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King of Pentacles Tarot — meaning card

Tarot Card King Pentacles value (Junior Arcanum)

The map shows a man sitting on a throne. He has a crown on his head, and a scepter in his right hand. Immediately it becomes clear that this is a real king.

But the whole haughty look of a man speaks about that, even if he was a good man before, now he has turned into a proud and stern ruthless ruler. In his left hand the king holds a pentacle, which symbolizes his well-being and prosperity.

King of Pentacles Tarot - meaning card
King of Pentacles Tarot - meaning card

The meaning of the map King Pentacles in the upright position

In direct position, the King of Pentacles symbolizes a prosperous state of affairs and financial success. A person has a life span associated with the prosperity of the business.

The map indicates that a person is able to achieve success, thanks to the strength of his spirit against the background of existing natural talents. His sober and balanced decisions are always correct and no one can lead him astray from the true path he has set himself.

In addition, this lasso in the scenario symbolizes that a person is satisfied with himself. He is satisfied with his position in society.

Often, people who fall in the King of Pentacles scenario have a high social status.

This lasso in combination with Justice indicates that a person enjoys prestige, and his opinion is very appreciated by close people.

In other areas of life, the King of Pentacles may indicate the following:

  • In the field of health, nothing bad is foreseen and, as a rule, a person who falls into the map has this excellent health.
  • In the field of personal relations, the card confirms the loyalty of partners to each other. But this lasso also warns that the frivolity of one of the partners may destroy the relationship, so you should not take the risk. If negative cards appear next to you, such a combination may mean that the relationship may break jealousy.
  • In the business sphere, a person feels very confident. It foreshadows good deals and the conclusion of lucrative contracts.

The King of Pentacles personifies a conscientious person who will perform any work begun very qualitatively. Quite often, such people choose professions related to trade or finance.

The meaning of the map King Pentacles upside down

In an inverted position, the King of Pentacles symbolizes a very bad financial situation. She points out that a person, due to his poor financial situation, may be obsessed with money.

He is ready to commit the worst dishonest deeds for the sake of his own gain. Arkan warns that it is not necessary to do this, since this case only worsens.

Also, this card may indicate amateurish person in certain issues. Moreover, the high self-esteem of the diviner does not allow him to realize this in time and change the situation in his own favor.

In combination with the Clown, this card indicates that a person, due to his arrogance, may fall into a foolish position or be ridiculed.

In various areas of life, this map may indicate the following:

  • In matters of health, problems can be expected. During this period, the person may receive the first signs of aging. Also likely to develop pathologies of the digestive system.
  • In private life, you can expect adultery partner. In addition, such a card can emphasize a person’s sexual unbridledness and indicate his exorbitant demands on various domestic trifles.
  • There is a crisis in business. Profitable transactions will constantly be frustrated, and already concluded contracts will bring losses. If this card falls near the Hermit, then there is a big risk of complete ruin. And if the hanged man is close by, then this focuses on the futility of investing funds.

King Pentacles in an inverted position, in most cases, personifies a very stupid person or a tyrant. Also, a person should know that in his environment there are vile people who can greatly harm.

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