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Knight of the Tarot Cups — meaning card

The map shows a handsome rider. He sits on a white horse and is dressed in shiny armor. At first glance, it seems that a person goes hiking.

But a man’s gaze into the distance demonstrates that he is far away from here with his thoughts. He holds a cup in his right hand and holds the reins with his left hand.

The landscape in the picture is very peaceful and nothing foreshadows the fact that soon it will have to come to grips with the enemy.

Knight of the Tarot Cups - meaning card
Knight of the Tarot Cups - meaning card

In direct position, the Knight of Cups symbolizes the enthusiasm and romanticism of a person. In addition, such a card indicates that such qualities as warmth and tenderness are not alien to the fortuneteller.

This lasso emphasizes that a person is always ready to come to the aid of other people.

If this card falls out with the Wheel of Fortune, then this foreshadows significant life changes, as a rule, of a positive direction. The combination Knight of Cups and the World indicates that the plan will become a real gift of fate.

And when this lasso falls into the hands of the Court, it should be understood that a very difficult situation has arisen in life and for its resolution it is necessary to seek the help of the Higher Forces.

At the event level, such a card can be a harbinger of parties with friends or family events. She can also herald a new acquaintance with a very pleasant person.

In other areas of human life, the lasso indicates the following:

  • In matters of health, the card warns that during this period negative changes in health can occur, and it is important to consult a good specialist about this.
  • In personal life, there may be positive changes associated with a new acquaintance. But if the relationship already exists, then the card indicates a strong attraction to the partner. Sometimes the lasso indicates that in a couple a man is much younger than a woman.
  • In business, perhaps the beginning of a new successful partnership. This card indicates that a person loves his work very much and is kind to his colleagues. Guessing constantly seeks to improve their own skills and hone skills. If a person is looking for a new job, then in this period the outcome of this event will be favorable.

The card describes dreamy people who are not strangers to romantic feelings. Very often, these people choose creative professions.

Also, this lasso indicates that in the environment of a person there are very active people with whom it is very easy to go through life.

The value of the card Knight of Cups upside down

In the inverted position, the Knight of Cups symbolizes insincerity. This means that a person cannot be trusted in anything.

Guessing is not different objective assessment of the surrounding reality and prefers to soar in the clouds. It will take a little time, and if a person does not change, he may be isolated, because no one will believe him, and no one wants to have affairs with him.

If such a Knight of Cups falls into a scenario, then in this life period there are no prospects for development.

In various spheres of human life, the Knight of Cups points to the following:

  • In the field of health, this card focuses attention on the incompetence of the doctor, whom he most likely will have to turn to during this period. Due to improper lifestyle, various malfunctions in the vital organs of the human body can occur. Also, due to various abuses, a metabolic disorder can occur, which is very dangerous, as it can provoke very serious diseases that are difficult to treat.
  • In private life, there may be a suspicion about the partner’s insincerity, and if it is confirmed, this can lead to a break in relations. If at this time there is a new acquaintance, then you need to carefully look at the chosen one or the chosen one. Maybe your chosen person really wants to seem better than he is.
  • In the business field, the map indicates that the person does not want to delve into the essence of the task assigned to him. But when the Priestess falls next to each other, this indicates that a person, by virtue of his natural abilities, is simply unable to understand the nuances of the work assigned to him. If the card fell in the scenario of a person who is a leader, then this indicates the insincerity of the attitude towards him of his subordinates.

The card represents a person who never assumes responsibility. The map also indicates that there are a lot of deceitful and fake people in the person’s environment.

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