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How to guess what’s on the heart of the person you are thinking about: true divination

What is in the heart of a person: authentic divination for feelings, plans, relationships

One can learn about what is in one’s soul with the help of fortune telling on playing cards, with hearts, using tarot. The optimal days for the ritual of women — Wednesday, Friday, Saturday.

If a man is enchanted, Monday and Thursday. To make divination more reliable, a candle made of red wax is lit during it. If it goes out — this is a bad sign, the fortune-teller should immediately stop.

The fact that the heart of a person, at the moment, fate wants to leave in secret.

For fortune telling, a standard deck containing 36 cards is taken. It should be new.

If the cards are played, you can not guess at them. Before conducting divination, it must be held in your hands. Then, in order for the deck to tell the truth, it is spoken:

“36 cards, four suits. The whole truth to me about (name) show-tell.

All I sentence you, my good helpers. Help me in the fortune-telling, help the truth-womb. I thank you, I will grant you money.


After the divination, it is necessary to give alms to a beggar. This will be grateful to the deck for help.

How to guess what's on the heart of the person you are thinking about: true divination

Cards are carefully shuffled, reflecting on the person. Then do the alignment on as many piles as the letters in the name of the beloved man.

For example, in the name Alexei 7 letters, the deck is decomposed into 7 approximately identical stacks.

Each of the resulting stacks must be turned. We need to find a card that «shines» — it is located on top.

If they are guessing at a dark-haired person, the map of the suit of spades or crosses should “shine”. When such a pile is found, it is placed on the next pile.

If the next card also “shines” in the next one, it is similarly placed on the next one, etc. An incomplete deck is formed.

It decomposes into as many piles as there are letters in the incomplete name of a person. The name Lesha contains 4 letters, the mini-deck is decomposed into 4 piles.

Then, as in the previous time, an incomplete deck is also made from this deck. The remaining cards are laid face down in pairs (two cards each).

If two identical ones fall out (for example, queens of worms and a tambourine or seven crosses and worms, etc.), you can proceed to the prediction.

How to guess what's on the heart of the person you are thinking about: true divination

The cards are interpreted as follows:

  • Two six — a man is preparing for a long journey. If there is a peak — evening or night road.
  • Two sevens — plans to go on a date. If one or both of the peak — wants to relax at a meeting, get maximum pleasure.
  • Two eights — vanity, idle chatter on secular themes.
  • Two nines — in love with each other.
  • Four nines — he goes mad with love for you.
  • Two dozen — interest in relation to guessing.
  • Two Jacks — everyday chores.
  • Two ladies — hope for a better outcome.
  • Four ladies — talking, washing the bones.
  • Two kings — strong friendship. With peak — relations are official (friendship with a colleague).
  • Four kings — he rests in the men’s company.
  • Two aces — carnal passion. With the peak — a love affair brings pain and frustration.
  • Four aces — to a guessing is friendly.

How to guess what's on the heart of the person you are thinking about: true divination

Guessing the person of interest, on a paper in a cell draw a heart. Right-handed draw with his left hand, left-handed — right. The contour is uneven.

Inside the line there are areas of 4 cells, which are completely inside the heart. When unselected full cells within the circuit remain less than four, consider the number of such cells.

They are judged on what is in the heart of a person.

  • If there are no complete cells left, he loves the guessing.
  • If only one cell remains, it is absolutely cold and does not nourish any feelings.
  • Two cells indicate that in addition to wondering he already has a passion.
  • Three cells indicate the presence of sympathy for the more expensive.

To find out what is in the heart of a person, divination from the Tarot with a single card will help. Vorozhba on Tarot is considered one of the most truthful.

For the fortune-telling take only Senior Arcana. Before you pull out the card, you should focus on thinking about the person being guessed.

This will connect with the unconscious, awaken intuition.

