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Julie Po’s numerology — karma by date of birth

Julia Po’s karmic numerology: basic principles and concepts

Julia Po’s sacral numerology is an independent school in which, apart from numerological knowledge, training is conducted in such areas as healing of generic programs, reading in the face (physiognomy), sorcery, palmistry and others.

Four principles of sacred numerology

The technique of Julia Po works on the basis of four principles. If they are not respected, then the work of a numerologist can be considered useless.

Julie Po's numerology - karma by date of birth

These four principles are:

  1. The first principle is the use of sacred numbers. Depending on the type of numerological teaching, the number will differ. For example, in Vedic numerology it is nine, in Tarot — 22, and so on. Analyzing forecasts, numerologists have no right to go beyond these numbers.
  2. The second principle is cyclical in addition and subtraction of numbers. For example, in Tarology, the number 31 inexperienced numerologists decompose as 3 + 1 = 4, which is fundamentally wrong. It is necessary to subtract: 31 — 22 = 19 and consider the value of the nineteenth, not the fourth character.
  3. The third principle is solarity in the construction of human life cycles. If he was born on October 16, 1984, then all cycles begin not from the beginning of the year, but from October 16.
  4. The fourth principle is the strict adherence to the instructions. If you use a specific methodology, the rules for its calculation should be followed from and to, without stepping back. The mistake of many beginners is to mix knowledge and methods of calculating different schools.

We summarize: a numerologist for his work must choose some one school and strictly follow its methods of calculation, not forgetting the principles of sacredness, cyclicity and solarity. This is the most basic rule.

Schools of numerology

Julie Po's numerology - karma by date of birth

There are several schools of numerology. Each has its own rules and methods of calculation.

At the same time, they constitute a single whole. Therefore, to consider the value and principles of each teaching can be by analogy with the tree:

  • The western school is the crown of the tree. This system was founded and invented by Pythagoras. The calculation is carried out according to the person’s date of birth: a psychomatrix is ​​compiled, using which one can analyze the psycho type and personality. But there is no such thing as a subconscious in the Pythagorean school.
  • The Chaldean school is a branch of a tree. The analysis is conducted on the basis of the full name of the person: his last name, first name and patronymic. Each letter corresponds to a specific numeric value. The methods of calculating this school allow us to find out a person’s desires, to reveal his creative and intellectual potential, to predict what tests await on his life path.
  • Vedic school — a tree trunk. It works through the personality of a person very deeply, allows you to analyze his generic programs, the subconscious mind completely. Calculates life cycles in different areas.
  • The Chinese school is a biosphere, the sky above a tree. The techniques of this system are aimed at a deep and complete study of the human subconscious, its most hidden corners. The analysis of all subtle bodies: mental, etheric, karmic and astral. You can find out who the person was in previous reincarnations.
  • Kabbalistic school — powerful and strong roots of a tree, the most interesting numerological direction. Using the techniques of this school, you can build detailed graphs of a person’s fate, predicting some events of his life with an accuracy of one day.
  • The Tarot School is a fruit growing on a tree. Calculation schemes help to understand how a person’s childhood was, why his soul chose these particular parents before the earthly incarnation. The life mission, mission with which he came into the world is determined
  • Astronomerology is the stars shining above the tree. Knowledge of everything related to karma: karmic debts and diseases, cycles and tasks. It allows you to understand what is inevitable in a person’s life, and what circumstances are amenable to adjustment.
  • Occult numerology is the small roots of a tree. This is the rarest school. When calculating you can predict the fate of not only the individual, but also entire countries. The previous incarnations and karmic attitudes are very well worked out.

This is the theoretical part of the Julie Poe’s numerological teaching, then we will consider the practical one.

Karma by date of birth

Every person is born on a certain day not by chance — he comes into the world with his karma. Depending on whether he fulfilled it or not, the tasks of his current incarnation are formed.

Julie Po's numerology - karma by date of birth

Diagnosis of karma by birthday:

  • If your birthday is from 1 to 9, then in previous incarnations you have completed your karmic tasks completely. So people are very lucky in life.
  • From 10 to 19 the number — karmic tasks worked out by 80%. Most often, such people during the life of any one serious test, which they must pass.
  • From the 20th to the 29th — the tasks are fulfilled by 60%, you need to try to fulfill the mission in the current mission completely.
  • From 30 to 31 numbers — the karmic tasks are almost not worked out, therefore in the life of a person there are many failures and difficulties through which he must pass.

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Consider the example of some karmic numbers that a person needs to perform during life to work past debts:

  • 14 — in the past incarnation, man lived in the power of greed, so it is important for him to learn to be content with what he has now.
  • 16 — a person has previously destroyed someone’s life, so now he must actively help people, engage in charity work and not give extra advice.
  • 18 — in the last incarnation the man was a liar, a constant deception destroyed his personality. It is desirable to find an application to your imagination in creative professions.
  • 20 — in the past reincarnation, a person has done harm to his clan, therefore now he must atone for sins, devote a large amount of time to spiritual development.
  • 22 — in a past life was rude and unwholesome in relation to children, perhaps there were abortions or abandonment of a child after birth. In the current incarnation this may be a result of sterility. In order to fulfill a karmic duty, it is advisable to take care of a homeless child, take care of an orphan, become a volunteer in an orphanage.

Julie Po’s numerology allows us to understand the problems of the current incarnation, to understand where the «dog is buried» and to work off the karmic debts completely.

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