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Karma by date of birth — will tell you the future and fate

An easy way to find out your karma by date of birth

All our life is strictly ordered, all events do not occur chaotically, but obeying the specific laws of the Universe. One of them is the notorious Karma, which pays tribute to each according to merit, returning to us the niches of evil or good deeds, repeatedly reinforced.

Not everyone knows, but there is a way to know your karma by date of birth, as well as fate and future. We invite you to learn how to do it.

Karma by date of birth - will tell you the future and fate

What is Karma

The roots of this concept goes deep into the ancient Indian philosophy. Karma implies a reward for those actions, thoughts, words and actions that were committed by a person in a past life.

Permeating this topic, it becomes clear why sometimes people are faced with various terrible events that are hard to imagine, they have to suffer and grieve. And others, on the contrary, live what is said, happily, in wealth, love and understanding.

There are ways of immersion in past lives, which allow you to diagnose karma and thus solve the problems of today.

Calculation Features

To calculate your karmic number you only need the date of your current birth.

For example, you were born on 05/25/1994. All numbers must be added together: 2 + 5 + 5 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 4.

As a result, we get the number 35. This number is the main one.

It will help you to find out some details of your past life and what is more on your karmic scales now — good or evil deeds.

Karma by date of birth - will tell you the future and fate

How to interpret correctly

Both numbers are taken into account at once. The first will indicate the possibility of the emergence of a personality that will help find the right path to yourself.

If this is an even figure, then you will surely meet someone who will help you find answers to all your questions. It will appear in a very important moment of life and may even protect against unhappiness.

And if an odd number fell out, then you will have to cope with all the problems yourself. But do not be in a hurry to get upset — most likely, your karma is not very bad and you can easily cope with the elimination of small past mistakes on your own.

Next comes the interpretation of the second number:

  • one — In your past life you thought a lot about yourself, often hurting people who love you. For this reason, in the present life for friendship and love will have to fight hard. There may be deceptions from loved ones. If you try to dissemble or deceive, you will encounter setbacks. Sincere, kind and disinterested acts will come to your aid, by accomplishing which you will considerably improve your own aura and will find around you many good positive people.
  • 2 — you behaved in past lives rather casually and recklessly, you could not appreciate what you had. Often this number is found in people who have had to play a game of catch-up with danger (for example, the military). Such recklessness in the past is fraught with negative state of health in the present and loss of luck, if you again neglect the instinct of self-preservation. Therefore, always wear a winter hat, give up bad habits and watch your health carefully.
  • 3 — from the past behind you stretches the mean actions. Now it is important for you to attend to spiritual issues more so as not to face the same problems. You are quite able to achieve harmony, but unless you put material values ​​first. Do not regret money and they will come to you in triple size!
  • four — you have good indicators of karma. Such a number says that in the past you often suffered from loneliness and love failures. And in this life, fate will surely reward you with a happy and strong family.
  • five — you certainly like a magnet attracted magic and esoteric. But, unfortunately, it will have to be abandoned (there are rituals, fortune telling and appeals to various «healers»). The fact is that in the past, due to magical actions, you had many problems, which negatively affected both you and your loved ones. If you do not make a conclusion now, and continue in the same spirit — the consequences will be very sad.
    Karma by date of birth - will tell you the future and fate
  • 6 — Past life was easy and harmonious. You now have good enough karma, and to make it even better, try to do as many good deeds as possible. This will help you easily achieve success in the present.
  • 7 — The past hides a lot of negativity and the blows of fate, but now is the time to win Mrs. luck. Do not stop at what has been accomplished, but move only forward.
  • eight — for you the betrayal of a person. It can always come back, so you need to be on your guard and exercise the utmost discretion, as well as do good.
  • 9 — you are a very wise person, because in your past life you died very suddenly. To compensate for this in the present, according to the law of Karma, you have received the gift of foresight. Do not neglect them in critical situations, it will greatly help you in difficult moments of real life.
  • 0 — In the past you were an ardent workaholic, so in the present you can achieve maximum success precisely in work. Always follow the call of your heart and never give up at the very last moment. It is important for you in this life not to change your dream.

Now, knowing what problems you need to fight, it will be much easier to get rid of the burden of the past, to finally get on the path to true happiness. Of course, this is not the most reliable way to diagnose karma, but it is very simple and quite effective.

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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