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Life line in the palm: on which hand to look and how to decipher the photo

Life line in the palm: on which hand to look and how to decipher + photo

The life line is one of the three main lines of the palm (in addition to the line of the mind and the line of the heart), according to which experienced palmists are able to describe the peculiarities of a person’s character, variants of fate, warn against future dangers or assure one of his own high potential.

General interpretation

People have always sought to look into the future. Palmistry is considered one of the most popular and ancient methods of prediction.

Deal with the basic principles of such divination is possible. It is only necessary to carefully read the description and correlate with your own picture on the palm.

Indicator of life energy: where it is and what it means

The life line appears first in the palm of a person, still in the womb. The uninitiated are trying to determine from it exclusively the number of years of life intended by fate.

But this line can tell a lot more about a person than just the period of his departure to another world.

Life line in the palm: on which hand to look and how to decipher the photo

The lifeline is a conditional indicator showing the energy potential of an individual, the amount of his inner strength, the ability to withstand the blows of fate, the degree of endurance and emotional stability. It is possible to determine these characteristics by looking at the life line of the right and left hand.

But most of the current information contains the hand that is dominant (for right-handed — right, for left-handed — left).

On the right hand, the life line begins its journey between the thumb and forefinger at the inner edge of the palm. For most people, it continues on its way, rounding the thumb in a semicircle and ending at the wrist (near the base of the thumb).

Each person has his own unique pattern on the palm, so the life line can be described in several ways and the smallest detail will have its meaning. Ideally, a happy disposition of fate, this line should be smooth, not intermittent, well arched, without different shades, islands, stars, points.

The place at the base of the thumb in palmistry is called the Hill of Venus. The larger and wider the line goes around the space at the base (Venus Hill), the better is the physical health, emotional balance, positivity and open-mindedness.

One can say of such a person that he is ready for feats, his bold views and the absence of fear of difficulties allow him to set a high level of goals. He is looking for ways to carry out his plan, never stops at what has been accomplished and is able to infect others with his active lifestyle.

Another situation expects one whose line of life literally stifles the thumb, leaving a minimal area at the base. This is a clear sign that a person often lacks vitality, is sick a lot, struggles with eternal drowsiness, fatigue, and stress.

Such people are often pessimistic, tend to blame others for their own failures, they constantly lack the time and resources to implement their own plans. Such a picture can talk about the physical data of the individual, or rather the lack of sports training.

How to compare the event and the age of the life line

To determine the interval of life, indicating any changes in fate is not easy. There are several methods to consider them:

  • Midlife method (35 years). Draw a vertical line from the middle finger to its intersection with the line of life. The point of intersection is the middle of life. In palmistry, the middle of life is considered to be age — thirty-five years. Based on this figure, you can roughly calculate and other dates of events;

Life line in the palm: on which hand to look and how to decipher the photo

  • Interval measurement method. According to general principles, the length of the life line from the beginning of the palm to the wrist is seventy years. To find out the period of life in which an event can occur, it is sufficient to measure the palm with a ruler and determine the date by simple formulas.

Description of calculations: if L is the length of the life line in mm, then in order to find out how much mm is 1 year, we need L / 70 years (length divided by 70). Then we measure the length up to the period of interest and multiply by mm = 1 year.

Example: We measure the line of life, it was 80 mm. Divide 80 mm (line length) / 70 (total number of years) = 1.14 mm = 1 year of life. We measure the distance to the period of interest of interest.

Conventionally, it was 25 mm. Therefore, we divide 25 mm by 1.14 = 21.9 years.

This event is expected to be twenty-one and roughly nine months old.

The method of dividing into three or seven equal segments is also used. Each of them will be respectively an equal part of seventy years.

But not one of the methods does not guarantee one hundred percent error-free response.

Interruptions or line breaks

Crossing the line. Looking at the palm in the area of ​​the Hill of Venus (the base of the thumb, which goes around the line of life), some may notice many fine lines crossing the line of life from the beginning of the finger.

