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How to guess on the Tarot cards: the layouts for beginners with the interpretation

How to guess on the Tarot cards: the choice of the deck, the rules of divination, the situation, love, the future

Tarot is an old system of maps that depicts archetypal symbols common to all mankind. The layouts on the Tarot cards help to analyze the problem of interest, to highlight the secret corners of the personality, to predict the development of events in love relationships.

The interpretation of the cards that fell in the scenario can be carried out in accordance with the general ideas about specific Arcana, and in accordance with the intuition of the diviner.

Tarot, like astrology, is based on the concept of the four elements. The complete set of the deck consists of Senior and Junior Arcana (the word "lasso" translated from French means "secret").

Senior Arcana endowed with more weighty prestige than the younger.

How to guess on the Tarot cards: the layouts for beginners with the interpretation

To the Elder (or Great) Arcana there are 22 cards, each of which has its own sequence number and name. The numbering starts with map I (Mag).

The Arcane The Fool is listed at number 0. The Senior Arcanas reflect the basic images and concepts inherent in a person of any epoch or location (archetypes).

How to guess on the Tarot cards: the layouts for beginners with the interpretation

This part of the deck is divided into four categories, fundamentally different from each other according to the elements:

  • The suit of the Rods is Fire;
  • The suit of Swords is Air;
  • Suit Cups — Water;
  • Pentakley suit — Earth.

Conventionally, the first two elements are considered more active, masculine. Water and Earth are female.

At the same time, Water and Fire are emotional elements, and Earth and Air are logical and intellectual.

In each of the Arcana Tarot symbols laid, not always clear at first glance. But unconsciously, most of the signs can still be unraveled.

For example, on Arkan Pentakley suit often appear grapes. In everyday consciousness, it is associated with fertility and abundance.

The Tarot system displays these signs already embedded in the unconscious person.

The ranking gradation of the Minor Arcana indicates the level of personal maturity of the character depicted on the Arcane. Guys are usually young and inexperienced people, often teenagers.

Kings — persons vested with authority and authority.

How to guess on the Tarot cards: the layouts for beginners with the interpretation

In order for the cards to give correct predictions, the correct selection of a deck that is suitable for a guessing power engineer is necessary. Before the first fortune-telling cards are charged.

After divination, the deck requires cleaning.

You should choose the deck, the drawings of which are closest and understandable to the diviner. At the initial stages it is recommended to use simple maps whose images are easy to interpret.

For example, this is tarot "Era of Aquarius"or the famous Ryder-Waite deck.

To understand which deck is closer, just look at one of its Arcana and try to interpret its meaning without resorting to leadership. If fantasy, when looking at a certain card, responds with a stream of images, you can stop the choice on this deck.

The more associations a card set causes, the easier it will be to carry out divination with it.

It is not recommended to purchase cards in a state of agitation about any situation. It is useful to have two decks — universal and specialized. For each situation of interest a special deck can be selected.

If you are concerned about monetary, material issues, the Tarot of the Dwarfs will do.

For layouts on the love relationship is well suited Taro Manara. Universal decks will help find the answer to the question of any vital sphere.

This is Tarot Ryder-Waite, Golden Dawn, Marseilles Taro.

Equally important is the aspect of convenience and quality. It is more pleasant to one person to hold large cards in hands, to another — small ones.

Cards must be carefully stored. They are not allowed children and pets.

For them, you can sew a bag or buy a beautiful box. Inside you can put a stone for cleaning the deck of unnecessary information.

Amethyst or obsidian is well suited for this purpose.

Periodically, a deck of cards is cleaned from accumulated. To do this, they must be put on the windowsill on the night of the full moon (so that they get the moonlight).

In other lunar phases for cleaning the map, you can decompose in one row in order, and leave it to lie overnight. If the deck is old and is no longer used, it is traditionally burned.

Charging the deck is necessary in order for the cards to adjust to the energy of the fortuneteller. You can charge the deck, putting it on the first night after the purchase under the pillow. This will allow the cards to absorb the energy of their owner.

In the morning, the deck is removed and placed in a bag.

