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King of the Tarot Cups — meaning card

The map shows a representative middle-aged man, distinguished by solid features. On his head is a crown, so you can immediately understand that this is a king.

He sits on a high throne, which is carved out of white marble. In his left hand, the king holds a rod, which is a symbol of power, and in his right hand — a beautiful golden cup. It is noteworthy that the throne is installed on the platform, around which the waves sway.

In the background you can see a dolphin jumping out of the water, and in the distance you can see a sailboat with scarlet sails.

King of the Tarot Cups - meaning card
King of the Tarot Cups - meaning card

In direct position, the King of Cups symbolizes the emotional depth of a person. Such a lasso always falls into the hands of people you can trust.

The map indicates that the person is always ready to give good advice, which will be very useful.

This card emphasizes the fact that it is imperative to help loved ones who need it. And you should not wait for this to be asked. The map indicates that a person has a great life experience and can objectively assess the world around.

In addition, he knows how to skillfully combine work and rest, so he never brings himself to nervous breakdowns and depressions.

If the Magician falls next to this card, that person in the near future will be able to fully realize their own talents. And in combination with the Priest, the King of Cups indicates that the fortuneteller will reach spiritual enlightenment.

In other areas of human life, the lasso indicates the following:

  • In matters of health, the card foreshadows complete healing from the most complex disease. And in this can help the folk healer.
  • In the personal sphere, everything is very good. Partners build harmonious relationships on full trust to each other. The card symbolizes deep love feelings and a strong emotional attachment of people. The King of Cups appears in the hands at the peak of a romantic relationship and indicates readiness to support the partner in everything. If the card appears next to the Emperor, a new family will appear in the near future.
  • In the business sphere, this lasso indicates that it is imperative to listen to the advice of more experienced colleagues. If a person thinks about a change of work, then this is the most favorable period. If the Sun falls next to the King of Cups, then this indicates that man naturally possesses great creative potential.

The card represents a relative, it can be a husband or a father. Very often, people who fall into this scenario, choose a profession of legal orientation.

The meaning of the map King of Cups upside down

In the inverted position, the King Of Cups card symbolizes the various life losses associated primarily with the wrong behavior of the person. In this life situation, he can behave cowardly and stupid.

The map indicates that during this period one cannot listen to the advice of other people, they may be erroneous.

If, together with this lasso, the Hermit falls, then in reality there is a great danger that in order to hide from reality, a person will start to look for «truth in wine.» It could end very badly for him.

In other areas of life, a lasso may indicate the following:

  • In matters of health card warns that you can not listen to the advice of loved ones or, especially outsiders, people. If consultation is required, but you need to contact only a specialist.
  • In personal life, this lasso foreshadows deception. A partner can use their sexuality for personal gain. With care you need to take in this period to new acquaintances. If this lasso falls next to the Hanged Man, then this indicates that the partner is changing.
  • In the business sphere, the lasso indicates that there are people in the team who are playing a double game. Also, this card foreshadows that in this period a huge number of unpromising deals can be concluded.

This card represents cheaters and fraudsters. In addition, it may indicate that there are alcoholics among a person who, of course, cannot fully work.

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