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Knight of Tarot Wands — the value of the card

The map depicts a man in brilliant knight armor on a horse. The open visor symbolizes the openness and honesty of the rider.

He holds a staff in his right hand that symbolizes power. The red horse reared up and this indicates that he completely obeys the rider, who quite often makes impulsive decisions.

The inner attitude of the card is that the person is open to change.

Knight of Tarot Wands - the value of the card
Knight of Tarot Wands - the value of the card

In a straight position, the Knight of Wands card symbolizes new life events. A person is filled with creative energy and is ready to implement the most complex projects.

Sometimes the map does not indicate external changes, but internal ones.

In this life period, you can expect a variety of changes. This may be, for example, a change of job or a change of residence.

Very often, this card falls just before emigration. This card may also indicate the period when the first ideas of a new project are beginning to be implemented.

Knight of Wands warns that you should not work rhinestone in many ways and you can not grab at once for several cases.

In various areas of life, the map may indicate the following:

  • In the field of health, the card emphasizes the good energy of the human body. No deterioration in the state of health is observed and good immunity will allow to successfully resist any infection.
  • In matters of personal relationships, an understanding may come that you and your partner do not match each other. This may be due to the fact that a loved one will begin to pay much attention to work and career. If there are negative cards nearby, then the Knight of Wands is a harbinger of the inevitable parting. But when positive cards appear next to this lasso, then a new acquaintance will probably happen in life that will fill the soul with romantic feelings.
  • There is a surge of energy in the business field, and this will contribute to success. There comes a good time to start new projects. Business trips and negotiations will also be fruitful. But at the same time, it is very important not to relax, first you need to finish one thing, and only after that take up the next one.

This card describes a person who is full of strength and energy. As a rule, it personifies people who are easy to relate to life changes.

Value of the Knight of Wands card upside down

In the inverted position, the Knight of Wands map symbolizes human egoism and inability to concentrate. The card can be a harbinger of a meeting with a man who brings confusion and bustle into life.

Most likely, in this life period, all plans will be foiled.

Natural egoism does not allow a person to compromise and find a common language with people. This is the main cause of all the troubles.

A serious quarrel with a friend is possible, and even parting with him forever.

If the road maps appear next to each other, then the probability of a journey that is not enjoyable is great and will be accompanied by a lot of trouble.

In other areas of human activity, the map may indicate the following:

  • In the health field, the map is a bad omen. She points to the development of a serious disease that can be cured only at the initial stage.
  • In matters of personal relationships, the card portends a forced separation. If a new acquaintance happens during this period, it will not bring anything good. The new partner will bring confusion in life and many unpleasant moments will be associated with it. In family life, too, not everything is going well. It may even be that the divorce process is brewing.
  • In the business sphere, it is safe to say that in this life period, luck turned its back on a person. All transactions will fail, and the signing of contracts may be postponed indefinitely. The likelihood of financial problems. Often such a card appears in the layout before being fired from work.

This arcane personifies emotional, ambitious and selfish individuals. Very often such people are careerists and prefer military professions.

Sometimes the card indicates gambling people.

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