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How to tell fortunes on a loved one on playing cards: the best deals, true divination

The most reliable fortune telling on a loved one on the cards: layouts, rules, interpretation

Before fortune telling, you need to relax, concentrate on the issue of interest, holding the deck in your hands for several minutes. Questions must be worded specifically. Otherwise, the deck may lie.

When fortune telling another person before the session should make sure that he refers to the fortunetelling with confidence. Skeptics cards do not reveal secrets. If the alignment is carried out without the presence of another person, before a session it is recommended to hold his photograph in the hands for several minutes.

Energy through the photo goes to the deck.

The main rules of fortunetelling are necessary to know in order to obtain a reliable result and to avoid negative consequences of divination (disease, exhaustion, trouble). Given the following prohibitions and rules divination will be most effective.

How to tell fortunes on a loved one on playing cards: the best deals, true divination

The basic rules of divination:

  • Only a new deck is used. Before the fortune-telling card is desirable to speak.
  • Before the session all the jewelry and belts are removed. Sorcerer dissolves hair.
  • When referring to a fortuneteller, it is recommended to inform the question of interest Information allows you to interpret the alignment more clearly.
  • For fortune telling is to take into account the weather. A strong storm, snowstorm or fog impede the receipt of information from the fine plan. The best weather is clear.

What is forbidden in fortune-telling on the cards:

  • It is forbidden to conduct a session out of curiosity. This depletes energy and leads to disease.
  • It is not recommended to do the alignment, being under the authority of negative emotional experiences. It also interferes with reading information.
  • The room should not be strangers, noise, animals. The exception is cats, because they allow you to protect yourself from the dark forces.
  • If divination is carried out by another person, he must sit without crossing his arms and legs.
  • You can not give cards to the hands of strangers.

It is strictly forbidden to knock the deck with the deck, to make sudden movements during the ceremony. So you can drop cards and cause dark forces.

How to tell fortunes on a loved one on playing cards: the best deals, true divination

If the fortunate one is a virgin, she can just sit on the deck. This is enough to ensure a true divination.

If it does not fall into this category, you should pass the deck of cards through the door handle 36 times.

In addition, the deck can pre-speak:

  1. 1. A new deck is bought during the growing moon.
  2. 2. At home, it unfolds on a new tablecloth or towel in random order.
  3. 3. Each of the cards must lie separately, without touching the other.
  4. 4. Next put a bowl with salted water.
  5. 5. Over the cards is pronounced the text of the plot.
  6. 6. Water is splashed onto the cards from a bowl or a guessing one touches each card with a wetted finger.
  7. 7. The fortuneteller takes a small sip from the same bowl.
  8. 8. The deck is worn in a purse until the next new moon period.
  9. 9. After that you can guess.

The text of the plot on the card:

“36 cards, you are relatives and godfathers, sisters and brothers, matchmakers and matchmakers, mother-in-law and sister-in-law, brother-in-law and deders, black, yes white, yes red! You tell me the whole truth, do not hide anything.

All tell, do not hide anything, as they said to the daughters Herodov at the wedding feast, in the honorary table. And do not tell me the truth-womb, so do not seek my misfortune.

I mark you on the blue seas, distant mountains, for the island of Buyan. And tell the truth — you will live freely and calm.

I speak, the servant of the Lord (name), in order to find out his thoughts and other people’s affairs. Key, lock, tongue.


How to tell fortunes on a loved one on playing cards: the best deals, true divination

When choosing a time for a session, you should follow several rules:

  • The optimal days for divination are the 13th day of any month or the fifth day of the week. If both criteria match, divination will have a high degree of certainty.
  • On Monday or Sunday it is impossible to guess. The deck will lie.
  • Regarding the time of day, the forbidden time is night — especially for beginners in the fortress.
  • On the days of church holidays and on Sundays, divination is strictly prohibited.

In some hands, a blank is used — a card denoting the very high point. Usually it is chosen like this:

  • the queen of hearts is a woman over 25 years old;
  • Bubnovaya — blonde or young lady;
  • The Lady of Clubs is a dark-haired woman or aged lady.

Before fortune-telling cards are shuffled. The deck shifts with the left hand in the direction of the guessing one (if the divination is performed on oneself) or to the person (if one guesses the other).

Cards are laid out on any flat surface — most often on the table. With it you need to remove all the objects of metal.

Experienced fortune-tellers do not recommend holding a session at the dinner table, because the energy from food (especially meat) prevents information from being obtained.

The following layouts allow you to find out what are the feelings and plans of a man, whether the relationship has a future. No matter how worried the love questions may be, disturbing the cards more than 1 time per day is prohibited.

Otherwise, the deck will begin to lie.

This method allows you to find out what a man feels to be expensive, and how strong love is if he is experiencing it.