The deck is mixed, and then one card is taken out of it. According to her and make a conclusion about the state of mind, his thoughts and plans:

ArkanIn the upright positionUpside down
0 JesterLove with this person is a pleasant adventure. It’s fun and interestingThe person you are guessing on is fickle, irresponsible
I MagResponsible and educated person, an important place in the life of which is spiritualityThe once pleasant person now shows a negative attitude, leads to temptation
II High PriestessA person of high working capacity, full of energy and inner strength. His mind is occupied by work projects.A strong relationship with him is impossible to build, he already has love on the side
III The EmpressA soft-spoken person is actually self-sufficient. It can not be managedThe man weaves intrigue, leads a double game.
IV The EmperorHis heart has passionate passion.Self-confident egoist. A person incapable of compassion
V HierophantWise man, unwilling to reckless actionsFear of sincerity, true love
VI LoversArkan points to a strong love for the fortunateAuthoritarian personality, seeking to take everything under control
VII ChariotSelectivity in communication, the ability to be a reliable partner. Man is faithful to his idealsIndicates a thirst for quick success. The probability of addictions is great — alcoholism, drug addiction
VIII ForceThe card speaks of a romantic, ardent nature.A man does not know how to control himself. Emotionally exhausting relationships with him
IX HermitA person is completely immersed in the spiritual world or work. Scientist, philosopher, artist, programmerSelfish, hot-tempered nature, engaged in the satisfaction of their own vagaries
X Wheel of FortuneGood-natured and funny person. He has no evil intentions.Indicates an irresponsible person. Promising the golden mountains, he cannot back up his words with action
XI StrengthPersonality that controls everything. Internal balance helps it to bring order to the outside world.In the upside down position Arkan points to a good friend. But in his heart he has no romantic feelings.
XII The Hanged ManA creative person who is happy to share his energy with loved ones. But one cannot demonstrate superiority over it. It will ruin the relationship.He is not inclined to take responsibility in the relationship
XIII DeathLove struck. The only thought in the head of this person is how to be close to the partner, to win his position.Depression, melancholy, trauma. The one on whom they are guessing is in dire need of compassion. Relationship with him will not bring joy and happiness
XIV ModerationWise, generous nature. Does not seek to dominate, relations with it are harmoniousA man is trying with all his might to win someone’s favor. He is in love, but obsessive behavior pushes away the object of his passion.
XV DevilA successful person generously sharing his achievements with the world. But in dealing with him you can not avoid conflicts, because then the relationship will be slave to guessingCruelty and authoritarianism. Reluctance to take into account the opinions of other people, their interests
XVI TowerExplosive personality. The Shakespearean intensity of emotions in his life makes the love affair exciting and passionate. But the union with this man will not last long.A person risks falling into the trap of external circumstances, although he is not aware of this yet. He needs help
XVII StarCaring, sincere and kind personPersonality not ready for a love union. Windy, cold person seeking entertainment outside the love sphere
XVIII MoonDreamer, creative person. Clouding in the clouds. Waiting for others to understand without wordsLiar, to trust which is risky
XIX SunOptimist. Alliance with him will bring spiritual and material growth to both partners.Unrestrainedness and aggressiveness caused by temporary difficulties
XX CourtJustice is the main quality of this person. If the fortunate is in a relationship with him, the card indicates his desire to be unobtrusive, tactful.Erroneous perception of other people (including guessing). Diffidence
XXI WorldSincere feelings, personal perfection. Communication or love relationship with this person brings a sense of calm, satisfactionIndicates the absence of mercenary motives. Those who are guessing are mostly engaged in conscientious performance of their duties.

For this gypsy hand, you need a simple deck of playing cards. It is also useful to speak before the divination (see above).

The deck is carefully shuffled, then the left little finger should be carefully removed 6 cards. After each of the cards the deck shuffles again.

Cards are put in one row from left to right:

  • The first tells about the thoughts of the object.
  • The second is about his emotional state.
  • The third indicates further developments in human life.
  • Fourth — secret dreams and desires.
  • Fifth — plans for the future.
  • The sixth is the present moment.

Alignment is interpreted depending on the value of each card.


