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Icelandic runes: description, interpretation and how to properly use

The history and interpretation of classic Icelandic runes (black and white series)

Icelandic runes: description, interpretation and how to properly use

Icelandic runes are symbols that are used for magical purposes, and sometimes in the form of a tattoo. They are divided into two types: white and black row.

It is easy to guess that white is a positive energy and value, and black is negative.

History of origin

All that concerns the use in practice of magical symbolism, refers to working with galdrastavami. Some mystical symbols and signs are called this term.

Icelandic runes-galdrastavy are, as a rule, a complex combination of rune-like characters. Their production is similar to work with runes:

  • The magician draws schemes, then cuts them out of any material. This is usually a tree.
  • Applying paint or powder, he paints the resulting symbol.
  • Throughout the manufacturing process, the magician sings a spell song at a pace of prayer. Thus he fills the mark with power.
  • When everything is ready, the magician once again says a prayer or sings a spell song.

The inhabitants of Iceland have long known about the existence of runes. For example, specific inscriptions were found on gravestone stones that are dated from 1300 to 1500.

Other sources indicate the ancient magical knowledge of Icelanders.

Once the leader, who was a part-time poet, wrote in his works about the bewitching runes of the guy who created the spell for his girlfriend, who did not reciprocate. But the young man made the wrong commands, after the application of which the girl faded before her eyes.

The neighbor healer, having learned about it, hurried to the aid to the family of the victim.

After a series of uncomplicated combinations with runes, the magician healed the unfortunate. According to the description, he left only the positive runes of the Icelandic series, and threw the negative runes into the fire, repeating some kind of spell.

Most likely, the reason that the knowledge about the runes did not reach reliably enough to our days is the organic materials on which the runes were drawn. Therefore, it is not known exactly in which century mystical signs appeared.

After all, the climatic conditions of the island, where the first traces of making symbols were found, left much to be desired, and the Icelandic runes were made of bone and wood.

It is obvious that these structures of organic origin could simply not be preserved.

The function of the runes is to give instructions, advise. It is believed that the Icelandic runes, staves, formulas carry the most powerful energy, so only professionals should work with them.

In order not to be mistaken and not propry the wrong consequences, it is better not to experiment, if you do not know their absolute wording.

How to use the Icelandic runes?

It is believed that there are two kinds of magic: white and black. According to this, there have been numerous signs and attributes intended for this or that kind of witchcraft.

As already noted, the first kind of runes are the black runes of the Icelandic series. The second is white.

The basis of mystical rituals rests on this division.

Modern sorcerers also use Icelandic runes in their rites. The black series of this symbolism is used, for example, for the imposition of damage, witchcraft, love spells and other rites borrowed from black magic.

Numerous detractors can take advantage of the negative message with the help of these signs. Runes tend to show their strength even in the hands of an uninitiated person.

Therefore, it is better not to joke with the runic symbols and think well whether you need this action.

For the removal of love spells, the evil eye, failure, damage and other evil spells also use the Icelandic runes. The white row of these symbols is intended for good purposes.

As a rule, they carry a positive charge and a good value with favorable consequences. But even with them you need to be careful.

No one is immune from mistakes in the formulation of these signs.

The number of runes is huge. To date, they are used in incomplete. And only some of them are used in rituals.

For practice in magic and witchcraft hundreds of thousands of soothsayers can use the Icelandic runes. The pronunciation of the meaning of the runic symbols is carried out with extreme caution and everyone who plans to use this is responsible for their actions.

It is no secret that people love tattoos with different symbolism. For these purposes, they can use the Icelandic runes. It is highly undesirable to have a black row of such signs in the form of tattoos.

People leave such symbols on their bodies, sometimes without going into their origin, concept and meaning. And then they are surprised at the strange events that occur in their lives.

Some prefer to do tattoos, which depict only the Icelandic runes. The description of the characters does not matter to them.

But you should think about how to do this, because runic symbols can be a danger to their owner. Many rock musicians like to depict these specific signs on their bodies just to admire their intricacies.

