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Karmic relations on dates of birth of partners

Karmic relations on the dates of birth of partners

In numerology, there are 4 types of unions (relationships): mirror, fateful, karmic, and vector. To determine the karmic relationships by dates of birth of partners, it is necessary to draw up numerological maps. They will look like this (as an example):

Karmic relations on dates of birth of partners

How to make maps, read this article. This is easy: you need to know the full dates of birth of partners, arm yourself with a pen, paper and devote five minutes of free time.

Determine the psycho

So, you draw numerological maps of both partners. Now you can begin to determine the type of your union.

To do this, you first need to figure out which psycho type each partner belongs to. There are three psycho types:

  1. Chief (psycho type I). This is the version of the numerological table, in which there are more than two units. It does not matter how much, even if one. For example, three units and two deuces, five units and two deuces, two units and one deuce, six units and one deuce. And so on.
  2. Executor (psychotype II). In this embodiment, the twos should be more than one. Including, even if the difference is only one digit.
  3. By itself (psychotype III). A person belongs to this psychotype, if in his test the number of twos and units is equal.

Once you have defined the psycho, you can already figure out what type of union you have.

Karmic relations on dates of birth of partners

Determine the type of union

As we indicated above, there are 4 types of union:

  1. Mirror. This is the most common type of relationship. Two similar people with the same psycho-types enter into them — the first two (both are “Chiefs”) or the second two (both are “Executors”). The “Mirror” type of union is that “love at first sight”, instantly flared feelings.
  2. Fateful. Ideal relationships, properly developing partners are really destined to each other. These are two opposing psycho. For example, one of the couple is “Head”, the second is “Artist” or vice versa. The “Fate” type of union usually does not consist immediately. Partners can communicate for a long time as friends or colleagues and not notice each other. And then a moment comes and an understanding comes: “Either he / she or no one”
  3. Karmic. People get into this type of union when one of the partners has a third psycho-type (“By itself”), and the second has either the first (“Chief”) or the second (“Executor”). In this case, we can say that there is a karmic connection by date of birth. Usually this is a “sick” relationship, when breaking a bond seems impossible, even if the relationship is bad. If you have determined that there is a karmic relationship in your pair, this article is about you. Detailed characteristics of this type below.
  4. Vector. By the method of exclusion — if you could not attribute your union to any of the first three types, you are in a vector relationship.

Next, we consider the features of the karmic union.

Karmic relations on dates of birth of partners

Karmic relationship of men and women. general characteristics

The karmic relationship of a man and a woman, determined by the date of birth, is usually very strong. Such people are usually attracted very tightly by some kind of creative business or creation. And in this context, «creation» can be called:

  • a common child is also a Creation
  • a matter important and necessary for the world, people, living and having a high life density
  • own developed teaching school
  • enterprise creating a unique product
  • a discovery by which humanity can make a tremendous leap in development

Moreover, people in a karmic union are very clearly aware of and feel the need for a common, global cause.

It is believed that the result of marriage is necessarily children. And the child can be a common creation. And if in other types of relationships ordinary children are often born, normal, confident and “even”, then in the karmic union children are very strong, penetrative.

They are independent and leave parents early, prefer to make decisions themselves.

Why does a karmic union arise? Some more features

Very often, karmic relationships arise when, for some reason, you have passed your “fate” and have not joined the fateful union. Perhaps you were against the parents, or you succumbed to the opinion of friends, friends, relatives, went about the public opinion.

After that, you fall into the category of weak-willed people who allow you to control yourself, and enter into a karmic relationship.

Acquaintance of partners usually occurs in the most incredible places. In the place of their meeting, they usually do not start up novels, do not get acquainted, and appear with completely different goals.

About how the karmic relationship between a man and a woman by date of birth to live and calculate, still look in the video:

After the birth of the first child in a karmic union, partners lose attraction to each other. This is because they have fulfilled their task (to create the creation) and can now easily part.

If separation occurs, none of the pair usually regrets further. But often, due to stereotypes and moral norms, a couple tries to save the family, at least for the sake of the children.

Surprisingly, it will be easier for the child to exist with one parent than with two, who control him too much.

Karmic relations on dates of birth of partners

Sometimes, on the basis of family preservation, a second baby is born, and after that the relationship deteriorates to the end. The second child is often born weak, it is mischievous, a ruffian, provokes conflicts.

Karmic alliance is not a sentence. He needs to live, to fulfill a common goal — to create something valuable or important for society. After that, the incredible craving for each other disappears, you can start a new life with a new partner.

It is important not to try to save relationships after that, otherwise you will spend extra time and you may miss your real destiny.

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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