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Line of Children in Palmistry

Line of Children in Palmistry

Children are the flowers of life. They are the most precious thing we have, our future and our destiny. Find out what the palmists are saying about the line of children on the arm, which is responsible for the most important thing in life, for the offspring.

How to find the Kids Line in the palm of your hand

First you need to find the Line of Marriage. It is located just below the little finger, between the base of the finger (the hill of Mercury) and the line of the heart. There may be many small lines in that area.

They merely point out the connections that will be, but they will not lead to marriage. The longest and most prominent feature is your Marriage Line.

The lines of children are vertical stripes emanating from the line of marriage. Their number indicates how many children you will have. Long lines foreshadow the birth of a son, and short lines — daughters.

If the bands are the same, it does not mean that the children will be of the same sex, it is possible that a girl and a boy will appear in the family.

If the line of children looks like an English letter — V, then you are expected to have twins.

Meaning of the Line of Children

A large number of weak and fuzzy lines, indicates a missed opportunity to have a child, and sometimes indicates an abortion or miscarriage. In men, such bands, they say, about the possibility of having a baby on the side. This can both foreshadow the future and point to the events of the past.

The only lane that is at the end of the marriage line is a long-awaited baby. If the line is only one and is located almost at the edge of the palm, then in an only child, parents will not dare to mind and indulge him.

If the Line of Children has a clear pattern and it itself is located on different ramifications of the marriage line, then children will be born in different marriages.

If the line of children has a large number of branches, the child’s health will be weak. Dashes at the very beginning of the “children’s” line talk about problems at birth and weak immunity. Show more attention to such children.

The order of children is determined by the edge of the palm, and by the interval between the stripes one can understand the difference in age. Lines located in tight to each other indicate that the babies will be born with a difference of one year.

If the couple does not have the same number of lines of children, one of the pregnancies may fail and the mother will lose the child. This also indicates children who may appear on the side.

Remember the lines on the hands can change with age and only you can change your Destiny. Palmistry can warn, and how you act with the knowledge gained will depend only on you. Having learned what awaits you in the future, you can drastically change your life. We wish you good luck and do not forget to press the buttons and

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