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Life line on the hand — decoding values

Life line on the hand — how to decipher the signs of danger

Palmistry studies the fate of a person along the lines on the palms and wrists. Many centuries ago, people noticed a certain relationship between the lines on their hand and the fate of a person. What does the line of life on the palms?

Is it possible to find out from it how many years it is destined to live on earth? We learn about everything in the article.

Life line on the hand - decoding values

Life line

Guessing by the hand has again found a wide interest among people, since this technique gives a detailed answer to all questions of interest. Where is the line of life, you can look at the photo.

It starts between the thumb and forefinger and goes to the wrist — it arches a thumb, as it were, with an arc. This line is one of the main on the hand and determines the vitality of the person.

Many are interested in which hand to look at the lines of fate? Professional palmists look at once two hands, because on the left you can see past events, and on the right — future and present.

The left palm shows what is intended, and the right palm shows changes in the data on the fate of events.

The lines on the right palm should be considered without fail, since it is in them that changes are reflected that shape the further fate. This applies to both men and women.

The deep well-defined life line shows the happy fate of its owner — good health, good luck and longevity. On such a line there should be no points, breaks or islands.

People with the correct life line have not only good health, but also a stable psyche. They are difficult to unbalance and something to upset, maybe that’s why life goes well.

These are hardy people who never give up and take maximum benefits from fate.

A thin barely perceptible line indicates an insecure and suspicious person. He has little vital energy, so he does not have good health and does not have charisma.

As a rule, they are losers in life who simply exist. They are keenly aware of any negative situations, they experience long and often suffer from colds.

If this line is too close to the thumb, it will tell about the tendency to dramatize events. A person can become depressed for any reason and not leave it for a long time.

Double line

Sometimes you can meet a double line of life. What does this mean? Palmists claim that the second line shows a strong human genetic foundation.

These people — the owners of a powerful self-healing energy, they knee-deep and everything on the shoulder. In addition, they have a very strong will, which few people manage to bend.

These are minions of fate, optimists and lucky ones. They go through life with a song and are not afraid of anything. The bright line can predict a brilliant military career, and a dark red one will show a smoothie or loving personality.

Such people are very attractive to others, as they have charisma. However, the envy of others is not a hindrance for them — powerful energy is able to suppress any energy message in their direction.

What do the thin lines that cross the life line mean? They indicate the emotional mobility of a person. A very good sign near this line is a triangle — this indicates unexpected wealth.

But the triangle located directly on the line itself, symbolizes the possible death in a fire.

If the dashes rise up to the fingers, it means a constant replenishment of vitality. Bad, if the dashes are directed to the wrist — the vitality from you is constantly decreasing.

Life line on the hand - decoding values

Split line

What does it mean if the line forks? This can be seen in the presence of a short lifeline.

This suggests a lack of vitality. These people often get sick, constantly tired and look apathetic.

But if the life strip forks at the very top, it predicts the patronage of an authoritative person.

Short line

Many people believe that the short line of life predicts an early death. Is it so?

The palmists claim that this speaks of the coldness of human nature, and not of his short century. But if the line suddenly stops right at the thumb, this may be a sign of premature death.

Can I extend my life? Pavel Globa proposed his own option for extending life: you need to draw on the right hand every day exactly the kind of strip you need. This is a kind of programming to extend your life.

Draw a strip with a pen with red ink or a red felt-tip pen until your living space expands. How can this be felt?

First intuitively, and then you will notice that your life line has lengthened in the palm of your hand.

Life line on the hand - decoding values

Danger signs

Many people get scared when they see a break in the main palm line. How to determine how much is left to live? Does the gap show sudden death?

Palmistry reassures on this point, saying that the gap symbolizes a change in life. For example, a person will change the worldview or move from one faith to another.

However, if the tears are visible on both hands in the same place, it is worth considering. Sometimes it symbolizes an accident or some kind of tragedy in life.

If crosses or dashes appear on the lines, this can warn of risky situations or illnesses.

A bad sign is the combination of three lines into one — the line of life, heart and head. What is the decoding of this combination?

It speaks of an adventurous stock of human character, love of adrenaline and risky adventures. As a rule, such individuals do not live long, as they die in the next adventure.

Sometimes on the life line you can see islands that look like eyes. This indicates vision problems. If instead of islands you can see large islands, the sign warns of a serious illness.

However, if you notice the squares, then a higher power will protect you from premature death.

Grate is considered a very unfavorable sign. It is a symbol of restrictions of any kind, including the prison cell.

However, it is not necessary to get upset in advance, because the grille shows both service in the army and study in a closed college.

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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