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Lily Khegai: an old fortune telling

Lily Khegai: an old fortune telling

Psychic Lilia Khegay told about some rules of behavior in fortune-telling and about an ancient way to see the future. To find out the exact prediction, it is necessary to properly prepare for the process of divination itself. First, prepare the place where the ritual will take place.

It should be a calm and quiet room, where no one will disturb you. Fortune-telling for the future should be carried out on the rising moon, after sunset. Clothing guessing should be free and simple, it is better to dress in something white or black.

There should be no metal objects and decorations on the body. Lilia Khegai described one version of fortune-telling on paper that can be spent at home on her own.

To find out your future, you need to take a church candle, a natural stone or a bead, a cord, a sheet of paper, some salt and a glass of holy water. On paper, you need to draw a circle, in a circle — the numbers from 1 to 31. The left side of the circle will indicate misfortune, the right side — happiness.

The upper part of the circle — minus, lower — plus. Designations can also be drawn on paper. The candle must be placed in the center of the circle.

After that, you need to take a spoonful of salt and, burning it on the fire, throw on the drawn circle. Then sprinkle it with holy water and cast a spell: “Holy water, a burning candle, white salt, I summon the spirits of darkness. The spirit of the deceased (name), come and give a sign! ”.

You must decide in advance what spirit you will invoke. You should not call to yourself those whom you do not know well. It is better to ask for the help of the deceased person who treated you well during his lifetime.

Recognize the presence of the spirit will help the sensation and reaction of the candle. As a rule, if there is a guest from the other world in the room, the candle begins to smoke and crackle. You may feel excessive stuffiness or drowsiness.

Any changes within you are a sign that the soul of a dead person has come at your call.

When the spirit comes, take a stone with a string and hold it over the candle. Ask any question and watch the swaying of the stone. It will move in four directions, which you previously identified on the magic circle.

With the help of this ancient fortune telling you can not only find out the date of the event, but also find out whether the desire will come true or not. In addition, you can ask a question to which the spirit can answer either with a positive reaction, tilting the stone to the right, or negative, tilting it to the left.

After fortune telling, do not forget to thank the spirit for the information. Even if he predicted a bad turn of events for you, you just have to let him go with good words, otherwise he might get angry. Lilia Khegai also uses in her practice other fortune telling for desire, future and fortune telling for money, however, they require more serious training and certain skills. Do not be afraid to know your fate and do not forget to press buttons and

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