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Inverted Ansuz Fleece: Description, Meaning, and Interpretation

What does the inverted position of the Ansuz rune mean?

Inverted Ansuz Fleece: Description, Meaning, and Interpretation

Upside down position

The main meaning of the rune Ansuz (Ansuz) in an inverted (reverse) position — “futility”.
Fleece — Ansuz (ansuz). inverted (reverse) position.

  • Stunt;
  • futility;
  • insincerity;
  • deception;
  • cunning;
  • resistance
  • learning;
  • futility;
  • ignorance;
  • stupefaction;
  • quarrel with seniors;
  • fake;
  • scam;
  • not the right advice.

Board runes Ansuz (Ansuz) in the opposite (inverted) position.Disappointment should be overcome and the situation should be investigated with a clear mind.

Notice that many of the acts you committed were not wise.

And most importantly, be grateful to fate for having provided you with timely trials, with the help of which you can become stronger and understand something. Be careful, you can receive advice from people who cannot be impartial they are near you solely for their benefit.


Runa Ansuz (Ansuz) in the opposite (inverted) position speaks of your vain actions. You act unnecessarily mindlessly, and this is the cause of your displeasure.

You do not see the signs and ignore the external and internal clues that cause displeasure of your soul.

Your situation suggests some extreme accumulation of negative and a point of transition to a new quality. Hear what your soul wants from you, and try to follow its advice.

Since your mental analysis is most likely not true.

The reverse (inverted position) rune of Ansuz (Ansuz) is interpreted distinctly and without options — this categorical “no” from the Higher World is not a ban, but a very specific warning.

The fallen inverted rune of Ansuz (Ansuz) says that further — a break in the probability that it is natural for you to perform a rash, rash act, to do something that you would not expect from yourself. Your search is full of illusions, the directions of the development of the situation are chosen erroneously, and the methods of achieving the goals are unjustified.

The reverse Ansuz (Ansuz) falls when you deliberately or unconsciously go to the trick and deception, or similar actions.

The appearance of the rune Ansuz (Ansuz) in the inverted (reverse) — a signal that it would not hurt you to think about internal honesty, about overcoming unnecessary illusions, the essence of which is self-deception, about the destruction of thoughts associated with the internal «ego», self-interest and mercantile interests.

The reverse (inverted) Ansuz (Ansuz) indicates the appearance of gifts that are destined to be ignored. It is common for a person to ignore signs that are sent to him from above, that is, to ignore his patrons.

The reverse (inverted position) of the Ansuz rune indicates laziness, unwillingness to learn, a biased assessment of the current situation. The reverse (inverted) position of Ansuse gives an indication of the unreliability of the sources of suggestions and suggestions that are offered to us.

In the upside down position, the Ansuz Fleece (Ansuz) warns that one should not believe his ears, this is a lie or a provocation. In the (reverse) inverted position, the Ansuz Fleece indicates the lack of necessary information and lack of clarity.

You have the opportunity to fail and get a hard life lesson.

In some cases, an inverted rune indicates an older, older person who may be the cause of your problems. The rune in the inverted (reverse) position of the rune Ansuz (Ansuz) can warn that fate has the opportunity to give a smack for the incorrect use of magical knowledge.

Ansuz (Ansuz), her inverted (reverse) position is interpreted in this case as follows: “Whatever you guess, it’s clear that you are in a confused position and are concerned about it. Your actions seem to you in vain, and the events are incomprehensible.

In general, for you it is.

Failures, difficulty in disclosing oneself when communicating with loved ones, can become a big psychological barrier to communication in general. Look philosophically at what is happening, transients occur in your life that can be painful.

A fruitless journey, wasted forces can make you despondent.

But all processes are timely and inevitable, no matter how unpleasant it is to be aware of it.

The reverse (inverted) Ansuz (Ansuz) also falls out when you have broken the rhythm of training. Either you are in too much of a hurry, or too slow.

Communication with the higher world is lost, and this leads to complications in the perception of change in the surrounding world.

To gain an understanding of change, you need prayer expectations or an intellectual focus on renewing communication with the spiritual world. In a word, we are talking about the loss of contact with the spiritual world by a person.

Runa Ansuz: meaning, description, interpretation in love, relationships, health, magic

Inverted Ansuz Fleece: Description, Meaning, and Interpretation

This symbol is the fourth in a row in the Elder Futark and is influenced by Mercury, a planet associated with intellectual abilities, communication and communication. The rune Ansuz, its meaning and deep meaning are simultaneously associated with the supreme god Odin and his opposite — Loki.

The word “Acc” or “Ass” in translation means “mouth, mouth”, and “ace” — god, therefore you can call this rune “Mouth of Creation”.

Runa Ansuz: basic meaning and interpretation

The main meaning of the Ansuz rune at the esoteric level is associated with the living word, obtaining secret knowledge directly through speech, news of ancestors and relatives. It can be said that the mantic sense of the rune can vary depending on the situation to which it fell.

When we speak of personality, Ansuse will symbolize the proper use of the energy of Mercury, i.e. You can take it as a sign that a person is sociable, able to communicate and is able to carry others along with him. To his opinion listen, he is respected.

