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Karmic code of life — what is written to you at the race?

What has prepared for you Destiny will tell the karmic number

According to the statements of numerologists, using ordinary numbers, you can easily find out the karmic code of life that is written to you in the gens. To do this, you just need to refresh your mathematical knowledge in your memory, stock up on a calculator and pen and start making interesting calculations.

Karmic code of life - what is written to you at the race?

Karmic code how to calculate

To find out your karmic code of fate, you need to make a gradual addition of all the digits of the date of your birth. We give a specific sample:

Date of birth — May 25, 1994. 2 + 5 + 5 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 4 = 35

In this case there is no need in this case to reduce the two-digit figure to the single-digit one. This means that the number 35 will become momentous in your life, and after every 35 years you will have serious changes.

Also, this number can tell you a lot of interesting information.

Decoding the karmic code of fate

  • The number ten. Fortune patronizes you, all affairs will end in success: if you wish, you will easily build a wonderful career, you will be happy in family life. You have very light karma, not burdened by heavy misconduct. But beware of esoteric practices.
  • Number eleven. You will have to face various challenges. You are too gullible to others, easily influenced. In past incarnations, you committed crimes, for which you are now paying. Do not do magic!
  • Number twelve. You are very naive and often take on the role of the victim. Try to worry less for nothing. In previous reincarnations, you conspired and plot against others.
  • The number is thirteen. Your life will be filled with many interesting events. Constant changes are your faithful companion, but they will not always be positive. You could have been a slave in a past life and were striving for freedom with all your might.
  • The number is fourteen. It is a personal apocalypse. You will be pursued by various extraordinary events, you should be wary of accidents, emergencies. You are recommended to do tarot cards or astrology.
  • The number is fifteen. You are very attractive, do not suffer from a lack of fans. The realm of your realization is art, but beware of dishonesty towards others.
  • The number sixteen. The number of evil rock. In your life you often face destruction, you cannot achieve predictability. The reason for this lies in past incarnations when you tortured people. If you turn to magic — you can go crazy.
  • The number seventeen. You are very lucky to have a good relationship with the opposite sex. In this area you will be fine — create a strong family and be happy. Avoid practicing esoteric!
  • The number is eighteen. Your life is a struggle and violence. Such people often become sadists, take part in various gangster organizations, are destroyers. You need to work on yourself, so as not to go down to the bottom!
  • The number nineteen. You can easily solve any problems, your life is filled with harmony. The main sphere of implementation is family and offspring. You fit runology (especially Celtic).

The next video offers even more interesting information about the karmic code of life.

What is destined to you (numerical values ​​from 20 to 29)

These numbers will show you how to correct the errors of past reikarnatsy.

  • Number twenty. The most important thing for you — specific goals. Develop your spirituality, give your love to others. Magic will help you.
  • Number twenty one. In life, you keep up with luck, tend to win in everything. Activity is important to you, so avoid the routine.
  • Number twenty two. You are by nature a quiet and good-natured person who is distinguished by his gullibility and inclined to «soar in the clouds.» Learn the esoteric to improve your life.
  • Number twenty three. You are patronized by light forces. You are easily given a variety of cases, luck just goes on your heels. You can be perfectly realized in the field of magic.
  • The number is twenty four. You are lucky, both in personal relationships and in money and in other areas of life. But in any case, do not harm anyone, so that luck will not leave you. Develop your intuition.
  • Number twenty five. A lot of mistakes in his early years. It is important to realize the cause of their errors and correct them — then you will receive mercy from above. You have unique magical abilities.
  • Number twenty six. You have a powerful intuition that protects you from dangers. You will encounter many troubles in life, but a sixth sense will take you away from unhappiness. Develop love in yourself!
  • Number twenty seven. If you live correctly, working on yourself and doing good, you will achieve happiness (especially successful financial sphere).
  • The number is twenty-eight. You are very talented, have amazing abilities, but often you can not find the right solution to problems. Do not break the law!
  • Number twenty nine. You often come across insincerity from your surroundings. You will be able to calm down when you find a soul mate with which you will find happiness. Magic is not given to you.

Karmic code of life - what is written to you at the race?

Karmic code of life (numbers from 30 to 39)

People who fall into this category are teachers who influence the lives of others. Your goal in this life is to teach and help others to change their reality.

  • Number thirty. You have a developed intellect, but strive only for success and financial well-being. Change your behavior, do not ignore other people — then you can become happy.
  • The number thirty-one. Indicates a lonely person who consciously chose such a life. You feel comfortable when there is no one around. In past lives, you have been acting, practicing polygamy. You can develop your magical abilities.
  • The number thirty-two. You have developed communication skills, you are loved in any team. You too should give love to the world around you. Try to talk less about yourself, so as not to bring down the realization of your plans. You can predict the future.
  • Number thirty three. You feel the support of others in any affairs. You are also very attractive to the opposite sex. Realize as a spiritual guide. You are shown to practice esoteric practices.
  • The number thirty-four. The first part of life is more complicated than the second, which begins at about 35 years old. But first you have to work hard to succeed. Practice magic, but in the second part of life.
  • The number is thirty five. You can hardly be called lucky — a lot of suffering will fall in life. There will be problems with relatives, various dependencies are not excluded. Use magical knowledge only to protect yourself.
  • The number is thirty six. This is a number of hard work, you can only receive benefits through tremendous efforts. You can often feel lonely, but you don’t have to lose heart — your happiness will surely find you. Use monetary magic.
  • The number is thirty seven. Promises you a happy and successful life. Practice Slavic magic.
  • Number thirty eight. You will often face betrayal and lies. Therefore, carefully recheck any information and be especially vigilant in matters of money. Discard the mystics.
  • The number is thirty nine. You have high intelligence, but you often suffer from envy. Beware of addiction to psychotropic substances. To achieve success in life will help you runes.

Numbers from 40 to 48

They are the highest level. Your main karmic goal is to comprehend the mysteries of the universe, spiritual teaching.

Karmic code of life - what is written to you at the race?

  • Number forty. You are a rather closed person, often you are detached from other people, you are not very lucky with money. Concentrate mainly on yourself. You can engage in magic, but not too abuse it.
  • Number forty one. You are distinguished by an amazing attraction for others and heightened emotionality. Narcissism and insecurity are characteristic of you. Do maps and runes, as well as astrology, but only for yourself.
  • Number forty two. You are a sensible person, so be happy in this life. Are an avid materialist.
  • The number forty three. Indicates a not very happy fate, filled with various trials and tribulations. It is not recommended to engage in esotericism!
  • Number forty four. You will often face troubles, threats to your life and health. This is due to past lives in which you killed. Give up magic and change.
  • Number forty five. Adhere to high moral principles, develop spiritually, then after forty years you will not know what needs. But magic is not an assistant for you.
  • The number forty-six. Choose a love partner, then you will be very happy. Do not put money above feelings. You can do numerological calculations for yourself and others.
  • The number forty-seven. You adore being in noisy companies. But often suffer from meanness and insincerity. You are forbidden to practice magic, so as not to encounter various pathologies.
  • Forty eight. Is the number of struggle. From birth, you have the karmic knot of leadership, you can make a dizzying career in the sports, military or political field. Magic you do not recognize in any form.

Knowing your karmic number, as well as those negative aspects over which you need to work, you will be able to improve your karma, which means turn life in a more positive direction.

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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