First you need to choose a card that would symbolize the chosen one:

  • young cavalier — the king of diamonds;
  • a solid and wealthy man in the age — the king of clubs;
  • married — the suit of worms is chosen;
  • man incognito — the king of the peak.

Then you should mix the cards well. Toward you, gently move the cards with your left hand, visualizing the image of the beloved.

After that, slowly spread them on the table. On each of the cards a specific phrase is pronounced:

  1. 1. “Tell me, do you love me? «- the 1st card is put on the table.
  2. 2. “I love you” — 2nd.
  3. 3. “Love lives in my heart” — 3rd.
  4. 4. “I think only of you” — 4th.
  5. 5. “I will find another better than you” — the 5th card is put.

The attitude of a man is described by the phrase on which the King of the conceited suit fell. Cards are treated as follows.

  • If the card does not appear from the deck on the first round, you should continue to take out the cards and pronounce words on each of them until the King appears.
  • In the event that the card fell out already in the first round, the gentleman’s heart is filled with love for the precious one.
  • In the second or third — he has no sincere feelings yet.
  • If the King appeared only after the fourth or fifth round — the fortuneteller is much more attached to the man than he is to her.

For this fortune telling you need to know the full name of the man. Conducting a fortune:

  1. 1. A standard deck is shuffled carefully. It is necessary to reflect on the chosen one.
  2. 2. Then the cards are placed on as many piles as the letters in the full name of the man.
  3. 3. When the whole deck is laid out, each of the stacks gently moves so that vertical rows are formed.
  4. 4. Then the fortuneteller reveals one row. It is recommended to start from the bottom. The purpose of fortune telling is to find two or four cards of the same hierarchy (regardless of suit).
  5. 5. If the fortune-teller went through all the ranks, but there were no such ones, the deck is shuffled and decomposed. But now the alignment is performed on a small name or a nickname.
  • 2 sixes — a quick wedding; 4 sixes — seriousness and loyalty to the partner;
  • 2 sevens — a meeting with the gentleman will soon happen, 4 sevens — to a pleasant date;
  • 2 eights — a serious conversation is ahead, 4 eights — a conflict is possible;
  • 2 nines — strong love, 4 nines — very strong feelings from the man;
  • 2 dozens — the elect is interested in the value, 4 dozens — cold calculation and cynicism dictated by financial interest;
  • 2 jacks — you have to get to the close of daily activities, 4 jacks are a lot of troubles;
  • 2 ladies — hope for the best, 4 ladies — chatter, washing the bones;
  • 2 kings — friendship with a man, 4 kings — will soon become relevant issues related to kinship relations;
  • 2 aces — there is a high probability of an intimate relationship with a man of thought, 4 aces — a strong passion.

The deck is shuffled three times. At the same time it is necessary to visualize the husband or boyfriend, mentally asking a question.

After that three cards are pulled out and displayed from right to left. The answer of the deck is interpreted according to the suit:

  • three cards of tambourine and / or worms — the answer is yes;
  • two cards of tambourine and / or worms — the deck’s response is more positive than negative;
  • three cards of peak and / or crosses — the answer is negative;
  • two cards of peak and / or crosses — the answer is rather negative.

The following alignment allows you to answer the questions: “When will I get married? «,» When will the letter arrive? «,» When will the suitor call me? ”Et al. Divination allows approximately to determine the time when an event will occur.

A deck of 36 cards is used. Cards are shuffled. First you need to adjust the subconscious: for this the question of interest is mentally asked.

The deck moves, and then the top player pulls out a card until an ace falls. According to his suit and the number of cards that fell before him, it is judged when exactly the event of interest will occur:

  • Suit peak — indicates years.
  • Worms — months.
  • Tref — weeks.
  • Ace of diamonds — indicates the days.

For example, a girl asks a question about when she will meet a dream man. Shuffling the cards, she pulls out one card at the top until the final card falls — ace. She will have five cards and a sixth — the ace of spades.

She will meet a dream man in five years.

The deck is shuffled, then removed three times on itself. The session of this fortune-telling on a loved one on the cards is as follows:

  1. 1. Carefully turning over the mixed deck, find the form and put it on the table.
  2. 2. Two cards are placed next to it. They talk about what is happening in the soul of the fortuneteller, what filled her thoughts.
  3. 3. Cards are mixed again and removed three times.
  4. 4. The top three cards are placed above the form and its "Neighbors". They will talk about the future of relationships.
  5. 5. Similarly, three more cards are selected and put down. They will highlight the reasons that led to the current situation in love.

Take a deck of 36 cards. After shuffling, the deck is carefully removed with his left hand towards himself. The top card is placed on the table, then the deck is mixed again.