Types of Icelandic runes

As noted above, there are black and Icelandic white runes. That is what will be discussed in the article. The last expert, who studied the magic and the value of the Icelandic runes, died in the VII century BC. er in Iceland.

Since then, no one can tell about the full diversity of the runes today.

But there is a rather paradoxical assumption: the less studied the runic signs, the stronger they are. Today, the use of runic magic is a very strong rite, which is considered extremely effective and dangerous.

Divination and rituals with the use of runes carry inhuman energy, strength — sometimes it is impossible to cancel their negative impact on a person and his environment.

Initially, black Icelandic runes were used in practice. It is believed that they appeared first.

The use of black magic was common in the Middle Ages and in more ancient times, so it is not surprising that a series of dark signs with the most powerful negative energy was in the foreground.

But after a while, in order to protect themselves from the dark energy, people began to use the Icelandic white runes. Virtually all rituals using runes that carry negative energy can be turned to zero if white runic symbols are used as opposed to.

It should be noted that such a concept as the Icelandic runes and their meaning is very important to be studied in detail before being used in witchcraft rituals. You should always remember about their destructive and irreversible action.

Therefore, it is necessary to clearly represent your desires and formulate questions.

Icelandic Black Rune Runes

Translated from the ancient Germanic language, run is “mystery”. It is believed that almost all rituals using runic symbols are negative.

But you should not judge so categorically about the Icelandic runes of the black row.

Because their use is possible in ceremonies in conjunction with white runic symbols. For example, there is a rune that symbolizes impotence and disease.

So, after the white symbolism will be collected in one spell, use the specified black rune, to designate the side that needs to be cured, eliminate, neutralize. That is how many wizards use knowledge of the runes.

Be careful when making magical runic language, try to study the Icelandic runes and their meaning properly. It should be borne in mind that they can have a double meaning, which you unknowingly can miss and cause harm.

For example, the black rune of the Ellie-Hvild series is a sign symbolizing illness, powerlessness and old age. This is a process that is waiting for its logical conclusion.

In order to correctly make a combination with a white runic series, it is necessary to seriously study the formula according to which you want to complete the negative process in a person’s life. Do not neglect these tips and deeply study the Icelandic runes.

Photo runic symbols and combinations for use in practice — not uncommon. Some of them are presented in the article.

This is a cunning rune. It is used to establish disagreements between people, damage to a quarrel, business, and everything connected with money.

It is used as a separate symbolism, and in combination with other runes.

The secrets of antiquity are kept in themselves Icelandic runes. And their meaning is often negative.

For example, this rune means damage to children, it is used to induce infertility to cause premature birth.

In principle, with its help you can cause any disease. All actions of this rune are destructive, but it is possible to stop them.

And even punish the person who induced the ailment with a combination of this sign with others.

Rune «Stungin Kaun»

Its meaning is the infliction of pain, bleeding, aching wounds and serious illness. If the consequences of illnesses from the use of the Kaun rune can be eliminated, then as for this sign, it will be unrealistic. This rune is aimed at destruction.

As a rule, all combinations with the use of this symbolism impose heavy incurable diseases.

In addition to the described negative impact, it can bring down drunkenness, a passion for murder, theft, various kinds of addictions and many other human vices. Such a rune can not be depicted on the body, because it carries a destructive negative meaning.

For example, if you depict such a symbol on a house, it will begin to collapse almost immediately.

That is, any carrier of this symbol will be enslaved immediately.

Rune «Stungin Iss»

Like many of the black runes, it is used for defacement and the evil eye. Its main purpose is to conceal theft and its perpetrators.

Thanks to this runic symbol you can hide your intentions and actions.

This rune is used to summon the dead from the dead. All the rituals that are used in black magic to call and appeal to the spirits of the dead pass with its use.

This sign does not carry much negative. He is more concerned with the practice of communicating with the dead, which for centuries has been considered dark and dangerous for living people.

Rune opens the door to the world of the dead and helps to get in touch with them.

This list of runic symbols is continued. Numerous runes used in the practice of black magic, are able to open a veil of secrets for the magicians.

Be careful of your desires and monitor the correct use of the black Icelandic runes.