You can hold a complex rite of blessing and tarot cards. For the sacrament will require:

  • candle purple;
  • incense;
  • deck of cards;
  • water;
  • salt.

The rite of blessing cards is carried out as follows:

  1. 1. First, light a candle and burn incense.
  2. 2. A deck is placed in front of you.
  3. 3. Then you need to take a deep breath, and, exhaling on the cards, say: "I give you a breath of air, take its purity".
  4. 4. The deck quickly and accurately (so as not to burn cards or hands) sweeps over the fire of a candle. Words pronounced: "Now take the heat of the fire".
  5. 5. Cards are lightly sprayed with water with the words: "I give you water, the true source of life".
  6. 6. After that, the card must drop a few grains of salt, saying: "I give you the land on which the seeds of your strength will grow".
  7. 7. At the conclusion of the ceremony, the deck is taken up and the words are pronounced: "Let the knowledge of tarot penetrate into my soul and mind. May these knowledge cards open for me".
  8. 8. After this, you should meditate on the cards for 15 minutes, trying to discern their inner meaning.
  9. 9. The deck should lie near the candle until the wick burns out.

Beginners useful to start the practice with the simplest layouts. During the first sessions it is recommended to ask the deck about those questions in which the guessing person is not emotionally involved.

Divination is held at home. Special training in most cases for before sessions is not required.

To begin the first session of the divination on Tarot follows from a simple question that does not represent a special interest. Divination is carried out as follows:

  • First, it is necessary to abandon the situation emotionally, to internally take the position of a detached observer.
  • The deck is mixed. At the same time, the question of interest is mentally asked.
  • One card is drawn (or several, if this is required by the alignment).
  • The card is laid out on the table face down. If there are several Arcana in the scenario, they are arranged in accordance with the position in the scenario.
  • The card turns over and corresponds with the interpretation.

In some hands, a card called "significator". This Arkan stands for the most questioner.

He can be taken both from the deck on which fortune telling is being held, and from a third-party set of cards.

Usually the significator is chosen from among the Minor Arcana according to the age of the fortunate:

  • Page — boy or girl;
  • A knight is a young man;
  • The Queen is a woman over 25 years old;
  • The king is a man over 25 years old.

Before guessing on the Tarot cards, it is necessary to make an informed decision about the appropriateness of the session. After fortune-telling, there should be no regrets no matter what Arcana fell out.

Each session should be conducted in good physical well-being and peace.

In the process of divination, it is important to ask the cards a specific question. The clearer the request to the deck, the clearer the answer will be given cards.

Tarologists recommend beginners to keep a diary of divinations. To do this, start a special notebook. It records the date of the session, the question of interest and the fallen Arcana.

This will help to consider the answer of the deck over time, to find new details in the scenario, to systematize the experience.

One of the most important rules of the divination to tarot is that you can not guess several times on the same situation. This is one of the most common mistakes newbies. If you disturb the deck several times on the same issue, the cards begin to tell lies.

It is allowed to guess again the same situation not earlier than in one lunar month.

Divination illuminates the most likely events of the love sphere. The cards will tell how events will develop taking into account the current behavior of the partners, what should be feared, and what strategy in the relationship will be the most optimal.

This type of fortune telling is suitable for those who have not yet met their chosen one, but would like to know about the features of the future love affair. In the fortune-telling used and older, and Junior Arcana.

It is preferable to conduct a session on a traditional deck.

After shuffling from the deck 7 cards are laid out.

How to guess on the Tarot cards: the layouts for beginners with the interpretation

Arcana treatment:

  • 1 — the card answers the question of whether love will meet the questioner;
  • 2 — whether next to this person will be comfortable and safe;
  • 3 — what are the prospects for legalizing relationships;
  • 4 — how compatible the partners will be in psychological terms;
  • 5 — whether financial obligations will arise between the questioner and the partner;
  • 6 — whether tender feelings will persist for a long time;
  • 7 — the final advice of the deck: how to behave so that the meeting takes place as soon as possible.

The alignment is suitable for those who are currently in a bored love relationship, and would like to tell fortunes to a new romantic connection. This alignment tells about the relationship that can begin in the near future.

