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Hung Tarot — the meaning of the card

The map shows a man with his hands tied behind his back, which hangs upside down, suspended from his right leg. This symbolizes the fact that sometimes you have to look at life from another point of view. On the face of a person, suffering is not reflected, it is illuminated by an inner radiance, and this indicates self-sacrifice in order to acquire higher knowledge.

The glowing halo around the head of a suspended person indicates the highest wisdom, and his crossed legs symbolize certain limitations that exist in the life of each person. The inner meaning of the card is that in order to achieve the desired results, you should learn to endure and wait.

Hung Tarot - the meaning of the card
Hung Tarot - the meaning of the card

The card Hung up in a straight position symbolizes a deadlock. It appears in the scenario, as a rule, then when a person needs to pause a little in order to analyze the situation around him.

You need to rethink their actions and decisions to properly prioritize.

The Messenger Card may indicate that in life, you may need to sacrifice something to continue the path to the intended goals. At the same time, victims may be of a material nature, so it may well be that a person will have to reconsider his own outlook on life and abandon certain beliefs. This card indicates that in reality a person is waiting for serious changes and he needs to come to terms with it.

She points to powerlessness and inability to change anything.

In other areas this map, which appeared in the scenario, may indicate the following:

  • In matters of health, it foreshadows the development of serious illnesses and injuries. And it is precisely for the restoration of health that a forced life stop will be needed.
  • In matters of relationships, you need to think about how to redefine relationships. If this cannot be done, then there is a high probability that you will have to part with your partner. To treat this turn of events Hanged recommends easily, because the relationship just outlived itself and absolutely do not need to cling to a straw. During this period, no dating is planned, most likely, this is a period of loneliness.
  • In the business field, you also need to revise the prospects and assess the need for all existing projects. If this is not done, then all work will simply stop. We will have to spend a lot of effort to resolve the impasse and overcome the period of stagnation.

The card represents spiritualized and selfless individuals who have enough inner strength to change. Sometimes the Hanged Man points to a person who is in the hospital and does not give up on the fight against a serious illness.

Often a map indicates people who are willing to sacrifice themselves for the sake of the interests of a neighbor or some important matter.

Card value Hung upside down

In an inverted form, the Hanged Card symbolizes self-deception. It may also indicate that hopes were not met.

In the scenario, it may mean that a person lives a strange life. In addition, the Hanged Man in this case can serve as a warning that one should not focus on the material to the detriment of the spiritual.

When a person does not have a spiritual goal, he becomes unhappy.

Very often, this card in the inverted position symbolizes vain sacrifices and material difficulties. She points to significant problems and the impossibility of moving forward.

In other areas of life, it may portend the following:

  • In the area of ​​human health, a wide variety of diseases can develop and a general state of well-being can be noted, but he is so agitated and fixated on his inner world that he may not notice this and lose time for treatment.
  • In the personal sphere, the card foreshadows a period of long loneliness. A person will break the old relationship, and he will simply not be ready for a new relationship, as he will seek to seek in them, above all, material gain.
  • In the business sphere, you need to exercise maximum caution and avoid any risks, since this can lead to large material losses. You should also be wary of advice even from close people.

The card personifies a selfish and unreliable person. She points in an environment to people who are busy only with themselves.

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