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How to know the future: effective divination by the prediction table

How to know the future: effective divination by the prediction table

There are many ways to know your future. One of them is the use of an ancient prediction table. This method is simple and high efficiency.

The essence of the method lies in the fact that you simply close your eyes, and when opening, fix your eyes on a certain figure. The first number you see will determine your fate. You can also just close your eyes, and then poke your finger on the screen. The number on which you get, and will be the cherished determinant of your near future.

The most convenient way to choose only you.

Prediction table and its interpretation

Below is the table itself. It contains numbers from 1 to 100. Each number symbolizes a different future fate. We recommend using this method no more than once a week.

The most effective table in the Full Moon, New Moon and on such days as February 29, December 31, January 1, the days of the solstice or equinox and so on.

Deciphering numbers:

1. Soon you will find a dilemma, a difficult choice.

2. Pay attention to the little things, because they will be of great importance to you over the coming week.

3. You are waiting for a fateful meeting.

4. The random flow of money, finding a new source of income.

5. Strengthening or finding a new love.

6. Someone from the environment will hate you and will wish you evil.

7. Changes in personal life, new friends, new love.

8. Quarrels with relatives in the coming days.

9. You are waiting for depression.

10. An unexpected twist of fate, which may or may not be pleasant.

11. Attacks from loved ones.

12. Unplanned cash expenditures.

13. Travel, trip, changing the situation.

14. Good luck in money.

15. Intrusive problems.

16. Love triangle.

17. New features, choosing a new path.

18. Avoid hasty conclusions and rash actions until you feel that you have succeeded in something extremely important.

19. Loss of strength, nervousness, fatigue.

20. Harmony with the outside world and with ourselves, finding an important balance.

21. Your decisions may cost you good luck. The next two or three days try not to make hasty decisions.

22. Someone from the surrounding people can become for you a happy talisman for a while.

23. Be optimistic, because you will find a small series of disappointments.

24. Learn from your mistakes in the next couple of weeks.

25. Diplomacy is your best friend until the end of this week.

26. Your distrust of people can equally be both a salvation and a curse.

27. Serious internal contradictions are possible.

28. Be careful. Any risks or adventures can lead to a fiasco.

29. Avoid costly acquisitions until the end of next week. You can expect big problems with finances.

31. The end of a friendly, love relationship.

32. Health problems.

33. New pleasant dating in the next two weeks.

34. Wait for inspiration.

35. It’s time, or soon, time to take a break from everyday problems.

36. Your dreams drift away from you.

37. Envy of the environment.

38. Good news, relief experiences.

39. There may be a period of uncertainty in the next two to three days.

40. New temptations, mistakes.

41. Discipline is most important to you now.

42. A small black stripe a couple of days long.

43. Your actions will mark a special weight for many people by the end of the week.

44. You miss your chance to win.

45. Relax and go with the flow.

46. ​​Do not share your plans and dreams with anyone, for in this case they will fail.

47. It may be time to get rid of someone from your environment. Someone was pretending to be your friend.

48. Do not chase two hares at the same time. Choose one path for yourself.

49. Changes in life.

50. There is a band of tests that can make you stronger.

51. Fate may turn for you unexpectedly. You will immediately feel it.

52. Cling to any opportunities in the next couple of weeks.

53. Love is your salvation, your curse and your hope.

54. Among your priorities there is one that is absolutely useless now.

55. Circumstances can mislead you, but do not lose composure.

56. In the near future there will be new prospects in the financial sector.

57. Someone will wish you evil.

58. Perhaps the appearance of a viral program, wrong and unnecessary thoughts.

59. Approximately 10-15 days success is unlikely.

60. Thoughts and deeds should be one and not diverge.

61. Illusions will destroy your happiness, so get rid of them.

62. Perseverance can cost you dearly.

63. Success that will come easily and without loss.

64. Cold calm is your friend for two or three weeks.

65. New hobby, passion.

66. You are on the right track, so do not get off it.

67. Pay attention to intuition, it can save you.

68. Mood problems.

69. Bring everything to the end, do not throw things halfway.

71. Difficult stage in life.

72. Major changes.

73. Cash expenditure.

74. Your soul needs rest.

75. Condemnation of others.

76. Cheating by loved ones.

77. Broken hopes.

78. Disappointment in something important. Do not give up.

79. Do not ignore the advice of loved ones.

80. Monetary marks have a huge weight in the next couple of days.

81. Avoid selfish people and do not be like this this week.

82. Perseverance will not be justified.

83. Perhaps soon change priorities.

84. Avoid crowded places. Solitude will benefit you tomorrow and in the next two or three days.

85. It is time to think seriously about getting rid of the bad habit.

86. Random cash receipts. Good luck in business.

87. Stay close to those who cherish you.

88. Vanity — the way to the abyss.

89. Austerity helps you stay afloat in the coming days.

90. Those who do not expect this will wish you evil.

91. You can use.

92. Within two weeks you will have a chance to increase your credibility among colleagues, partners, friends.

93. It’s time to bring the house in order — throw away all unnecessary trash.

94. Soon you will see a prophetic dream.

95. A great time for expensive purchases.

96. Wait for unreasonable goodness from a stranger.

97. Believe only what you see, not rumors.

98. Perhaps a slight misunderstanding with loved ones.

99. Perhaps the realization of the meaning of life, setting new goals.

100. The sixth sense will fail you, but when exactly — is unknown.

Divination according to the table of predictions are made for the period from 1 day to a year. In most cases, the predicted comes true within a week, a month, a couple of months. If, for example, a fateful meeting did not happen in a couple of weeks, then you should not forget about it, because it can happen in a month, two.

That is why clairvoyants and psychics recommend to guess on the prediction table again only after the previous prediction is executed.

You can always change destiny. Be prepared not to look at yourself from the outside, but more often participate in the formation of yourself and your life. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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