This is not just a gift of eloquence, but the opportunity to clothe in words deep wisdom and true knowledge.

Receiving news or any information, more often text information, is another meaning of the Ansuse rune. When this symbol falls out during fortune-telling, in the near future we can expect that someone close to you will remind you of yourself.

More often it is about relatives.

Ansuz can also mean advice: this symbol calls you to consult with someone from your environment.

  • Berkana — Ansuz: This is a recommendation to listen to the opinion of one of the relatives
  • Otala — Ansuz: It is worth listening to the words of a relative of elderly age
  • Yera — Ansuz: The combination says that you should seek help from some influential person in a high position

Remember that the Ansuz rune, its meaning, description and interpretation will always be associated with Mercury, i.e. with communication, information and speech skills. This may be a direct text, for example, a letter or a note, as well as wise words that should be “wound up on a mustache”.

The value of the inverted rune Ansuz

When the Ansuse rune is turned upside down, its meaning takes on the opposite meaning. If the direct symbol spoke about the ability to convey the words of knowledge and wisdom, then the opposite position is “empty” chatter, deception, gossip, “pouring from one empty light”, insincere advice.

We can say that this is the information that is not worth your attention, and you cannot take it seriously.

If we consider a person’s personality, then Ansuse will have an inverted meaning to take something else: it will be the inability to put your thoughts in words, doing wrong actions leading to a dead end, futility, even more confusion. The person on whom the reverse Fleece fell was most likely unable to find understanding among others, his thoughts and actions are not understandable to anyone, and actions do not find a response in the hearts of loved ones.

  • Odin is the opposite of Ansuz: This means that you have a “eternal student” who learns a lot but never uses his knowledge in practice: he is curious and receives a huge amount of information but is absolutely unable to use it for its intended purpose.

Sometimes the reverse Ansuz hints that you should not go to your relatives for advice, since they will not help in this situation anyway, but it’s better to turn to someone else.

What does the Ansuz rune mean in divination for work and business?

In career issues, the loss of Ansuse, as it is easy to guess, is associated with an interview or an exam, and, most likely, it is orally.

Or is it just a “test of strength” of you and your knowledge, i.e. situation when you need to prove what you really stand.

But there is no need to be afraid — Ansuse is a favorable symbol, and in most cases foreshadows successful passing of tests.

Sometimes the value of the Ansuz rune in a career is the impetus for the change of professional activity. If this symbol falls out, you may need to find work in another area or use someone’s wise advice.

Life itself will force you to go another way.

  • Otala — Ansuz: This is a sign that you yourself want to find a more suitable place for yourself, because the present does not meet your ideals.

The value of the Ansuz rune turned upside down in career matters may indicate an insincere team surrounding a person at work. Most likely, colleagues or bosses gossip about you behind your back or are specifically looking for ways to deprive you of the prize.

Also, the reverse symbol means intentional interference from the management, which the questioner does not notice, because he does not see their motive. But the reason is actually there, and you need to look for it in the past.

  • Evaz — inverted Ansuz: This combination speaks of a forced business trip to which you will have to go.
  • Mannaz — inverted Ansuse: This combination of characters tells you that you won’t be able to cope with overwhelming working difficulties.

What does the Ansuz rune mean in divination for love and relationships?

The most common meaning of the Ansuz rune in fortune telling on relationships and love is the need for advice from someone of the family. Often this rune falls out in a situation where a person doubts, does not know how to do better, and cannot independently make a decision.

The symbol informs you that only the wise words of a loved one will help you to establish your own personal relationships.

Fleece Ansuse in love and relationships can also mean that the partner suits you a sort of check. In some cases, such a “check” may not even come from the person with whom you are close, but from his relatives.

In general, a direct symbol is an auspicious sign, so be sure that you will pass this test successfully.

  • Eyvaz — Ansuz: It means that the questioner will meet his true love in a very unexpected or unfamiliar place.
  • Turisaz — the reverse Ansuz: This bundle strongly recommends the guessing person to seek advice from some experienced person.

If the symbol falls out the other way around, the value of the Ansuse rune in the relationship does not bode well. There may be several interpretations:

  • a loved one is deceiving you;
  • not only your partner is deceiving you, but other close people who know everything about your relationship;
  • Relatives from a loved one or loved one do not like your connection and they are trying in every way to destroy it;
  • There are a lot of disagreements between you that threaten to turn into a real “information war”, so your couple urgently needs a sincere, serious heart-to-heart talk.

What does Ansuz mean for health divination?

Fleece rune in a direct position — the recommendation that a person must consult with a general practitioner.

Even if the questioner has no alarming symptoms, he still needs to go to the reception, since, most likely, there are already problems, just for the time being they have not made themselves known. Sometimes the value of the Ansuz rune in health is an indication of mental distress.

Perhaps you are emotionally exhausted, you feel tired, you worry a lot because of an unresolved issue — in this case you should not postpone a visit to a psychologist.

An inverted character carries with it much greater problems. It means that you are being misled about your health or the health of someone you love.

You should find another specialist or retest, but at a different clinic.

Also, the reverse Ansouz may hint that someone from the others who recently reported on his illness was not really sick at all, but simply wanted to “cover up” the failure to fulfill his obligations with this statement.