White row of Icelandic runes

As you know, the white Icelandic runes originated from the practice of interaction with the black series. Therefore, their main task — the opposition to evil.

They can prevent, and in some situations, completely remove the negative impact created by black magic. But, like any runic symbols, they have a meaning that you need to know in order to correctly apply the Icelandic runes.

The white row, the meaning and description of which runes should be studied to eliminate the effects of black magic, is described in the article.

The value of this rune eliminates the imposed damage and sent curses, restores health and removes the evil eye, helping to establish harmony in life and deeds, returns calm.

It is believed that the damage that is sent to a person always affects many areas of his life, for example, if it is done on health, then in the future it will affect the well-being of the family. This symbol will help you to remove all the negative effects that are caused by such curses.

When using the «Ass» rune in combination with other symbols, you can open a stream of right thoughts and positive energy.

Rune «Bjarkan»

This is an important rune, meaning life. In addition, using it in practice will help to get love, harmony, happiness, healing from female ailments. In Iceland, this rune meant the protection of children.

But you must always carefully apply the symbol in action.

For example, it is impossible to overturn this sign, since subsequently it will bear a negative and even destructive character. The best method of working with this rune will be applying it on the matter, and not on the object and paper itself.

After this action, the rune is immersed in a mixture of water and earth.

Treat illnesses, remove the evil eye and return the youth that was taken away by the magical effect.

Rune «Kne Sol»

This rune will help in family life and to resolve conflicts, especially if there is damage to the discord. It supports the health of older people. If you make a symbol for personal use as an amulet, then you need to take a pine tree.

You will feel much better.

Both black and white runes are much more than described in the text. Therefore, if you wish, you can explore them in full from the magic books and tales.

Classic Icelandic Runes (Values)

Icelandic runes: description, interpretation and how to properly use

How many conversations about them, and still there is no decent description and normal picture.

Icelandic Runes — Secret Expert

Icelandic runes: description, interpretation and how to properly use

kne sól

The name of this rune is knee sól (which means knee-flaming bright sun) — “it stops husbands from fighting and quarrels, helps wives of years” — is used to relieve rassorok and tear damage, in treatment — to help and maintain the health of the elderly.


The name of this rune is áss (which means ass) — “this is ancient Gaut and the warrior-king of Asgard, the ruler of Valhalla, protector of life and helper in any affairs” — the fleece is used to remove spoils and curses, restore harmony and return stolen happiness and health.


The name of this rune plástur (which means “plaster”) is “pain relief and healing of wounds, many live to old age and youth return” — the rune is used to restore youth and happiness, spoiled by damage, in treatment to relieve pain and prolong life.

tví-örvaðr bogi

The name of this rune tví-örvaðr bogi (which means a bow in reverse with two arrows) — “is the return of evil and arrow to the sky” — is used when removing damage to troubles, for returning evil, in treatment, to restore the body.


The name of this rune is sól (which means soft sun) — “this is despair for ice (meaning damage by dark witchcraft with the help of Helheim’s spirits) and a shining nimbus of protection and help in suffering” — is used to remove curses and damage to death and disease, for treatment heart disease.


The name of this rune Ár — which means the harvest year — is a festival and a good summer, and a fruitful field. Neutral is more like a rune, a rune of the result, it is like a “bag” or “field”, and putting / planting it will be the result.

It can be both good and evil, but still the harvest is usually attributed to the white row, due to the fact that the rune is not dangerous and does not carry any negative values.

It is used with both the runes of the white row and the runes of the black row, which is usually placed next to last in the formula to characterize the result, before the failure, after it the result characteristics. This is a rune of growth, achievement.

Used in treatment — as a rune of effectiveness, also for the treatment of age and «professional» diseases, for the treatment of depression and neurotic conditions. Usually it is customary to combine it with other runes, because in itself it simply means growth, seedlings of labor, the result, but, on the other hand, this rune may well be applicable in a single form, to stop uncontrollable crying, to restore the normal state, for improve mood.