The principle of divination is the same as in the previous scenario. Cards are laid out according to the positions:

How to guess on the Tarot cards: the layouts for beginners with the interpretation

Arcana is treated as follows:

  • 1 — is it worth waiting for love relationships in the near future;
  • 2 — Arkan will talk about the psychological qualities of a new lover;
  • 3 — whether the divisor and her chosen one will be compatible;
  • 4 — how long the union will be;
  • 5 — whether it will be a person close in spirit or not;
  • 6 — the final Arkan: tells about how this relationship can end.

The following divinations will help lift the curtain of the future and find out what events await the questioner. It must be remembered that the answer of the Tarot deck is not the final sentence.

Maps predict the most likely scenario for the current circumstances. The situation may change depending on the actions of the interrogator.

Before the session, you should guess the interesting period of time, which should illuminate the card. Cards are laid out in accordance with the figure below:

How to guess on the Tarot cards: the layouts for beginners with the interpretation

Treated Arcana in the following way:

  • S — the significator;
  • 1 — features of circumstances in the present tense;
  • 2, 3, 4 — whether unpleasant events are foreseen in the near future;
  • 5, 6, 7 — are there any positive changes?
  • 8, 9 — how negative and positive events will affect the financial side of life (will they bring profit or loss);
  • 10, 11 — how they will affect the emotional state of the questioner;
  • 12 — general advice of the deck about which strategy will help eliminate the effects of negative factors;
  • 13 — a holistic picture of the near future in the planned time period.

The session allows you to see upcoming events, suggests the most optimal ways to solve difficulties. The deck is mixed and then 10 cards are taken out of it. and laid out as follows:

How to guess on the Tarot cards: the layouts for beginners with the interpretation

Then Arakans are interpreted as:

  • S — the significator;
  • 1, 2, 4, 5 — what events will occur in the life of a guessing person in the near future;
  • 3 — deck advice on which strategy to follow in order to avoid difficulties;
  • 6, 7 — obstacles in the way of guessing, possible problems;
  • 8, 9 — ways to overcome difficulties.

With the help of the following layouts, you can analyze your professional activities, career prospects, and chances of employment. The cards allow not only to assess the guessing person as a professional, but also to highlight the features of the current circumstances in the organization where he works.

Alignment is useful for job seekers. First the significator is selected, and then decomposed. 8 cards:

How to guess on the Tarot cards: the layouts for beginners with the interpretation

Treated Arcana in the following way:

  • S — significator guessing;
  • 1 — the probability to get the desired position;
  • 2 — whether the decision on the employment of a guessing person was made;
  • 3.4 — working conditions and level of remuneration;
  • 5.6 — what will be the relationship with colleagues;
  • 7 — current circumstances in a company or firm, how they affect employees;
  • 8 — are there career prospects at this place?

Allows you to evaluate your professional activity. Tarot will show what to expect in the future from work, whether there are prospects for change. Maps are laid out according to the scheme:

How to guess on the Tarot cards: the layouts for beginners with the interpretation

Interpretation of maps:

  • 1 — general description of the situation now;
  • 2 — the questions of the questioner regarding his work and career;
  • 3 — the present state of affairs;
  • 4 — fears associated with the current work;
  • 5 — are there any prospects for career growth today?
  • 6 — whether the increase will bring a sense of moral satisfaction;
  • 7 — what to expect from work in the near future;
  • 8 — deck advice.

The following divinations help you to know yourself better, to analyze your life path. The deck also gives advice on what actions to take to improve spiritually.

Allows you to reveal all the secret qualities of the individual. Maps are laid out according to the scheme:

How to guess on the Tarot cards: the layouts for beginners with the interpretation

Card treatment:

  • 1 — psychological state at the moment;
  • 2 — the intentions of the fortuneteller, his basic values ​​and needs;
  • 3 — personal achievements, successes;
  • 4 — what are the positive qualities of the questioner;
  • 5 — what are its disadvantages or limitations of the questioner;
  • 6 — his dependencies (craving for alcohol, smoking, limited behavioral strategies);
  • 7 — personal dignity in the eyes of others;
  • 8 — dreams and plans for the future (which pleases and gives inspiration, which upsets);
  • 9 — his attitude towards others, joint plans with other people;
  • 10 — Deck recommendation on how to become better.