In general, the value of the Ansuz rune when guessing about health always calls a person to be attentive and to double-check the facts.

How is Ansuz applied in magic?

In magical work, this rune helps a person obtain information from subtle worlds.

However, it is worth noting that the energy of this symbol is so strong that it is not recommended to use it for beginners.

With the help of Ansuz, magicians gain their power and strength, learn to penetrate the mysterious regions hidden from the common man, and also set off on an astral journey between worlds.

The rune Ansuz and its significance in magic sometimes acquire a negative character: using the power of this symbol, one can deprive a person of his knowledge, break his connection with the egregore and send him anguish and despondency. Therefore, it is always worth remembering that the rune is connected not only with Odin, but also with its antipode — Loki, and this god is quite capable of deceit and «dark deeds».

What is the amulet with the Ansuz rune for?

An amulet with this runic symbol will help you discover new abilities in yourself. It is recommended for people with communication problems.

Such a talisman helps to find inner harmony, improves communication skills and allows a person to better understand himself and the people with whom he interacts.

Those who wear a protective amulet with the Ansuz rune are very difficult to deceive: they intuitively feel any lies and omissions. Also, the mascot with the rune will help you successfully pass the exam or pass an interview.

Can I make a tattoo with Ansuz rune?

The value of the rune Ansuz can be direct and reverse. As mentioned above, this symbol is closely connected at once with two higher deities — Odin and Loki.

If you are still inclined to put this sign on your body, do not forget that from the very moment you have such a tattoo, your life will go under the control of light and dark forces at the same time.

But which of them will be stronger at a certain point in time — this is no longer known to anyone. Therefore, a tattoo with Ansuz is a huge risk.

Fleece Day Ansuz

Like the rune of the day, Ansuse talks about getting some important information. It symbolizes a day filled with communication. Perhaps it is today that you will finally get answers to your questions or find a common language with those with whom you did not succeed.

The inverted Ansuz will, on the contrary, urge you to be cautious or report any deception related to your persona.

Council of the runes Ansuz

Let it sound like a tautology, but the symbol advises you to turn to someone for advice. Because of your own interest in the situation, you may overlook important trifles, and only a glance from the side will shed light on what is hidden from you at the moment.

Also, the rune reports on your excellent oratorical abilities, but advises you not to abuse them and not to «go too far» in order not to pass as a talker and hollow breeders.

What questions to ask yourself when meditating on the rune Ansuz?

  • Can you convey your thoughts and feelings with words?
  • Do the people around you understand?
  • Do you apply the knowledge that you gain in practice or is it just a theory for you?
  • Do you not deceive others and yourself, do you intentionally mislead someone?
  • Do you listen to the advice of loved ones?

The meaning of the Ansuz rune will unfold for you while meditating on this ancient magical symbol. Fleece will help you find understanding with the inner “I” and others, it will allow you not only to receive and better perceive new knowledge, but also to correctly use it in life.

Runa Ansuse: meaning and fortune telling on love and money

Inverted Ansuz Fleece: Description, Meaning, and Interpretation

The rune Ansuse belongs to the older futarch and is the fourth letter in the Germanic runic alphabet. Ansuz refers to the highest magical enlightenment and is considered one of the most sacred symbols.

The main characteristics of «Ansuz»

Title:Ansuz, Ansus, Oc, Ass
Value:Joy, pleasure, happiness, victory
Act:Receipt, acquisition of instructions
A rock:Amethyst
Colour:White, light blue, lilac
Deity:One — the supreme Viking God
  • the student listens to the lectures of the professor;
  • a man looks at the news in the newspaper;
  • the employee receives a five-minute task;
  • the commander gives orders;
  • people share wise advice with each other;
  • the beasts observe the habits of their congeners;
  • genes transfer data to cells;
  • psychic sees the dead;
  • the police are looking for a criminal;
  • arranging furniture in an apartment, a person embodies his ideas.


The rune is depicted by a vertical line, from the top point of which a slash is emitted from the right to the bottom. Just below is drawn another line parallel to the inclined.

In the literal translation of «As» means the mouth, mouth, or God. It is symbolically possible to call Ansuz the “Lips of Creation”.

That is why the rune means the acquisition of knowledge in any way. The source can be information from people around you, from the world or from Higher powers.

The main task of a person in this case is the correct interpretation of the received signs and competent management of them in solving urgent problems.

Interesting! Ansuz is under the auspices of Mercury, responsible for the development of mental abilities, communication skills and oratory.

The main interpretation of the runes is associated with the word, with the acquisition of sacred knowledge through conversations between people. Sometimes you can touch secret information by communicating with ancestors or Higher Powers.

Mantic meaning of the runes varies depending on the situation.

Refined and delicate Ansuse is considered to be the rune of creative people. It gives subtle natures inspiration and wisdom. It helps to establish contact with the Higher forces and draw outstanding ideas from unearthly worlds.

Supports the rune any undertakings and gives forces complete their.

The element of Ansuz is air, which does not perceive any limitations. That is why, since ancient times, the air was considered a creative element.