The name of this rune is reið (which means road and driving) — “this is a good road (life is meant as a road) and help in it, this is bliss and help” — is used to remove damages on tears and misfortunes, to close roads, to heal mental illness (it was believed that the rune will help to return the mind and clarify the mind), any nervous disorders.


The name of this bjarkan rune — (which means birch and life) — “is the color of the life of the earth and a beautiful grove and strong kind” — is used to relieve damage to loneliness and in the rituals of finding love, in healing it was used to stop bleeding and treat female diseases (gynecology ).


The name of this rune týrt (which means pierced Turth (meaning the god Thor) — «is a brave wounded, but healed and stronger became» — is used to relieve damage to illness and misfortunes, in treatment — to recover from a serious illness (helping immunity).


The name of this rune maðr (which means a mighty man, endowed with power) — “this is joy and land (prosperity) increase and gain of strength” — is used when removing damage to failure, ruin and to restore strength.


The name of this rune is lögr (which means water of power and life) — «this is the river of life and the help of Vimur (the name of good spirit) and the field of living fish» — is used to remove damage to health, failure, ruin, it is known that this rune is opposed to the Black Rune fé. The treatment is used to help with various infectious diseases.

The name of this rune fé (which means withdrawal / lack of money) — “this is a quarrel and death, and the trail of a grave fish” — is used in witchcraft for rassorok and damage to ruin and death.

Fleece is used mainly to direct damage to ruin, to death, to quarrels and disagreements, usually used alone or in combination with the runes of both rows


The name of this rune æsingur (which means rage and confusion) — «this is filthy and tearful crying, and the death sentence» — is used in case of damage to death and despair, in the curses of the family.

Fleece is used mainly to damage the home, family, to induce despair and damage to children, also used to induce «scandalous life», for quarrels, for gossip, for swearing, it is also used for damage to health, often to spoil the appearance, combined with runes as black and white row.

With the help of the runes you can also punish a person with a “common set” of troubles. In case of damage and curses, the rune is often used with Kaun to enhance the negative effect.

The value of the rune is mainly negative, but if you apply it with the runes of the white row, you can get the strength for the “last spurt” with the correct stipulation to overcome the obstacle or obstacle, but here you need to be careful about the issue, this rune can be characterized as — By any means to achieve the goal, applying it to remove obstacles and give strength, it is necessary to take into account that the rune has no moral restrictions on the action, so if in the situation you feel sorry for the rune it’s better not to use it, therefore It will not understand «who is an obstacle», she just removes it, adding you strength. It also affects the moral attitudes of the practice, disabling them for the time it takes to overcome the obstacles.

stunginn íss

The name of this rune stunginn íss (which means pierced ice) — “this is theft that remains undisclosed” is used if for magical deeds, when you need to remove something imperceptibly, this is undisclosed theft and misfortune remaining, an insurmountable obstacle and mistake.

Fleece was used in damages to health, misfortune and for harm to any cause. Could be used to close the road to a person or to terminate any business.

Fleece was often used to hide their actions.

In general, the rune is not so black, but rather its concealment, secret, is put into its meaning, it acquired its negative meaning already at a later period, because it was loved and often used by thieves and sorcerers who wanted them not to be found, not recognized .P.

, also used by criminals who were hiding from the law. As damage it is best to use it in combination with other runes of the black row, because by itself it may not give the desired effect.

Often the fleece is used in stavah, formulas for орorochek, charm, guidance illusions and fad.

On the other hand, this rune of obstacles and closure, it can put obstacles in the way of solving any issues, can interfere in business, but with such an effect that it is not the rune that creates a situation in which a barrier will arise, but the person himself will close himself with his actions. road or will attract trouble.

This is a false path, an illusion, which can be followed by an object that is affected.

If it is simpler, when used with a black line, the rune will knock a person out of the way, confuse and create such a situation in which the person will ruin his life, when used with the white line, the rune will give an effect of charm, can be used to create confusion on himself or his actions . By itself — the rune will hide deeds.

In the case of using a single rune, it can be applied to any material, in the photo, on paper, you can throw it or imperceptibly draw in the enemy’s house to cause scandals.


