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Karmic number: the value of the numbers of the second level

How to calculate and decipher the karmic number by date of birth

The karmic number is calculated by the date of birth of the person, and helps to determine its purpose. To determine this value, a simple numerological calculation is used, which you can do yourself.

Calculate the karmic number

Before you proceed to the calculation, it is important to understand why you need to know your karmic number.

Karmic number: the value of the numbers of the second level

In numerology, it is believed that every person gives birth at a certain day and time for a reason. His date of birth is predetermined from above. It affects many things:

  1. Lessons to be lived and understood by a person in his life in order to develop and move forward.
  2. Karmic debts are unearned experience and lessons of the human soul in past lives.
  3. It defines karma — these are all both good and bad deeds of a person in previous incarnations.

It is very simple to calculate the karmic number: write down your date of birth, and then add all the numbers. For example, you were born on October 16, 1991: 16 + 10 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 1 = 46.

Unlike other numerological calculations, there is no need to reduce the karmic number to a single digit. After you have calculated your value, you need to decipher it.

Karmic numbers 10-20

The most negative value has figure 13.

Karmic number: the value of the numbers of the second level

The value of this number is as follows:

  • If you dropped this figure, it means that in your past life you were lazy and selfish, you lived it in vain. Perhaps even parasitized on loved ones and others around you.
  • Also, you were fixated only on their desires, not paying attention to the interests of other people. You used them for your own selfish purposes.
  • As a result, life in this incarnation does not promise to be easy. You have to solve many problems, to overcome the endless obstacles.
  • But not everything is so bad — to live happily and fulfill your karmic tasks, you need to set and achieve your goals with good methods. Always bring things to the end and strive to benefit people.

The value of the karmic number 14:

  • Says that in a past life you were given a talent that you did not realize.
  • Had bad habits, were addicted.
  • To correct karma, you need to: realize your creative potential, temper laziness and give up any addictions, be it smoking, alcoholism, workaholism, or something else.
  • In a past life, you were unrestrained in sex life. Perhaps they have betrayed and betrayed their partners more than once.
  • In the current incarnation this can lead to permanent loneliness and problems in your personal life.
  • To correct karma, one must get rid of egoism, strive for spiritual development, become humble and humble.
  • In the last incarnation you had power and abused it. Many people suffered from this.
  • Now you can always feel like “one warrior in the field,” no one ever comes to your rescue.
  • To solve the tasks of karma, you have to patronize someone. Strive to help people just like that, not expecting anything in return. But do not impose — help only those who need it.
  • Talking about good karma. In your past life, you worked out all the lessons and healed your soul.
  • The main task of the current incarnation is to live in harmony with oneself and try not to commit bad deeds in order to keep karma clean.

First level karmic numbers

Briefly consider the values ​​of karmic numbers of the first level.

Karmic number: the value of the numbers of the second level

  • 11 — you were a traitor or a criminal, so now you are faced with betrayals and dangerous situations. Recommendation: do the occult, learn esoteric.
  • 12 — you were an oppositionist, weaving intrigues, and now you are on the other side, from the aggressor you have moved into the role of victim. Advice: to develop spiritually, to know God in oneself.
  • 15 — in the last incarnation you took money for sexual services. In the current fate checks you for strength — you have a lot of fans, the opposite sex is attracted to you.
  • 17 — you have passed many tests in the past life, than redeemed all the debts. So now you live happily, fate favors you.
  • 18 — you practiced black magic, so now your life is in constant danger. Council — do not engage in magical sciences, avoid fortune-tellers, shamans and others.

The value of the numbers of the second level

  • 20 — in the last incarnation you earned a lot of money, but dishonestly. Now lack of money and financial failures can haunt you. But you have enough strength and knowledge to get out of this pit.
  • 21 — there is every chance of becoming a successful and happy person, good karma.
  • 22 — you are too gullible and naive, which can harm. Your goal is to learn not only to rely on feelings, but also to use the voice of reason.
  • 23 — you can quickly and easily succeed in your career. Use not only brains, but also your charm.
  • 24 — good karma, your life develops easily and successfully.
  • 25 — your hard character hinders much in life. Your goal is to get rid of the negativity that lives in the subconscious.
  • 26 — a big risk to constantly be deceived, to be disappointed. Your intuition is well developed — rely on it.
  • 27 — high intelligence and great performance. These are your main qualities that will help you to succeed.
  • 28 — you have a lot of talent. Choose at least one and unleash your creativity.
  • 29 — constant tests await you in life. You need to be persistent and not to succumb to difficulties.

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Third level

  • 30 — the way you live life is the result of your actions only.
  • 31 — great chances to succeed in professions related to performances in public.
  • 32 — you are created for a family, but avoid it, preferring loneliness.
  • 33 — you have an innate talent to teach other people. You are able to structure and convey knowledge to everyone.
  • 34 — life will be fully arranged after 35 years.
  • 35 — you will not be easy to live. But you can protect yourself from negative energy by using magic.
  • 36 — you need to get rid of infantilism and become a completely independent person.
  • 37 — you do not have karmic debts, just try not to make new ones.
  • 38 — problems and failures haunt you. We need to learn to understand people, then the bad luck will end.
  • 39 — poor health.

Fourth level

Final characteristics of the karmic numbers of the fourth level:

  • 40 — you are an introvert and social phobia. For everything to be in order in the financial sector, you need to go out of your comfort zone and communicate more with people.
  • 41 — you are vulnerable to someone else’s negative, you need to learn to put barriers.
  • 42 — it’s difficult to arrange a personal life; most likely, you will find family happiness late.
  • 43 — constantly have to overcome difficulties and be tested — this is a punishment for past sins.
  • 44 — you have a well-developed intuition, use it and be happy.
  • 45 — the first half of life is unlikely to be happy, but the second will bring success.
  • 46 is good karma, luck comes to you.
  • 47 — you are very sociable and love to be the center of attention, you need to learn to enjoy and from complete loneliness.
  • 48 — you are too dependent on money, it can bring a lot of problems.
  • 49 — even in a crowd of people you will feel total loneliness.

This is just a brief description of the karmic numbers. In order to get a more complete forecast, you need to refer to the detailed numerological calculation.

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