Alignment helps to find the right way of life. Cards are laid out as follows:

How to guess on the Tarot cards: the layouts for beginners with the interpretation

Interpretation kart:

  • S — the significator;
  • 1 — all that the questioner wishes to achieve, his main life goals;
  • 2 — possible obstacles to their achievement;
  • 3 — what helps to go forward;
  • 4 — which makes it impossible to move forward (people or their own personal qualities);
  • 5 — what traits of your character you need to develop to achieve success.

Maps are arranged according to the position in the picture:

How to guess on the Tarot cards: the layouts for beginners with the interpretation

Arcana treatment:

  • S — the significator;
  • 1 — it is necessary to get rid of this in the future;
  • 2 — this goal will be achieved;
  • 3 — it will come in the future;
  • 4 — it will bring happiness;
  • 5 — this is now an obstacle;
  • 6 — this decision will help to find the highest happiness.

Special layouts allow you to analyze in detail the current circumstances, give advice on how to act. With their help, you can see the nuances that are not visible at first glance, and adjust your strategy of action.

The best way to conduct this fortune telling on the Ryder-Waite deck. The Ryder-Waite deck is one of the most widely used tarot systems. These cards are not overloaded with unnecessary symbolism, and therefore are recommended for divination by beginners.

Such a fortune telling makes it possible to clarify the present situation, to obtain the most likely scenario for the future. Also using the hand you can see which factors from the past influenced the development of events today.

After shuffling from left to right, three cards are laid out. They are treated as follows:

  • important events of the past that caused today’s difficulties;
  • current situation;
  • the final Arcane, talking about how the situation will end.

Alignment helps to get an answer to the question about the current problem, as well as predict the future. During the shuffling of the deck is asked a specific question of interest. Cards are laid out according to the following positions:

How to guess on the Tarot cards: the layouts for beginners with the interpretation

Interpretation of maps:

  • 1 — the meaning of the problem;
  • 2 — emotions and experiences that affect the situation;
  • 3 — features of the material side of the problem;
  • 4 — what will help in overcoming difficulties;
  • 5 — the final card, the deck response to the question asked.

While mixing the deck of cards, a certain decision is mentally voiced, and then the Arcana is laid out in accordance with the positions:

How to guess on the Tarot cards: the layouts for beginners with the interpretation

Card Values:

  • 1 — the questioner has already come to this;
  • 2 — there he goes, the dangers and opportunities along the way;
  • 3 — all against this decision;
  • 4 — all that for him;
  • 5 — what consequences will come if this decision is made;
  • 6 — summary, board advice.

Before playing Arcana, the deck is asked a specific question. First the significator is chosen. Then the cards are laid out according to the scheme:

How to guess on the Tarot cards: the layouts for beginners with the interpretation

Interpretation kart:

  • S — the significator;
  • 1 — what is the question;
  • 2 — how it affects the life of the questioner;
  • 3 — what obstacles on the way to the goal are to be overcome;
  • 4 — how the questioner’s past relates to this problem;
  • 5 — what the fortuneteller feels about her now;
  • 6 — what to expect in the near future;
  • 7 — whether to consult a specialist;
  • 8 — will this issue affect the financial side of life;
  • 9 — deck advice.

Alignment tells about the features of the path chosen by the questioners. Maps are laid out according to the scheme:

How to guess on the Tarot cards: the layouts for beginners with the interpretation

Treatment of cards:

  • 1 — at what stage is the guessing now;
  • 2 — his life goals and objectives;
  • 3 — obstacles on the way;
  • 4 — his strengths;
  • 5 — whether the goal will be achieved, the result of fortune telling.

This is one of the most ancient tarot layouts."Celtic cross" considered universal — it can be used to get answers to any questions. Beginners are encouraged to perform this guessing on the Ryder-Waite deck.