The name of this rune ýr (which means bow) — “this is the sender of arrows and poisoning” — is used during damage when it is necessary for the enemy to slowly die or “hit” the enemy with a break (i.e. when the enemy already thinks that everything has passed) followed by the next blow).

It is used in damages for gradual destructive impact, for gradual harming, it can be used in damages for death, for diseases, for disagreements.

It can be applied either alone or in combination with the runes of the white and black series, depending on the task.


The name of this rune is úr (which means thunderstorm, storm, squall) — “these are tears and destruction, irritation” — is used in the form of tears and misfortunes.

Fleece is used for damage to tears, for the destruction of affairs or property, can be used for both good and bad deeds, the rune belongs to the black row, because its power is poorly controlled and can be used to cause harm.

Ur is figuratively speaking an amplifier, a powerful flow of force, which can be enclosed within certain limits with the help of additional runes. By itself, the rune gives an uncontrolled flow of power.

In the case of damage, a single rune can often be used in the aspect of destruction, it can sometimes be used in treatment, as a “last resort,” the rune is also used to destroy, destroy tumors.

For damage it is best to use it with any additional runes, if you need to characterize the aspect of destruction. It can be used for sending misfortunes, misfortunes, especially in combination with Ar.


The name of this rune is elli-hvíld (which means the peace of old age, hard work and inglorious end, powerlessness and difficulties). Fleece is used to induce damage to old age, to weaken the enemy, to guide disease, misfortune, damage to death.

But the rune can act as an assistant in completing cases with a combination of white.

A rather complicated rune, on the one hand, “fatigue” is always put into its meaning, on the other hand, this fatigue is often written in formulas to characterize the state for correction, i.e.

Ally-Hvild is not only old age and powerlessness, it is also a certain stage that requires completion, but for completion to be successful, and not to end with an inglorious end, you need to choose the runes that will coexist with the rune elli-hvíld, and pay attention to the runes in the formula.

If you put it in the beginning of the formula, and after it put the runes of the white row, then the practitioner will receive the completion of the disgusting stage in life, but if you put the runes of the white row at the beginning of the formula, then you will get an inglorious end and uselessness of efforts.

Often the rune is used as a link between the runes of the black row, for example, if it is necessary to characterize the total rune period and its properties. Also, the rune is used for the guidance of chronic diseases, for the guidance of disability, etc. When used individually, you must be very careful, because the rune is poorly controlled.

They do not draw a separate rune on themselves, only if for some reason they need to block their power.

It can be carved on wood — yew, spruce, oak, on paper or on clay.


(not to be confused with Týrt)

The name of this rune týr (which means Tour) — “this is a wolf’s undernourishment and the lord of temples” — is used when calling the dead and fingering spirits.

Most often, the rune is used in the rituals of calling the dead, to damage and curses on any side of life, to create a gain of magic items for black magic.

Rune is most often used in the practices of «seance», to communicate with the other world, with the help of it you can create «entities» and call the dead into the world, recreating the semblance of life. Sometimes the rune is applied to the staff or a separate talisman is made for dark practices.

The rune may not be harmful, but rather to the black row because of the danger of practicing with the dead.

When combined with the runes of the white row — the rune is used to expel evil, to drive out restless souls who pull forces from the living, in combination with the runes of the black row, the rune can be used to spoil it, but rather in the context of calling the spirit / dead to in turn spoiled the life of the object in certain areas. By itself, the rune opens the door to another world, is used to contact the dead.


Rune Kaun (which means «sore», «disease») — is the enemy of children, the consequences of the fight (rollback), the trace of rotting. The rune is used for damage to the disease, for the damage of children, causes infertility, is used for damage to death as a supplement or as the main rune, it is also used for translating recoils, and for punishing rollback.

But most often it was used for damage to the disease.

With the help of the runes can cause any disease, but:

1) protection practice is obligatory

2) it is meaningless to call the modern names of diseases, not complementing the explanations. In the case of spoilage of children, everyone has their own rules and laws at work, but using the rune for these purposes should be taken into account that it will not remove the rollback, so I would not use it to harm children, but everyone chooses for themselves.