Today, the rune has become a symbol of speakers, artists, poets, writers, inventors, scientists, and just geniuses.

Fleece gives an understanding that the Higher forces communicate with us through the appearance in our lives of other people, situations or events. Sometimes we fall into a certain state of sleep and are not able to notice what is happening around.

In such situations, the rune tries to awaken a person’s consciousness.

Tip! Wake up and realize that important events are happening in your life right now.

Ansuz is a call for change, a door to a new life. Before you enter it, you need to clearly realize your desires, carefully monitor the emerging chances to choose your own.

At this stage, you need to collect valuable information from various sources, as new knowledge will help to form a clear vision of what is happening.

The value of the runes in the usual position

Ansuz gives good luck and helps to best understand the situation. The key to deciphering the rune lies in the openness of perception.

You will get a certain vision of how to proceed in order to complete the work in the most favorable way for you.

If you are faced with a question that cannot be answered, seek advice from more experienced people. Do not neglect the help from the side.

Ansuz paired with the rune Berkana recommends listening to relatives or a person from your inner circle. Odal hints at the help of an elderly relative.

Yer points out the need to seek clarification from an influential person.

Inverted Rune Value

The reverse position of Ansuz indicates a loss of contact with the egregor. The Higher Forces will answer negatively to any your question. This is due to the fact that you misjudged the situation and came to the wrong conclusions.

Accordingly, everything will have to start from the beginning. Otherwise, it is fraught with negative consequences for you.

The inverted Ansuse is also, like the direct one, related to the information we receive from the surrounding or unearthly world. However, in this position, it indicates open lies, empty talk, insincere advice.

Runa makes it clear that gossip, deception and chatter reign around us.

Tip! Sometimes you can look for support in the circle of loved ones and your family.

A person who has fallen inverted fleece, you should pay attention to their actions. Perhaps he is confused and moves to a dead end.

Either his actions are too full of greed, self-deception, greed, the desire to profit at the expense of other people or the egregore.

Sometimes an inverted Ansuse hints that a person is too serious about what is happening, strongly desiring to achieve a goal. In this state, he is not able to notice the gifts of fate and see the help of the Gods.

Attention! It is extremely dangerous to use the acquired knowledge with malicious intent.

Loss of the runes in fortune telling means that the next phase will occur in your life. Ansuz is a call for action and for the beginning of a new situation.

You are waiting for nice gifts of fate and surprise, often pleasant.

Fleece foreshadows receiving good news from relatives, with whom you for a long time did not communicate. Paired with Odal indicates that you will receive the necessary information from the government house.

Tip! If you are in a difficult situation, you can always turn to the gods for help!

Try to learn and exercise wisdom.

Upside down position

Inverted rune indicates a lack of understanding of others, that your actions do not find a response from loved ones.

A pair with an empty rune Wyrd shows us a man who knows a lot of things, but is not able to correctly dispose of it. This is a kind of theorist, an eternal student who studies, but does not act according to the knowledge gained.

Value in magic

Ansuz is used to improve business, attract success, unimpeded career growth. Timid people who have problems in communicating or making contacts, rune helps to become more self-confident. Use talismans with the image of Ansuse to achieve enlightenment and wisdom.

Sometimes creative people turn to it for inspiration.

Helps rune on public speaking, training, interviews. Often used by her students during the exams.

Especially helps the combination of Ansuz with Algiz and Mannaz.

Interesting! Rune Ansuz paired with Vuno is often used in judicial practice to make the right and fair decision.

It is a good sign and foreshadows success in all areas of activity. Ansuz points out talking to the right people you can count on without fear.

In business terms, you are lucky, and career growth. You may receive the patronage of a high-ranking person. Together with the rune Odal, you are promised a job change that suits you more than the previous one.

Possible and change of activity. Fate itself gives you a chance to change life for the better.

Tip! Do not worry, you will succeed!

You can easily pass the interview or test!

Indicates the presence of detractors. You are trying to deceive, to be led by the nose, to be used for mercenary purposes.

Try not to reveal all the cards in front of partners and superiors. Be vigilant and careful.

Probably they want to substitute you, so be very careful when signing contracts. Try to do business as transparently and cleanly as possible so that ill-wishers do not have the slightest chance to harm you.

The increase in the job plan should not be expected in the near future. Perhaps your boss is playing his game not in your favor.

When falling from the rune Evaz you have a business trip. The neighborhood with Mannaz indicates that you won’t be able to figure it out alone.

The value of divination for love

Straight position

Ansuz foreshadows new acquaintances and personal life. If a pair of Eyvaz fell out of love, then you will find a soul mate under very unusual circumstances.

Sometimes she points to a kind of strength test of your relationship.

Fleece also falls from indecisive people who are unable to make an important decision. The help of relatives will help them to cope with the situations.

Upside down position

Indicates a difficult relationship with a partner. Perhaps you lie to your chosen one or all relatives who know about what is happening. Sometimes danger comes from close people who do not like your union.

Often relatives can interfere with your relationship, interfere with advice.

Perhaps you have lost the thread of understanding. You urgently need to sincerely talk and understand the problems in private.

The fleece rune Turisaz, which appears in a pair, will indicate the need to seek help from a person you trust.

