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How to guess the relationship?

The subject of personal relationships has always been, is and will be exciting for any person. Having met once and felt attracted to each other, many people tend to predict the development of relationships. Relationship divinations are considered the best way to get information about a person’s true feelings and intentions in the near future.

But it should be remembered that the accuracy of magical divination depends on many factors, so you can trust them to a certain extent. It is much more important to look at the selected person and carefully and not biased to analyze his actions.

White magic offers many ways to divine relationships. There are ancient rituals that appeared in ancient times. But today in the modern world they are very popular.

Guessing relationships can do no harm, but their accuracy in each case depends on the sincerity of the fortune-teller and on how strong his desire is to receive truthful information.

How to guess the relationship?

The easiest way to find out the attitude of a loved one is to use a deck of playing cards. But it should be remembered that in order to divine relations you need to take a new deck.

And it must belong to the fortuneteller. That is, a magical attribute must be acquired at its own expense and directly by the person who is going to perform a magical ritual.

First you need to choose the king and the lady who will communicate with the personalities of people, on the relationship between which it is planned to conduct fortune telling. As a rule, a red suit is chosen for fair-haired ones and a black suit for dark-haired ones.

Further the following actions are performed:

  • A deck of playing cards is thoroughly mixed with thoughts about the relationship between two people.
  • Cards are laid out on three pieces like a fan until the chosen king and queen fall out.
  • After that, you need to expand another three rows.

After that, you can proceed to the interpretation of the layout. If the chosen king and queen are in different ranks, then disagreements can often arise between them.

And if the card of the person is below, then the interest in him of the partner weakens.

Vertical rows are interpreted as follows:

  • Left — the past;
  • Central — present;
  • Right future.

Cards are treated in the usual way. It should be noted that if between the chosen king and the queen are:

  • Other ladies, jacks, kings, in real life there is a third extra.
  • Peak ten, the relationship is doomed to failure.
  • Eight of any suit, then gossip envious spread around the pair.

The best scenario for divining relationships is the case when two selected cards fall side by side in the same row. But this option is extremely rare.

Therefore, remember that with a favorable relationship and full understanding, fortune telling is only a way to satisfy your own curiosity.

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