Rune do not draw on yourself. Draw on paper, wood, mentally, in a photo, etc.

From trees it is better to take — yew, aspen or willow.

Stunginn kaun

Fleece Stunginn kaun — which means «pierced wound», a serious illness, it is the basis of suffering, bleeding and pain. Fleece is used for damage to the disease, as a rule, incurable.

The rune is the destroyer, but at the same time the “giver” is the fire of the Rhine (gold).

It was believed that the rune could send diseases and ills (with regards to health), the rune of the source of the disease, besides with the help of the rune, the damage was aimed at — drunkenness, dependence, theft, thirst for blood, etc.

, the rune aroused and sent certain vices upon man.

Here, a very thin line, if Kaun is a disease, then Stunginn kaun are sources of diseases, and they are everywhere, using Kaun can send a disease using Stanginn Kaun — also, but the disease can also be “awakened” in the human body, stanginn Kaun is the source, the basis of disease.

It is not drawn on itself, only on the carrier or mentally, it awakens the disease, both in man and in the object (destruction, for a car, for example — rust, etc.)


Rune þurs (Tours / Travel). The name of this rune (urs (which means the giant tour) is a torment for women and a mighty rock inhabitant and wanderer (messenger) in the wilderness at night.

Fleece is used for damage, curses, punishments, for infertility, for targeting diseases to women.

It works best on women, as the effect of the runes is further enhanced. Women are not recommended to use this rune without additional protection, in the absence of adequate protection, the fleece in 9 cases out of 10 will act against the female practitioner.

I would say only the male rune, but in extreme cases you can apply.

Rune is not drawn on itself neither for test, nor for use. Apply exclusively with MF and on the object.

The rune can be drawn on the photo, on paper, on a tree (yew, ash, aspen).


Fleece Hagall. The name of this rune Hagall (which means «hail») is a cold seed and the disease of snakes, and silver in the blood.

Fleece is used for punishment for actions, for damage to health, for damage to illness, for damage to property, for damage to quarrels, separation, to change fate (not for good purposes), for damage to old age.

The rune with the right approach can impose «aulg» (the curse of fate), so it should be used carefully. You can draw a rune on yourself only in the case of an unexpected magical attack, in all other cases only on a tree or paper, a tree is an oak.

In essence, the rune is not as “black” as the others, but rather it can be correlated with prediction, so that it cannot be avoided, it is like death, not good, but, in general, not bad, but because of aspects of its rune action attributed to the black row. Very controversial and fateful rune.

If you use the rune in the full moon, the power will multiply. With regards to damage to the disease — most often it is a weakening of the immune system and, as a result, already a disease.


Iss — ice, shackling, stagnation, crystallization.


Naud — need, deprivation, coercion to something.

Icelandic runes: features and application

Icelandic runes: description, interpretation and how to properly use

In the 17th century, the last expert on divination and interpretation of runes on them in Iceland died, and since then very few could say much about Icelandic runes, actually, as in our days.

This section of divination was studied very, very little, but at the same time it is considered one of the strongest.

The value of the Icelandic runes is almost the same as the Scandinavian runes. They do not have exact wording, they provide assumptions and give advice.

It is necessary to handle them with caution, because sometimes even professionals cannot cope with the complexity of the Icelandic runes. Necessary well understand interpretations these runes, as well as how to apply them correctly.

Icelandic runes: description

Any practical work with magical symbolism can be attributed to working with the Galdraces. This term defines many symbols.

Icelandic runes are usually very complex combinations.

Making runes is similar to direct work with them. First, the magician draw and cut out the scheme. Most often they are wooden.

Then paint or powder is used to color the characters. During the whole process a special song is sung. prayer spell. This allows the signs to give strength.

After this, the spell or the prayer is pronounced again.

The inhabitants of Iceland know about the runes for a long time. So, on gravestones specific inscriptions were found 13-16 centuries. There are other sources confirming that Icelanders have long had special magical knowledge.

So, there was information that one day a guy who wanted to fall in love with a girl, used the love runes.