The value of divination for health

Straight position

Fleece indicates the need to turn to the therapist. Perhaps you have a disease that you have not guessed.

Runa Ansuz (Ansuz) — meaning, description

Inverted Ansuz Fleece: Description, Meaning, and Interpretation

Runa Ansuz (Ansuz) — is the personification of higher powers and incredible power. It is a symbol of creative people. It helps to gain inspiration, to be filled with spiritual power.

Talk about the meaning of this runic symbol in more detail.

The main properties that are endowed with the Ansuz rune are as follows:

  1. Energy. It helps to fill with spiritual energy, to feel the fullness and magnificence of life. Teaches and share energy, a person under the influence of this rune symbol becomes himself a powerful source of energy for others
  2. Independence. It helps to get rid of dependencies of any nature, including dependencies on people. A person under the influence of Ansuz becomes an integral independent person, whose happiness does not depend on external factors.
  3. Intelligence. Helps to develop mental abilities, develops the ability to perceive and absorb information, and then use it with benefit
  4. Inspiration. Gives inspiration, inspires, gives strength to implement creative ideas, helps to find ideas for what a person should do in life

A person who uses the Ansuse rune in his life acquires the ability to influence the consciousness and subconsciousness of other people, is endowed with incredible power. It is important to use the received gift for the benefit, otherwise it will harm the person himself.

The value of the rune Ansuz

This runic symbol has many meanings and properties. It is important to understand how they work, as well as how the rune interacts with other characters.

Who should use Ansuz in their lives?

  • A person who seeks to develop spiritually. Who wants to achieve awareness and enlightenment, to create a connection with higher powers
  • A person whose professional activities are associated with public speaking. For the development of eloquence and oratorical skills. For this purpose, the rune symbol is used in combination with the runes of Gebo and Dagaz.
  • A person in search of his destination, who has not yet found the meaning of life and does not understand in which direction to move

Divination on the runes

The use of runes in magical rituals and fortune-telling practices allows you to get answers to almost any questions. Decide which question bothers you the most.

Professional activity

If you use the runes for fortune telling, and in the process of magical ritual asked the question: «What awaits in work, affairs, professional activities?», Ansuz rune may fall. The value will then depend on the position in which she appeared before the divisors:

  1. If the rune symbol fell in a straight position, drastic changes and serious tests are coming. You have a lot of fuss and hassle. But they will not tire you, but on the contrary, they will leave a feeling of pleasant tiredness. After that, you will understand in which direction you need to move on. And life will provide the necessary opportunities: you can get acquainted with useful people who will favorably affect your career, or get profitable professional offers. It is important not to miss the chances that fate will provide.
  2. In the inverted form, the value of the rune changes to negative. Guessing be faced with a lie and hypocrisy, insurmountable obstacles and serious difficulties. It is necessary to be extremely vigilant: do not fall for the tricks of fraudsters and use in life the principle: «Trust, but verify.» Otherwise, your life will be seriously threatened.

Listen to what the rune symbol is talking about, and you will succeed in making a qualitative change in life for the better.

Personal relationships

Runes are also used for fortune telling, with the help of which a person wants to know how his personal life will be formed

As in the previous case, you need to ask a clear question. For example, you are worried about a certain young man with whom you are not yet in a relationship.

Then the question should sound something like this: “What kind of relationship will I have with Vasily?” (The name of the potential elect must be indicated).

The prediction will depend on the position in which the Ansuse rune fell (if it fell):

  1. In the upright position — your relationship with the guy you like will develop as you want. The union will be strong, full of love and understanding. Your chosen one is the “second half” with which you will complement each other.
  2. In the inverted position — the elect does not justify the hopes. He either does not have any feelings for you, or simply wants to be friends while you are making romantic plans. And if you still take the initiative and achieve relationships, they will develop in an unfavorable way for you — the partner will lie, change, be dismissive

Tips for guessing

There are a few guidelines to follow if you use fortune telling runes:

  • Dropped a negative value — the rune in an inverted position? It means that it is necessary to carefully control all your actions and think over your actions before you commit them. The rune symbol indicates — you need to concentrate and keep out of trouble in your life.
  • Ask questions clearly, do not need vague wording
  • Pay attention to the combination of the runes between them, this will provide a more complete prediction
  • Rune symbol fell in a direct, favorable position? This is no reason to relax — yes, you have every chance to change life for the better. But if you don’t take advantage of these chances, nothing will change.

Runes can be used not only for divination: they are used for the manufacture of amulets, amulets, talismans. Ansuz is suitable in this capacity for people who want to develop creativity and find inspiration.

Rune Ansuse: meaning, inverted

Inverted Ansuz Fleece: Description, Meaning, and Interpretation

The fourth in Senior Futark rune Ansuz (Ansus) is under the auspices of Mercury. Manages social connections, intellectual capabilities, combines the influence of a positive and negative essence.

Description of the runes

Rune Ansuse in the literal translation — God. It is associated with the emergence of the Elder Futhark, the sacrifice of Odin.

Some historical documents state that the rune Ansuz is the progenitress of the letter A. The meaning of the rune Ansouz is an acquisition in the broad sense: spiritual and material.

