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King of Wands of Tarot — meaning card

The map shows an imperious man sitting on a throne who holds a staff in his right hand. He is dressed in spacious scarlet clothes.

On the head of the king is a crown, who is wearing a red cap comforter. The decoration is a massive chain with the head of a lion, which symbolizes royal dignity. At the king’s feet sits a salamander.

The images of salamanders also decorated the throne. The whole pose of the king emphasizes his determination and greatness.

The inner attitude of the card indicates the energy and courage of the person, who faces important life tasks.

King of Wands of Tarot - meaning card
King of Wands of Tarot - meaning card

In a direct position, the King of Wands card symbolizes a person’s aspirations for lofty goals. The card emphasizes the leadership character of a person and the fact that he is worthy to occupy a high position in life.

The King of Wands personifies such features as optimism and confidence in a prosperous future.

When a map appears in the scenario, you need to be prepared for the fact that very short-term events can occur in life, to which you need to react promptly and correctly. If there are positive cards nearby, then you can expect in real life financial gain.

This may be, for example, an unexpected inheritance. During this period of life, as a rule, all issues are resolved with fairness.

Very often, a map indicates that close people are ready to assist and do not need to be abandoned.

In various areas of human activity, the map may indicate the following:

  • In the field of health, the map remains neutral and does not portend anything.
  • In the sphere of relations, stability is maintained. But at the same time, this card next to the Troika of Swords in the scenario may indicate a love triangle.
  • In the area of ​​business issues, the card symbolizes the patronage of the authorities. The King of Wands is an auspicious sign that indicates that career advancement will be achieved in all sorts of ways. The working team will remain calm and business relationships that contribute to fruitful work. For businessmen there is also a very successful period.

The card personifies mature, strong-willed personalities, boldly looking into the future. Such people are principled and honest.

And such a man is usually a very responsible family man. In addition, the card emphasizes that the person is surrounded by serious and educated people, who often become entrepreneurs and businessmen.

Value of the King of Wands card upside down

In the inverted position, the King of Wands card symbolizes the uncompromising nature of a person, as well as hypocrisy and deceit. As a rule, this card falls out of the chart for arrogant people with a difficult temper who always have problems in communicating with other people.

In addition, this card emphasizes that in order to achieve the goals, you will need to work hard. And you can only rely on yourself.

If there are positive cards next to the King of Wands, this indicates that harsh but very fair decisions will be made in real life. And if a lot of negative cards fell out, this lasso indicates that unfair decisions were made.

In addition, this combination emphasizes the fact that in real life a person is surrounded by deception and he needs to be extremely careful.

In other areas of life, this card in an inverted position may indicate the following:

  • The state of health remains stable and no external threat for its deterioration is foreseen.
  • In matters of relationship, this card emphasizes despotism and tyranny. One of the partners is trying to completely subjugate the other. Such relationships can not be called harmonious and, most likely, they are doomed.
  • In the business sphere in the near future there will be a lot of lies and deception. It is not excluded the perfidy of colleagues. Any contracts will be in a difficult situation, and transactions may not bring the desired result.

The card represents a person who prefers to control everything. Very often, this lasso indicates that a person is surrounded by selfish people.

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