Many such small lines throughout the lifeline are a direct indication of a person’s susceptibility to various stresses and experiences. So the owner of such a picture is worried for any reason, he is used to taking full responsibility only for himself and does not know how to relax or distract in time.

Another interpretation arises if such thin lines are few and cross the line of life only a few times. Intersection points indicate difficulties or problems in a particular life span.

The question arises about those subjects in which stress lines are absent in the palm of your hand. It means that a person is stress-resistant enough and it is difficult to break it with minor troubles.

For those whose hand is decorated with these small lines, you should learn to manage your own emotional intelligence, to become more enduring and tolerant of the proposed situations.

Line interruption. Minor gaps in the lifeline are generally regarded as serious health problems. This is possible, but in this case, you should consider both palms and look for supporting signs.

If there are no such signs, then you are just waiting for a change.

Changes can affect not only the external lifestyle, work, personal relationships. Views on life, values, objectives, goals can change.

A person may experience a period of enlightenment, enlightenment, when everything unnecessary goes to the side, and the place will be occupied by something that was not previously paid attention to.

Usually, in places of such discontinuities, the line seems to overlap itself, and the segments do not look distant from each other. If this is so, then new events will not suddenly burst into your life, everything will go quite smoothly and painlessly.

A different situation awaits those who see deep and bright discontinuity intervals. Usually it concerns love experiences, partings, divorces, and also can be connected with career, the conflict with the chief, dismissal, reduction.

A more accurate answer will tell the analysis of other areas of the palm.

The palmists interpret the same gap in the line of life on both hands as a blow to health. This may mean an exacerbation of chronic diseases or a sudden failure of the body due to severe overload, accidents, accidents.

The moment when it takes a lot of time, effort and money to restore.

Worse, the forecast is for those with a break in the top line turning into a zone of thumb. Such an alignment threatens with grave consequences, and possibly death. But before drawing conclusions, one should pay attention to the behavior of other signs and lines.

Signs indicating fatal consequences for a person are necessarily duplicated and confirmed by other lines.

Line sister or double line of life

A sister line can be observed on any part of the life line; it goes as if parallel to it, accompanying or closing some gaps. Having such an extra line is a very good sign.

Special success and success awaits those who have a sister line that accompanies the line of life throughout the palm.

Life line in the palm: on which hand to look and how to decipher the photo

When you observe a short lifeline ending in the middle of your palm, the thought involuntarily arises that life will be short. But it rather speaks of the minimum amount of energy reserves and personality resources.

You simply need to change your lifestyle, change your attitude towards yourself.

A happy forecast awaits those who are gradually disappearing the lifeline as if the sister line picks up, creates the effect of a closed bias. This is a sign of fundamental changes in destiny: a quick change of marital status (marriage), moving to another city, country.

It should be alert and preparing to take action if there is a certain chain of lines. The period will be difficult, illnesses, small troubles will pursue at this time.

The tests will necessarily end, and you will again feel the strength to live on.

Very often, palmists call this line the guardian angel. Her goal is to show that a person will always have a chance to recover in any life difficulties and even the most terrible circumstances.

Someone will have some kind of second wind to start over. Usually such people live long, wondering at their hidden opportunities and potential.

A double lifeline with a slightly reddish tint may indicate a high temperament, increased excitability, and sexuality of a person. It is important for such people to exchange energy or share it. Success can be expected not only in the field of feelings.

A person with such an alignment of lines can make a successful military career, as it has an extraordinary mentality, courage and determination.

Other characteristics

The wide and shallow life line indicates poor health or that you experience constant discomfort from your own envy, dissatisfaction with your financial situation and living conditions in general.

If the life line begins with the zone of Jupiter or throws a branch in this part of the palm, you should reconsider your behavior. Pride, arrogance and excessive ambition can push away from you really important people who are directly involved in your happy fate.

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