However, the commands used by him were probably wrong, because after applying them the girl began to fade. The healer who lived in the neighborhood learned this and hurried to the rescue.

Having done some manipulations with the runes, he still healed the victim.

In accordance with the description of this story, he burned the negative runes with special spell, but only positive results remained.

It is possible that the reason for the fact that the runes to this day almost did not reach the information, was the organic matter of the material where the runes were drawn. Therefore, one cannot say for sure when they appeared.

The climate on the island, where they found the first traces of the runes, was not too pleasant, and they were made of bone and wood. It is possible that these organic materials are simply not preserved due to external conditions.

The main task of the runes is advise. In general, it is believed that the power of the Icelandic runes is very strong, so it is better that professionals work with them.

If a person is not confident in his absolute knowledge of all formulations and rules of application, it is better not to engage in runes, in order not to do fatal mistakes, which can lead to serious consequences.

Meaning and interpretation of symbols

Magic is divided into two types — white and black. In accordance with this, many signs and attributes were created that were intended to use a certain type of magical action.

The first type of runes is the black part of the Icelandic series. Another is the white row of the Icelandic runes.

It was this division that formed the basis of many magical rituals. Icelandic runes are also used in the rites of modern mystics.

With the help of the black row, witchcraft occurs, damages, curses and a number of other rituals are imposed, the roots of which come from black magic. These signs can be used by ill-wishers for negative purposes.

It is necessary to take into account that the runes can show their strength, even if they are used by a person who does not know anything about them, therefore you should not joke with these magical symbols.

Each rune has its own meaning and interpretation. They can be used to remove various evil spells such as damage and curses.

It is for this that the white row of runes is used.

Usually it carries a positive charge, and the effects of use are always favorable. However, care is needed even with them, since interpretations of signs often imply mistakes.

The number of runes is incredibly large. Apply them only in a specific volume.

Only a small number of them. used for rituals. Even the pronunciation of the symbols of the runes should be done very carefully, and one who plans to use the meanings of the runes in one way or another should be responsible for his actions.

Many people like tattoos in all sorts of characters, and Icelandic runes also often used in this matter. It is undesirable to choose the runes of the black row.

Often people sin by leaving such kinds of symbols on their bodies, without even realizing what their meaning is. But the consequences can be completely unpredictable.

If you already choose a rune for its application to the body, you must be sure to familiarize yourself with what does it mean.

Black row

It is believed that most rituals in which Icelandic black characters, have a negative meaning. However, this is not always the case if you combine white and black signs. For example, there is a rune, meaning impotence, health problems.

If you combine her power with the power of the white rune, you can, on the contrary, cure and eliminate the disease.

In this way, knowledge of the runes is used by many magicians. But you always need to take into account the dual meaning of the runes, because of which you can unknowingly change their meaning and cause harm. In both rows eleven characters.

The black runes are as follows.

Fe. In translation, it symbolizes the lack of money or their withdrawal.

In magic, the rune is used for disagreements, ruin, for various differences and even death. It is used both separately and together with other characters.

Kaun. Literally means illness, considered an enemy of children.

It can also be used to spoil infertility or death.

Still, the damage to the disease — its most popular application. In dark magic during rituals with this rune, the practitioner himself must defend himself.

In bright magic, white runes can neutralize its negative value and, conversely, eliminate the disease or cure the child.

Stanginn kaun. Symbolizes severe illness, suffering, severe pain. If used in black magic, it often sends incurable diseases to a person.

Also with its help were defaced, designed to cause a person addiction, alcoholism, the desire for blood and so on.

Stanginn iss. The name of the rune is literally translated as «undisclosed theft«.

In fact, it is used when it is necessary to take something for magic rituals without permission.

Also symbolizes errors and obstacles that need to be circumvented. It was used for harm, lashing misfortunes and diseases.

Could be used to close the road or close this or that business.

It is also used in rituals of white magic, since light runes can significantly change its meaning.

Tyr. Used for contact with the dead, with spirits and their promptings.

Mainly designed to work with other worlds, to create «entities», any contact with the dead. It is worth considering how dangerous the practice is.

