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How to name a girl born in March: female names for months

How to choose a name for a girl born in March, according to the horoscope and the church calendar

A girl born in March needs care throughout her life. A child born in the first days of March is characterized by timidity of character, uncertainty, refinement and tenderness.

Children born at the end of the month independently make their way into life, but they need the constant support of their relatives.

"March" girls prefer to avoid conflict situations, try to find a compromise and solve a problem situation. They are touchy, but able to adapt to the troubles of life.

Properly chosen names will give the girl, born in March, more confidence in their own abilities, endowed with intuition and natural charm. In addition, they will relieve from increased vulnerability, which is inherent in these zodiac signs.

Aries and Pisces are two zodiac signs that refer to March girls born in March.

Children born under different zodiac signs are distinguished by their character, behavior, principles, and ambitions. Therefore, the names for the March child, it is desirable to choose different, depending on the date of birth.

How to name a girl born in March: female names for months

The girl will grow up stubborn, impulsive and persistent, always achieving the goal. In childhood, she shows stubbornness, impulsiveness and curiosity.

It will be difficult for parents to raise such a lively and capricious child.

The girl has a quiet, calm and docile nature. In childhood, a young lady loves to dream, she has a rich imagination and her own view of the world.

In adulthood, a woman has a well-developed intuition, to which you must listen.

Female names that should not be given to a child born in March:

  • Varvara. The name carries an aggressive energy that will wake up in the future to prevent communication with family and friends.
  • Lolita. Translated name means "sorrow".
  • Zemfira. Translated means "recalcitrant". The girl is endowed with an impulsive character, which subsequently will lead to the adoption of rash decisions.

How to name a girl born in March: female names for months

Church names will help parents to name the March girl. Calling the child in honor of the saint, the parents choose a guardian angel, the patron of the daughter.

If the date of birth of the child does not coincide with the names in the calendar, you should choose the name of the saint, whose memory day falls on the next day or over the next eight days.

Choosing a name for a girl depending on Christmas time:





Coming for Christ

How to name a girl born in March: female names for months

Parents can call the March girl, referring to the Orthodox calendar.

The basis is taken from the 2018 calendar, which will help give the child a name.



Elisaveta, Paraskeva, Varvara

Anna, Antonina, Alexandra, Domnik, Evdokia

Maria, Matrona, Hope

Anastasia, Galina, Theodora

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