Actions are repeated 5 more times so that there are 6 cards on the table. Treatment occurs depending on the position:

  • what the person of interest is thinking about;
  • what feelings fill his heart;
  • what awaits him in the future;
  • what he really wants from life;
  • his plans and intentions;
  • what happens to him now

The deck is shuffled, then three cards are taken from the top several times. They fit into vertical rows.

Next, you need to find the form. When the necessary lady was found, it is necessary to pay attention to the nearby cards.

The prediction of the cards to the left relates to the past. Right — to the future.

Cards in a playing deck are treated according to hierarchy or suit. In the process of interpreting the alignment, the use of those and other values ​​is allowed.

Each of the cards of the playing deck allows the fortuneteller to connect to the energy field of the earth and find out the answers to her love questions. Interpretation of cards varies depending on their hierarchical position.

Any six speaks about a date. A man wants to see the fortune: to invite her to a restaurant, to come to her in the city. In some cases, the six talk about romantic communication on the road:

  • 6 worms — indicates a romantic meeting, the probability of which is very high;
  • 6 tambourine — the value is the same as that of the worms. But a person may also be guided by business considerations;
  • 6 crosses — the interest of a man is friendly;
  • 6 rush — indicates a reluctance to see each other. Meeting will not happen.

These cards usually indicate boredom, lack of money, emotional excitement:

  • 7 worms — mental languor, not finding a way out. Sometimes — purely sexual interest;
  • 7 tambourines — mercenary purposes;
  • 7 crosses — a person sincerely counts on the help and support of a fortune;
  • Peak 7 — suffering, resentment.

All eight speak of the desire to communicate, to talk about their feelings, to confess their love. Often they point to joint business of the fortunetellers and the person to whom the alignment is being made:

  • 8 worms — a man with a man has quite a few points of contact, therefore communication will be pleasant;
  • 8 tambourines — there are common hobbies in the professional field, long conversations about the material;
  • 8 crosses — a friendly, relaxed atmosphere;
  • Peak 8 — misunderstanding, conflicts.

Directly related to love experiences. All suits, except peak, speak about love in relation to the guessing. The strongest love opens with 9 worms, then comes 9 crosses.

The final place is taken by 9 tambourines. Peak 9 speaks of dislike.

The man doesn’t like witness.

Dozens of divinations indicate the presence of strong emotions:

  • 10 worms — a person engulfed in powerful emotional experiences, a fan wants to always be there;
  • 10 tambourine — indicates a responsible person, a gentleman seeks to win the heart of a woman with expensive gifts, trips to a restaurant, etc .;
  • 10 crosses — strong family relationships;
  • 10 peak — the intentions of a fortune-telling will not come true, the relationship will be destroyed soon.

These figures indicate that the man is constantly thinking about guessing. He makes far-reaching plans, the image of a fortune is always in his heart.

  • Jack of Worms — thoughts of love, the desire to spend time together;
  • Jack of the Cross — a man wants to get close, but feels fear;
  • Jack tambourine — uncertainty, the need to make a choice between the witness and her rival;
  • Jack peak — a man thinks of treason, trying to cheat.

They talk about the power of intentions in different areas of life. For example, if 10 worms talk about love, then an ace indicates a wedding as a specific action. Treatment:

  • Ace of hearts — quick marriage, a serious relationship.
  • The ace of the cross is a friendship with spiritual affinity.
  • Ace of tambourines — a cynical person, guided solely by monetary interests;
  • Ace of spades — betrayal, strong blow, depression. Love spell based on the techniques of black magic.

Indicate specific people — friends or foes, lovers or rivals. By suit, you can approximately guess their age or social status.

  • Tambourines — young person, up to 30 years;
  • Worms — people 30 years or older, family or single;
  • To cross — people over the age of 35 years, in most cases — family;
  • Peaks — strangers, enemies, people over 50 years old.

Similar to the interpretation of the value of the card, each suit has its own meaning. Aces of a certain suit indicate the approximate time of the event in the scenario:

  • Peaks in divination bear a negative value. The element of this suit is air. Ace points to the night, winter. In a straight position — to a government house (different instances, place of work).
  • Trefovasuit (or «baptize») is responsible for everyday, domestic issues, work, level of human communication. The element of suit is fire. Ace points to autumn or evening.
  • Chervovayasuit talks about the well-being in personal life, financial security. If all cards are hearts in a scenario, a fortuneteller expects great happiness in love. The element of this suit is water. Ace points to spring or morning.
  • Diamondssuit talks about the state of the material sphere of man, his affairs. These are also positive maps that predict good news. Element suit tambourine — earth. Ace indicates day or summer.

After several sessions the deck is given "relax". For this card is laid out in a row in order and by color. So the deck should lie for 2-3 days.

Then you can use it again.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes. I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me.

However, I decided that I still needed personal help. Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when you had to give 11 for renting an apartment.

What was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight. I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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