Use it in combination with the white runes, for example, if someone from the dead does not give rest to someone alive, and you need to get rid of this person.

Ur. With its help suggest tearing on tears, on property, on misfortune.

At the same time it can be used in good intentions. The rune itself is strong, but this force can be directed either to one or the other.

Yr. Use the rune for damage when necessary slow dying of the enemy or striking him with a break.

It is taken for damage to the disease, quarrels, and even fatal. Used independently and with other runic symbols.

Turs. Mainly used for curses of women, for their diseases and infertility.

Female power enhances the action of the runes. It is necessary to apply it with additional protection, since if a practitioner is a woman, then almost always the rune acts against her.

In magic, it was more often used by men.

Hagal. Associated with punishment, disease and old age, and even fateful curses.

In relation to diseases, it most often affects reduced immunity, and then provokes the disease.

Aesinger. Rune mean rage, strong crying, death sentence.

In magic, it is used for damage to death and despair, for generic curses.

With her possible damage to the family and at home. In terms of health, it is most often aimed at deterioration of appearance.

Other black runes help enhance its effect. Also used with white runes.

In this case, can help overcome the obstacle.

Elli hvild. Symbolizes hard work, old age, problems, lack of strength. It can be used for damage to old age, for taking strength from the enemy, for damage to illness, misfortune and even death.

But in combination with the white number can help complete important things. It all depends on how to use the rune.

As you know, the white Icelandic runes emerged from the practice of combining them with black and next. In view of this, their main purpose is neutralization of evil.

These runes can prevent, and sometimes completely eliminate, the bad effects that black magic has created.

However, it is impossible to use these runes uncontrollably. They have a meaning that must be considered.

In this series, the number of runes is also equal to eleven.

Ass. Helps eliminate damage and curses, to get rid of health problems, from the evil eye, helps to restore calm and find the lost harmony.

Struggles not only with the very damage, but also with its negative consequences.

You can combine runes with other symbols to help launch the right energy flows, the right thought flows and positive energy.

Bjarkann. Important rune which denotes life itself.

Its application gives the chance to find harmony, love and happiness. It helps to cure women’s diseases.

In Iceland, used to protect children.

However, this symbol should be used carefully, taking into account a number of nuances. For example, if you turn the rune, it will carry a negative and even destruction.

It is usually applied not on paper and objects, but on matter.

With this rune, diseases are cured, evil eyes are removed and youth returns if it has been taken away by dark magic.

  • Kne sol. Fleece helps improve family life and resolve a number of conflicts, especially in the event that there was a spoilage on the spat. Aged people help maintain health. If you use it as an amulet for your own purposes, then a pine tree should be used, which will help to significantly improve your well-being.
  • Logr. With her help defacement is removed on health, on failure. It is opposed to one of the black rune. Uses to fight infectious diseases. With its help, cleansing, procedures for removing the negative, combating various curses.
  • Madr. Fleece symbolizes force, success and prosperity. Removes damage not failure, ruin, helps to restore power.
  • Plastur. Relieves pain and heals wounds. With it, you can return youth, beauty. Prolongs life. Widely used to deal with thyroid problems.
  • Reid. Fleece means good road, help, bliss. Used to remove damage to the troubles and tears. Also opens the road. It is also used in the treatment of mental disorders, since it is believed that the symbol is able to return the mind, to clear the mind. Helps keep the nervous system in order.
  • Sol. Symbolizes protection and help suffering. With this rune, you can fight against induced damage to the disease, and even fatal. Helps to treat heart disease.
  • Twi-örvaðr bog. This rune helps to return the harm done to the offender, to get rid of a number of ills, for medical measures. Fleece is able to qualitatively restore the resources of the body.
  • Tyrt. Rune named after the notorious god Thor, and symbolizes brave man, wounded, but healed and became stronger. Struggles with damage to problems and deterioration of health. Facilitates recovery due to complex diseases.
  • Ar. Rune fertility, holiday and growth. It is rather neutral because it is often used in combination with other runes.

Runes can use only specialists, who are knowledgeable about their meaning. Otherwise, the results may be unpredictable.

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