  • 6 — long road, traveling abroad for the purpose of recreation or business;
  • 7 — a pleasant meeting, a date;
  • 8 — communication on a positive topic;
  • 9 — confirmation of romantic feelings;
  • 10 — business prospects, hopes for a better future;
  • Jack — troubles, everyday difficulties;
  • A lady is a mother or rival who carries his child under the heart;
  • The king is a man under the influence of a serious man;
  • Ace — family nest.


  • 6 is a close path;
  • 7 — friendly meetings;
  • 8 — empty talk;
  • 9 — a bachelor who is in a romantic relationship;
  • 10 — expectations and hopes, focus on the future;
  • Jack — minor problems that require close attention;
  • The lady is a rival;
  • The king is a young man;
  • Ace — troubles with the documentation.


  • 6 — business road (within the settlement);
  • 7 — work negotiations;
  • 8 — now he faces an important conversation related to work, business;
  • 9 — affection;
  • 10 — unexpected profit (winnings, bonus);
  • Jack — the usual daily chores;
  • The lady is an adult woman (mother, boss);
  • King — a man of age (leader, member of the family);
  • Ace — complete preoccupation with work.


  • 6 — far or late road;
  • 7 — sorrow and tears;
  • 8 — very serious communication or drinking;
  • 9 — illness;
  • 10 — mercantile motives or the inability to make a profit;
  • A lady is a negative emotion (anger, resentment, jealousy) or a vengeful woman;
  • King — official, military, high-ranking person;
  • Ace point up — a party or the need to communicate with law enforcement officers;
  • Ace point down — unexpected serious difficulties.

Important! It is not recommended to guess on playing cards at night, as this violates the energy of the guessing.

The best time for a gypsy divination is from 7 to 11 pm.

Guessing on hearts came from the ancient fortune-telling of the Magi using birch bark plates. A modified ritual on 13 hearts involves the use of red hearts cut from paper.

Scarlet color symbolizes sensuality, which makes divination more reliable.

Hearts should be the same size and feel. On each of them is written a number corresponding to a specific value.

For example, the heart with the number three will indicate the love in the heart of a man, which should be protected (see numbering below).

First you need to visualize in detail the man you are thinking about. Then the hearts are put in a bag or container and at random get one of them.

The number on the heart allows us to conclude that the heart of a person:

oneIndifference of the object. There are chances to interest him, but they are very small.
2Vorozheya came into the view of a person of interest. Whether this will benefit or not depends on it.
3The heart of a boy or a man is filled with love. But you should not abuse his feelings — it will destroy the relationship
fourGuessing like a man. At this stage, his interest will either grow into a serious feeling, or cool.
fiveFriendship. One can rely on his nobility, but one should hardly count on tender feelings.
6Surface interest for carnal pleasures. Only one strategy will help to sink into the soul — inaccessibility
7Irritation, dislike. A guy or a man does not tolerate voices, actions, appearance of a guessing. It should be removed at least for a short time.
eightUnrequited love. Man nourishes strong feelings that do not find a response. But they are directed to another woman.
9The predominance of passion. Sensual desires play a greater role than spiritual feelings. The object of fortune telling seeks to fully possess the esteem.
tenFocus on the case. A guy or a man is completely immersed in work. He has no time for privacy. It can only be approached through participation in the common cause.
elevenManipulator, playing on the senses. Guessing should stay away from him, do not be led to his tricks
12His heart is occupied. A person is in a relationship that suits him. To attract his attention will not work — he does not want to change anything in the established life
13Platonic love. The image of the fortuneteller seems to a man to be holy and blameless. She should add a little sensuality to her manners and looks.

After the fortunetelling ritual should be cleansing. The easiest way is to wash your hands in cool water. She is a good conductor of information and removes negative factors after the divination procedure.

The best option is to take a bath. To avoid the accumulation of negativity in the room where the ritual is held, it is useful to hold friendly gatherings in it, to watch comedy shows and movies.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

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However, I decided that I still needed personal help. Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

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