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Karmic duty by date of birth: calculation and deliverance

What is karmic debt and how to get rid of it

The concept of karma came to our culture from the ancient Indian philosophy. People are accustomed to investing in it an extremely negative meaning, although in its essence karma is a reward for everything that was said, done or even thought out by a particular person.

It can be not only bad, but also good. It is also known such a thing as «karmic debt», it should be discussed in more detail.

Karmic duty by date of birth: calculation and deliverance

What is karmic debt

Karmic debt arises in the following situations:

  • when a person does not fulfill the obligations assigned to him — the most important thing is before the Supreme and the Highest Forces, that is, commits a sin, which is inevitably followed by the imposition of a certain karmic limitation with punishment;
  • when there is a violation of the Spiritual Law (one or more), which is fraught with the occurrence of negative karmic consequences — these include various crimes against others or yourself.

In fact, there are a huge number of reasons why karmic debts arise. But now we are not going to call only common phrases, but analyze the most important examples of violations that provoke the appearance of the most significant karmic debts.

  1. Man undertakes obligations and promises in relation to other people or the Supreme Powers, but does not fulfill them. Remember that not even the slightest promise ever goes unnoticed.

Those individuals who do not know how to do this fall into the category of the most guilty karmic debtors. Each given, but unfulfilled promise heavy burden of karmic falls on the fate of such a person and prevents him from achieving happiness and harmony.

  1. Man does not realize his karmic purpose. — that is, he refuses his life goals and does not want to fulfill the karmic tasks set for him.

When the Soul does not fulfill its Higher Debt, it automatically goes into the category of karmic ones, which means that later it will have to be paid for until the full atonement of the fault.

  1. A person illegally takes away something from another or appropriates other people’s achievements (that is, steals). In this case, the inexorable law of Karma will act:
  • if you take away the life of another, you will part with yours;
  • you take away someone else’s time — you will pay with your own time;
  • if you take someone else’s money — you will be forced to live in need for several incarnations, without being able to rise to the final atonement for your sin;
  • you take away someone else’s energy — you will surely find yourself in a position where other people will excessively consume your energy;
  • Assigning other people’s material values ​​to yourself — you will lose ten times more.

Karmic duty by date of birth: calculation and deliverance

At the same time, retribution may occur both in this life and in the next — eternity lacks the concept of time.

  1. Another kind of karmic debt to your Soul arises in cases when a person does not take into account the needs of his Soul and does not give it proper development. When we cease to develop, there is no spiritual or personal growth — a karmic debt to itself is invariably formed, which is punished by negative well-being, a feeling of desolation and the appearance of various pathologies.
  2. Karmic debt arising from irresponsibility:
  • not fulfilling one’s job duties — will generate karmic debt to a particular institution;
  • when a person does not want to take care of his family, refuses to take responsibility for her;
  • irresponsibility in the process of raising their children and so on.

Learn more about karmic debt by watching the following video.

How to calculate your karmic debt

Of course, the surest decision is to seek professional numerologist for help. The expert will be able, knowing the date of the birth of a particular person, to calculate the karmic number, determine which karmic debt you personally have and how best to cope with it.

The numbers of karmic debt are:

  • thirteen;
  • fourteen;
  • sixteen;
  • nineteen.

The easiest way is if the figure of karmic debt corresponds to the number of birth. In other situations, you can calculate the karmic debt by date of birth.

For example, the date of your birth is 05/25/1994.

It will be necessary to make the following calculations:

Now add all the resulting numbers:

Of interest to us is a two-digit figure. In this example, we do not observe karmic debt, but now let’s deal with the people to whom and who owed the numbers 13, 14, 16 and 19 fell out?

Description of karmic debts

Number thirteen

If you received the number “thirteen” in the process of settlement, it means that your karmic debt is connected with laziness and diligence, laxity and concentration, as well as self-love and ability to share with others.

In your past incarnations, you didn’t really appreciate the work, tried to shift your work to others if possible, tried to go the easiest ways, it was easy and pleasant to spend time at someone’s expense.

As you used to love “to ride others” — in real life you will have to recycle very much. Success will come to you solely through hard work.

You may have already noticed that it is very easy for someone to achieve the desired, and you have to remove obstacles and fight obstacles.

Karmic duty by date of birth: calculation and deliverance

Advice for you: not to hope for good luck and not to wait for “manna from heaven”, but to make the most of your own efforts.

Often, for people with the number 13, the process of practicing karmic debt implies suffering, but this can be avoided. You just need to learn to perceive life as a wonderful gift, to restore order, both in your soul and in your head, to always fulfill your commitments, and not to be afraid to work.

Number fourteen

For this figure of karmic debt, the correct fulfillment of the abilities received over and the disclosure of one’s talent plays a huge role. In past incarnations, you said that you were striving to “bury talent in the ground” and the abilities that were given in order to realize some kind of global goal, were used for the immediate satisfaction of your own needs.

It is likely that you were afraid of something new, chose for yourself to remain in the old, comfortable position. You had chances for change, but you didn’t use them.

Therefore, in this life there will be many changes, and they will burst into your life by themselves, without waiting for your permission. You can change your place of residence, type of activity, your environment — this is only a small part of what you may have to face.

At the same time, it is important in this storm of events not to lose oneself, not to change one’s principles and ideals.

Advice for you: change, but always remember the highest goal. Also avoid temptations that will occur at every turn.

Number sixteen

If you received exactly this figure in the calculations, it means that your karmic debt concerns selfishness and manipulation of love. In your past life, you did not properly treat the feelings of the people around you, and easily made them suffer.

Therefore, in the present you have to pay those whose love you used, while not giving anything in return. As a similar reckoning, there will be various problems with relationships, loneliness, unrequited feelings.

Due to excessive pride and selfishness, it will be difficult for you to find true intimacy and get real spiritual warmth in a relationship. You can be deceived, betrayed without any obvious reason.

Advice for you: do not amuse yourself with illusions that relationships do not add up due to the fact that you are not beautiful enough or rich — your egoism is to blame. It is important for you to show wisdom and humility.

Learn not to put yourself above others, and also to accept others as they are (the same goes for yourself).

Number nineteen

Your karmic duty tells you to learn to interact positively with other people, avoiding complete self-sufficiency. In past incarnations, you were blinded by the power and your capabilities, you tried to subordinate those around you to your will.

They did not help the needy, but the authorities used as an end in themselves.

In real life, quite often there will be situations when you need the help of others, but it will be quite difficult for you to get it. You may encounter the indifference of other people.

Advice for you: learn to accept help from others, and also help others as much as possible. Understand that complete independence is virtually impossible, it is fraught with isolation and loneliness.

Karmic duty by date of birth: calculation and deliverance

Ways of Karmic Debt Redemption

To completely “pay off” karmic debt, you need to follow this algorithm:

  • Establish the root cause of the situation, as well as the Law of the Universe, which was violated (it is best to do this with the help of people with paranormal abilities).
  • Learn from the Higher Powers how you can redeem your karmic debt.
  • To study the necessary qualities, to apologize to whom it is necessary.
  • Often you have to resort to a special ritual, which is carried out by spiritual healers.

You also need to understand that you can automatically get rid of many karmic debts if you lead a good life, do good deeds, act decently and, if possible, help the world around you.

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