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Island (point) on the life line: basic values ​​and definitions

Island (point) on the life line

The life line (LV) in the palm of your hand carries key information about a person, his energy strength, options for fate, potential opportunities, upcoming hazards. Therefore, any point.

The asterisk or island on the line will be of great importance and will have its interpretation (positive or negative).

General definitions

In the palm of a person, an experienced palmist can see and tell a lot about the strength, character, fate, talents of a person. LV refers to the three main (line of mind, line of the heart) and serves as indicators of the inner potential of the individual.

This line is often covered with some details (points, islands, stars, triangles) that have their own meaning. In this case, everything will matter: location, color, shape and size of the sign.

  • A dot is a danger warning sign if the shade of the sign is reddish and bright. Black or dark blue dot indicates problems in the body, failures, loss of vitality in a particular period of time;
  • The spot is a sign that the upcoming event is connected with health. The magnitude of the consequences will exceed the definition point. A pale spot may involve material problems and financial losses;
  • The island on the line of life indicates a period of low vitality, fatigue, problems with immunity and impotence. The line may contain several such islands — this means that special attention should be paid to poor health. Throughout life, a person can often get sick;
  • Triangle — an accident, a bad set of circumstances, which led to negative consequences. For a more accurate analysis, an experienced palmist draws attention to several other confirmatory signs located across the palm of your hand. Therefore, do not rush to make a negative forecast on their own conclusions.
  • A star is a negative event that will leave a bright trace of bad memories. This may be due to a person who has left you in danger or who have taken advantage of your weaknesses, virtues;
  • Cross — heart problems. A careful analysis of the line of the heart and other areas on the palm is required;
  • Circle — these formations on the life line suggest to pay attention to the condition of the back, spine, and organs of vision.

Character location options

It is considered that the palm that the person most often uses in his life (left-handed left-handed, right-handed right-handed) contains actual and accurate information. But you should always take into account the drawings of both hands, comparing and comparing the characteristics.

LV has its origin from the edge of the palm between the index finger and thumb. It may have a common beginning with the line of mind, or it may be just below this line, closer to the base of the thumb.

The end of the line in most people on the wrist, bending around the right side of the palm and the base of the thumb. This enclosed space is called the Hill of Venus.

The larger the area of ​​this hill, the stronger the health, the more stable the emotional state, the more positive and wider the outlook on life.

Comparison of time and events

Smooth LV, without excessive roughness, ruptures, marks — a rare phenomenon. Basically, this band is filled with signs, has branches, may have different shades in the whole direction. This means that different situations are expected throughout life.

Saw a point or an island in the middle of the line — you have to beware of unforeseen and difficult circumstances at an average age of 30-35 years.

To determine the age of a particular moment is not so easy even for an experienced palmist. But an approximate ratio of years and events is possible. One way is to divide the life line into seven equal segments from the edge of the palm to the wrist (even if the line is short and does not reach the wrist).

Seven intervals are seventy years of life, respectively, each segment will be ten years.

Another way (it may seem simpler to someone) requires a vertical line from the beginning of the middle finger to the left ventricle. The point of intersection of the lines will correspond to the middle of life. According to the principles of palmistry — this is thirty-five years.

Focusing on this figure, you can calculate the approximate date of other events.

Island (point) on the life line: basic values ​​and definitions

Interpretation of possible situations

Point and interruption of the lifeline

The island and a small gap LVH is interpreted as a blow to health. During this period, exacerbations of various chronic diseases may occur, and the likelihood of the appearance of diseases caused by stress (depression, neurosis, and increased fatigue) is high.

If the gap is not open, but as if one line overlaps the other at a close distance from each other, then circumstances smoothing negative consequences will be proposed. If such breaks in the lifeline are not accompanied by a dot, an asterisk, an island, you should not panic and prepare for the worst, you are just waiting for a change.

Changes may be associated with relocation, change of place of work, personal relationships. You will probably change values, attitudes, goals, and attitudes. Everything that happens during this period will greatly affect your soul and reflect on your subconscious.

At such moments, it is easy to succumb to insight, enlightenment. A person may begin to experience pleasure from what he used to be indifferent to.

Triangle and interrupt

As already mentioned, the triangle denotes an accident. But one such sign on the LV will not be the reason for bad thoughts.

Both palms should be subjected to analysis, the triangle should be pronounced and clear.

The situation can be really dangerous if this sign is visible on both hands and is accompanied by a break in the direction of the Hill of Venus (zone of the beginning of the thumb). This alignment describes the grave consequences of a disaster, accident, fire, natural disaster.

In this case, you can not talk about terrible predictions that can not be avoided. These lines and signs rather warn to be more vigilant, cautious and responsible in those periods of life that are marked by a triangle and a line break.

Spots on the palm

Reddish stain indicates a fatal case. This event will not put an end to your life as a whole.

Just at this point in time you will experience some difficulties. Adverse events will be confirmed if deep, but short breaks in the lifeline are seen nearby.

Such an alignment may relate to relationships with a close person, conflict, separation, for someone it will be connected with a career or own business (dismissal, decline in production, conflict with partners). Undesirable circumstances are likely to affect the state of your income and health, but will not be long-lasting.

Dotted line

You observe a small point on the palm of your hand on the left ventricle, from which a dash extends upward (in the direction of the fingers) — a sign of joy and happiness. It means that the positive emotions of the events that happened at this age will remain in your memory. The most common reason for such happiness for women is a wedding, childbirth, for men, promotion, a sharp rise in financial position, and personal victory in sports.

That is, in fact, it is connected with the realization of a dream, desire, goal.

Stress lines or crosses

Sometimes the life line is crossed by thin lines running from the area of ​​the Hill of Venus, forming a kind of crosses. They are called influence lines or stress lines.

Such a picture indicates that a person will be subject to heart feelings, stress, and may even experience depression during this period.

A lot of such intersections — a hint of the inability to control one’s own emotions, to be worried for any reason, the habit of taking all the responsibility and independently dealing with invented obstacles. So it’s time to learn to relax and distract from the ugly reality.

Another situation, if such lines cross the LV several times in different places. Intersection points indicate heart and cardiovascular problems.

Avoid at this age of strong physical exertion, overwork and overeating. Excessive drinking of alcohol during these years can also have serious consequences.

The absence of stress lines on the palm characterizes an emotionally stable person who can endure positive experiences from difficult life circumstances, turning difficulties and barriers on the way into their own achievements and feats.

Circles on the life line

Ring-shaped signs or circles on the lifeline indicate poor health, in some cases specifically indicate vision problems. But this requires confirming signs and lines on both palms.

Watching some chain on the LV — it is worth being more alert and cautious. Some events will cause severe disruptions of the body, treatment of diseases can be long and tedious.

Forces to live on will definitely come as soon as the circles are smoothed and the line is once again even and straight.

Star, gap and the line of the Angel — Guardian

The palm can describe different turns of fate. The star and the gap on the life line prepares a person for great trials that left a big mark on his heart and memory.

More detailed information can be extracted by observing the line of mind, heart, marriage.

Always leaves hope for a good prognosis if there is a second line next to such a drawing — a sister or an Angel — Guardian line. It usually goes side by side, parallel to the lifeline, and may begin at the point where the lifeline ends.

Island (point) on the life line: basic values ​​and definitions

This suggests that the imminent crisis turn into happiness and prosperity. By the will of fate, you may find yourself in a very difficult situation, but be sure to manage and once again rise to the proper level.

The Guardian Angel line can accompany the Life line from the beginning of the rib to the wrist. This is a very strong sign, giving confidence that a person will have success and success in any area of ​​his activity throughout his life.

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