  • consists of 3 lines;
  • externally looks like a unit looking the other way, with 2 nozzles arranged in parallel.

The symbol is associated with Odin and Loki, with a living word, powerful, fearless, preaching spiritual enlightenment.

Value in straight position

Ansus in a straight position is a favorable factor. Esotericists associate interpretation with the word, the possibility of access to the mysterious, hidden from the gaze of others. The secret secrets of the ancestors of the living and the dead, which will help solve problems, are revealed to a person

Fleece Ansuz accepts meaning messages, which can be use his in a positive way.

In love and relationships

Runa Ansuz accepts in relationship the importance of needing advice. Relationships help solve the problem.

A person needs the help of a loved one. He is at a loss and needs wise counsel and support.

In the scenario of love says that the partner is not sure about your feelings, wants to make sure of them. You need to pay more attention to the second half, to prove your love.

Perhaps the partner is waiting for a serious decision from you.

In conjunction with Otal speaks of verification by the relatives of your second half. They believe that your intentions are not transparent enough, but the direct meaning of the Ansuse rune speaks about your ability to emerge victorious from any situation, thanks to your honesty and positive attitude.

In general, the interpretation is favorable — the growth of spiritual unity between people, the ability to negotiate.

In the scenario for work and career growth foreshadows testing, a kind of exams. In fortune telling, it means that you have to go through a compliance check and prove your professionalism.

You will succeed without difficulty. The next step will be successfully completed, and you will receive the expected reward.

Runa Ansuz in divination for the choice of profession advises to select the type of activity associated with mental labor, oratory.

Thanks to the ability to communicate and empathize, a person can achieve good success in medicine, philology, politics.

This is a person of comprehensive development, who knows how to adapt to any situation, but this does not always have a positive effect on her health. Choosing an activity that does not bring satisfaction, a person begins to get sick.

The value in the inverted position

The value of the inverted rune of Ansuse — around you intrigue, lies and deception. You should not follow the advice of a relative, he wishes you evil and tries to use your failure for their own purposes.

All problems should be solved independently. Give up help in a polite manner, justify it.

The interpretation promises monetary problems, exams, which fate presents. You need to endure them bravely, not paying attention to tips that encourage active action.

In love and relationships

In fortune-telling for love, the inverted rune of Ansuz takes on the meaning of a false atmosphere. Intrigues are built around you.

Relationships do not like relatives, and they are trying to destroy them. This is a lie from a loved one. It concerns significant moments, and maybe just a simple omission that you take to heart.

Try to calmly understand what is happening.

In fortune telling about the rune relationship speaks of a serious quarrel, which will occur because of unresolved issues. In conjunction with Gebo, a quarrel, provoked by monetary difficulties.

In some quarters, the main reason will be your distrust and temper.

The value of the inverted rune Ansuz

Una Anzuz (inverted) in divination for work and career growth promises difficulties provoked by people around you. You have become the center of attention of detractors.

Someone does not want you to get the position. Be careful in expressing your feelings, do not engage in quarrels, empty talk will result in a strong shock and loss of work.

In an upside-down position, Ansuse speaks of a conflict with his superiors. In conjunction with Eyvaz says about the imminent journey, business trip.

In choosing a job means an error. In combination with Vuno, he changes the negative interpretation to a positive one: joy after torment.

In daily divination means the need to seek advice. Do not perceive close personal difficulties, it will prevent you from more serious matters.

Relationship is not the main problem now.

Look at what is happening from the third person. Learn to answer for your words.

Your oratorical talent will not be properly applied if you waste it.


Ansuz combines two entities. Speaks of talented people who are able to achieve a lot, thanks to their intelligence, oratorical abilities.

Do not waste talents in vain, send energy in a positive direction.

Inverted Ansuz Fleece: Description, Meaning, and Interpretation

The value of the Ansuz rune is deep and many-sided; it is often called the rune of the seers, the rune of magicians, or even the rune of the gods.

Moreover, the common name «Ansuz» has a Gothic origin, whereas in the Scandinavian languages ​​(Norwegian, Old Norwegian, Icelandic) it is called «Ass» (Ass) and goes back respectively to the form of the same name, meaning the inhabitants of Asgard, that is — Gods, Odin, Frigg, Heimdal and others.

Ansuz — the rune of knowledge, poetry and eloquence. This is the sage’s rune, it indicates the interaction between man and man (in the context of teacher-student or teacher-teacher), or between man and God (ace). Some researchers (for example, S.

Nekrasov) give the Ansuz rune the value of duality, linking it simultaneously with Odin and Loki. This is a fundamentally incorrect interpretation, which has no evidence base.

But the genesis of the runes is really dual (in more detail about this — in the part about the philosophy of Ansuse).

However, the Ansuz rune (photo below) is etymologically clearly associated with the supreme ass — Odin, the great wise man, the great teacher. And its multiplicity is objectively manifested in the fact that it acts on all levels — emotional (intuition, “super-me”), spiritual (insight, understanding) and material (live communication between people, the process of knowledge transfer).

