss of vital energy. What does it threaten with?

Loss of work, illness or ruin.

Line of wealth: palmistry on success and luck on hand

The monetary luck of a person depends on the nature of the outline of the line of fate.

The line of fate must be clearly delineated, straight and level. With such a line a person will easily achieve success in life and wealth. Consider the options outlines:

  • the line of fate crosses the palm from the hill of Jupiter to the hill of the Moon, a person is doomed to good luck in life;
  • the line of fate and life is connected at the beginning — success depends on the personal qualities and purposefulness of the person;
  • From the line of fate, the processions are moving in the direction of the hillock of Mercury and Jupiter — this is a symbol of the cup of wealth;
  • from the line of fate dash away in the direction of the hill of Saturn — money gets hard work, not otherwise;
  • from the line of fate dash away to the hillock of Apollo — the person is given the opportunity to become rich.

Consider the line of the head. If the processions from the head line go in the direction of the little finger, the person will be able to make a material profit from doing science or commerce.

If the process goes to the hill of Jupiter (index finger), the person is able to calculate in his mind the correct path to profit.

If the heart line ends with a fork, the person will be secured. Such people always occupy the best places in the sun and are at the top of the career ladder, or they will be patronized by high-ranking officials.

Line of wealth: palmistry on success and luck on hand

Triangle of wealth

What is a money triangle of success? It can be found in the central part of the palm.

This triangle is formed by the intersection of the lines of the head (mind) and fate. The triangle should be proportional to the shape, be complete and look symmetrical.

The financial volume of a person depends on the size of the triangle. Now consider the options:

  • if the triangles are found on both hands, it symbolizes the possession of large capital;
  • if the triangle is soaked, the money will constantly flow away;
  • an asterisk of crossed lines near the index finger indicates a prosperous fate — a person succeeds;
  • a small line between the ring finger and the little finger speaks of receiving an inheritance or capital inflow from an unexpected source.

Is it possible to change the fate, and what will be on the palms at the same time? The palmists say that all changes in fate are reflected in the right palm. To build a prosperous fate, you need to change your thinking.

Do not let negative thoughts, replace them with positive ones. Practice affirmations, meditations, spiritual practices.

Thus, you can change your own destiny for the better.

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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