  • Runes semantics: knowledge, word, magician
  • Rune transliteration: A
  • Old Norse rune name: Ass (or Oss)
  • Norse rune name: Ass or As
  • Icelandic rune name: Ass or Yss
  • Anglo-Saxon name of the rune: Aesc (presumably Ac and Oc)
  • Celtic rune name: An
  • Germanic name of the rune: Ansuz (gothic version of Ansus)

Please note that the value of the rune Ansuz should not be reduced to magic as a purely esoteric concept. To the same extent, Ansuse embodies scientific principles and progress as such.

This training, skill, specialty and talent. This is “knowledge as a universe”, equally related to magic and science.

The value of the rune Ansuz in the upright position

The Ansuse rune in direct position may indicate a message or a warning, in general it is a sign, but not necessarily fate. It may well be circumstances or your patrons.

It is a rune of learning and inspiration, it points to the process of apprenticeship or gaining important knowledge in some other way.

Perhaps this is an indication of a mediator or age (this point depends on the context), less often — receiving a gift or the arrival of elderly relatives.

The value of the Ansuz rune in the straight position can only be interpreted in a positive manner. In the broadest sense, this is the resolution of an actual situation, perhaps in some unexpected way, not directly dependent on you.

Sometimes the rune indicates the receipt of something (including the opening of a gift) and the help of forces that you cannot influence in principle. Ansuz in a relationship indicates a successful decision, you obviously have nothing to worry about, because you are on the right track.

And if it seems to you that you do not know what the next step should be, look into the situation more closely — because you have already made a decision.

Tip of the runes Ansuz in direct position

Do not be afraid to speak, do not be afraid to listen. The contact you rely on will be successful, you will get what you want.

The main thing — trust foreboding. Most likely, you feel for a long time already — something important is about to happen.

Relax and surrender to this feeling, let the flow of events bears you.

Act in accordance with your feelings, time to trust your intuition and make a bet on circumstances. Take a closer look at what catches your eye, do not dismiss the council, no matter who its source.

You will be given a sign, have the courage to see it and do not be afraid to follow it …

The value of the rune Ansuz upside down

The basic concepts here are deception and trickster (trickery), the futility of hope and effort.

An inverted Ansuz (photo in this position — below) indicates a lie, insincerity, cunning, resistance to the process of obtaining knowledge.

This is erroneous advice, false knowledge, misrepresentation (accidental or purposeful), false. In some cases, the inverted rune Ansuse also indicates a quarrel with a man who is much older than you.

The rune in the inverted position has an unequivocal indication — you should not believe what you hear, this is clearly false information or even tricky provocation. This may be a lack of information or an unclear situation, so you should not make a decision right now.

An inverted Ansuz in a relationship indicates a member of the older generation (not necessarily a relative), and at this stage it is he who is the source of your difficulties. If you continue to abut — get a cruel lesson.

Also Ansuz in this position may indicate an incorrect use of esoteric knowledge and practices.

Inverted Fleece Ansuse unequivocally says one thing — you are very confused and have lost confidence. Probably, there is a psychological barrier between you and those with whom you want to share something, to explain something.

You think that any of your actions is inexpedient and vain, and in general it is the way it is. However, Ansuz always points to unavoidable processes.

Perhaps these are some sudden, drastic changes that are always accompanied by some misunderstanding and pain.

You will survive all this, nothing critical has happened.

Board runes Algiz upside down

Do not speak, if you are not sure, do not listen, if there is even a drop of doubt in the veracity of the spoken words. But the main thing — do not give in to despondency, if you fall into despair — nothing good shines for you.

We can not show weakness, especially since in reality everything is not as critical as you might think.

Take a sober look at the situation and realize that there is no need to make a decision right now. Pay attention to two points: firstly, some (and maybe many) of your actions were frankly not wise, and secondly, this is a very timely test, if it happened at another time — it could be much worse.

And most importantly — now just do not believe the word, anyone.

Use of Ansuz in rituals

The rune of aces helps to develop skills and talents of communication qualitatively, this is a rune of communication and it can contribute to your development in this very direction.

Also rune Ansuz helps in solving problems with the law, contributes to the attainment of wisdom and understanding that you have not been given for a long time. This is a rune of knowledge and it can help pass an interview, test, exam.

Runa Ass allows you to improve your intellectual abilities and hone your talent of persuasion. In a sense, it is the speaker’s rune, it gives inspiration and helps to form a useful network of contacts.

The use of the rune Ansuz in runeskriptah

In Anesuz runeskripta helps to give credibility, clarity, consistency of your speech (as part of a specific speech, and in general).

This rune gives wisdom and self-confidence, but in no case should not use it in the context of a successful combination of circumstances. If you do not have the knowledge and skills, the rune Ass will not help you.

But if you really own the material, but there are factors that hinder you, then Ansuse will surely remove obstacles, neutralize enemies and allow you to use hidden reserves.

Also Ansuz is often used to increase the «magical» potential. It is important to understand that this rune will not give what is not.

However, it can repeatedly strengthen and strengthen what is already there. In addition, it can be the very step, which is often not enough to complete victory.

  • Ansuz Laguz. This runeskript is quite specific. Since both the runes — Ansuse and Laguz — are associated with intuition and patronage, and Laguz at the same time has the meaning of the runes of the traveler and the navigator, it is a question of success in traveling on water. Less commonly, «Ansuz Laguz» is used to stimulate imagination and creativity.
  • Soulu Ansuse. Unlike the previous runescript, this option — Soulu and Ansuse — has a complex meaning. Saulu is a victory, a sun, an acquisition. Therefore, the combination of “Soulu Ansuz” gives a successful resolution of the situation, but do not forget that the universal is the enemy of the special.
  • «Ansuz Uruz». Since the rune Uruz personifies change and at the same time — the courage to resist these changes, this will be the meaning of the Ansuz Uruz runescript. He will overcome the difficulty by strengthening your position, but not at the expense of luck, but at the expense of your own efforts (which will naturally make you stronger).
  • Vigno Ansuse Vigno. Vigno is a rune of joy, grace, a pleasant «aftertaste» and well-being in general. Therefore, the Vigno Ansuse Vigno runescript allows you to use your creative abilities to achieve happiness. In addition, this combination of runes allows you to «squeeze the maximum» out of important contacts.
  • «Nawyz Ansuz Nauzyz». This runescript in its sense reminds the previous one in some way, however, “Nautiz Ansuz Naudiz” talks about getting material benefit. In addition, he can protect against financial losses and help break someone’s resistance.
  • Ansuse Gebo Vigno. Gebo — the rune of gift, partnership, potency. Vigno, as already noted, gives a favorable outcome. In the complex, the Anusz Gebo Vigno runescript allows you to choose the “right side”, reconcile with your partner and get the most out of interaction with a specific person. The combination of «Ansuse Gebo Vigno» is especially useful for business and for resolving issues of a purely personal nature.
  • Ansuz Teyvaz. This combination allows for justice. Teyvaz — the highest authority and at the same time — the principle of struggle, during which the desired is achieved. Runeskript «Ansuz Teyvaz» awakens the hunting instinct and primitive excitement, without which victory is either unattainable or meaningless. Ansuz Teyvaz is a combination of fine intuition and accurate calculation.

The philosophy of the rune Ansuz — tradition and esoteric context

In some cases, the word “ass” is translated from Old Norse not as “god”, but as “mouth”.

Probably, it means a divine word that created orderliness from chaos, it is a demiurge-universe that speaks and thus creates (the analogy with the Hindu concept Om-Aum is obvious). According to K.

Meadows, Runa Ass is an expression of the spirit, the embodiment of the breath of life, but not only in the material world. This is the essence of being, which originates in the deepest depths of the subconscious, pure mind.

The significance of the rune Ansuz can be reduced to the release of energy through change, probably that is why the runic shamans of the north traditionally wore hats turned inside out, thereby paying tribute to the principle embodied in this sacred of the runes. We can talk about the opening of the creative channel, talent, and self-expression.

Also, many runologists believe that Ansuse (Ass) embodies the principle of existential duality — this is the dialectical law of unity and struggle of opposites, and the purely physical law of conservation of energy, and even in a certain sense — the second law of thermodynamics.

This is the desire of the universe to steady movement and at the same time — to rest. It is obvious that the rune of Ass is associated with the air element, because the word is first of all sound vibration (meaning it is the spoken word).

Pythagoras and the followers of the Pythagorean school spoke about these poetic, musical principles underlying the existence. Ass in this sense can be called «the voice of nature.»

In the shamanic tradition of the European North, the rune of Ansuse indicates secret, sacred knowledge, mediates between the people and the gods who give revelation. But this is only a metaphor, in fact it is about the wisdom of ancestors, which is passed from generation to generation (literally — word of mouth), this process embodies the Anusuz runic symbol.

The principle embodied in the Ansuz rune is naturally reflected in many other cultures, the most obvious analogy being the parallel with the Taoist Yin-Yang. We are talking about global processes of macro- and microcosm, in which two elements always participate, and there is also an environment through which “communication” takes place, the transfer of knowledge-data. However, K.

Meadows sees here not a dual, but a threefold principle, according to his works, the rune of Assus embodies the brothers Odin, Willy and Vyo (another obvious analogue is the Christian Trinity). After all, it was three brothers, the sons of Bør, who created orderly Cosmos.

They, according to one of the legends, created the first people: One gave them breath, Willy gave birth to feelings and emotions, and Vyo endowed with will.

  • Potential rune Ansuz: expression of spirit, creativity, word
  • Basic esoteric qualities: creative thought and artistry, inspiration and intuition, foresight and analysis, communication, the process of obtaining and transmitting knowledge
  • Practical aspect in esotericism: understanding of the obvious and non-obvious, the disclosure of the internal «I», the establishment of contacts, the element of external influence, patronage, but not luck or chance
  • Summon Rune Ass: learn to hear the “voice of nature”, not just your own, look further, listen longer, feel deeper

Runa Ass can help in the activation of hidden features, it helps to get important contacts and to establish communication with them. This is the rune of universal communication, the rune of understanding and gaining knowledge.

At the same time, Ansuz has other aspects of importance — the transfer of knowledge, the improvement of relationships, the elimination of barriers. This is a rune that is responsible for the free, natural flow of energy.

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