In this case, you can get the most complete picture of the situation of interest. Maps are laid out as follows:

How to guess on the Tarot cards: the layouts for beginners with the interpretation

Card Value:

  • 1 — what is the essence of the problem;
  • 2 — external circumstances;
  • 3 — what a guessing person thinks about it;
  • 4 — what are his emotions;
  • 5 — what was the cause of this situation;
  • 6 — how it will develop in the future;
  • 7 — what is the point of view of the questioner;
  • 8 — what is the point on the problem of the view of his inner circle;
  • 9 — what a guessing person expects or what he is afraid of;
  • 10 — the result of the situation, its prospects.

Divination helps to analyze the current situation, to make the right choice. Maps are laid out according to the scheme:

How to guess on the Tarot cards: the layouts for beginners with the interpretation

Treatment of cards:

  • 1, 2, 3, 4 — describe the circumstances of the questioner at a given time interval (a month and a half before and after the alignment). Show the situation in which the guessing.
  • 5 — deck advice on how to act.
  • 6 — what idea should be guided in the decision.
  • 7 — how the situation will develop in the distant future (more than 6 months).

The alignment allows you to analyze in detail the way to get rid of a particular problem, on which the questioner is now. Maps are laid out according to the scheme:

How to guess on the Tarot cards: the layouts for beginners with the interpretation

Card treatment:

  • 1 — what the questioner now has;
  • 2 — what he aspires to;
  • 3 — chances and opportunities on the way to the goal;
  • 4 — what the challenge represents;
  • 5 — what is still a mystery;
  • 6 — difficulties that are actually necessary;
  • 7 — how to resolve the situation in the future.

For this alignment, one Arkan is used. Divination describes what the present day will be for the questioner.

Since there are no other Arcana in the layout that could affect the interpretation, the interpretation of this fortune-telling is extremely specific.

Divination helps to accurately analyze the characteristics of the health of a fortuneteller. After the selection and preliminary Action cards are laid out according to the scheme:

How to guess on the Tarot cards: the layouts for beginners with the interpretation

Treatment kart:

  • S — the significator;
  • 1 — the state of health in general;
  • 2 — what helps to improve health;
  • 3 — what hurts;
  • 4 — what a guessing person is doing right;
  • 5 — what are his mistakes, what is he hurting himself;
  • 6 — where the current life path leads;
  • 7, 8 — additional information, deck advice.

There are two types of interpretation of the resulting alignment — systemic and intuitive. In addition to them, there is a third subspecies, which is a synthesis of a systematic and intuitive approach:

  • The system approach involves the use of a certain interpretation, which adheres to the guessing. To interpret, it is enough to know the card number and the classical interpretation of Arkan.
  • The intuitive approach is realized on the condition that you rely on your inner voice. The fortuneteller considers Arkan, and in his mind various images are born, which he independently interprets.
  • Synthesis of a systematic and intuitive approach implies an interpretation of the first and second principles.

In the process of recruiting experience guessing usually come to the use of the third option. Beginners in Tarot, wishing to learn to guess, it is recommended to rely on the first approach.

Senior Arcana symbolize the main events in human life, characterize him holistically. Junior Arcana reveal the details of the situation.

The art of understanding cards is based on the interpretation of all the Arcana layouts, their connection with each other.

Maps belonging to this category are interpreted as follows:

JesterNew achievements, unusual beginnings. Risk in business
MagicianNew opportunities and chances
PriestessWell developed intuition, wisdom
The EmpressCreativity, abundance, pregnancy
The emperorAuthority, authoritarian style of communication
HierophantMentoring, compliance with official norms
LoversThe card has two meanings: favorable time for a love relationship or the need to make a choice
ChariotSelf-reliance, rapid progress
JusticeFollowing the letter of the law, mental clarity
HermitSolitude for the search for truth
Wheel of FortuneUnexpected changes
StrengthManaging Emotions, Mind Power Over Feelings
HangedThe period of forced waiting, the period of which is not defined
DeathDeparture from the life of something important that will make room for a new
ModerationBalancing between extremes
DevilTemptations, addictions. The questioner is a hostage to the situation.
TowerDramatic destruction of established structures
StarBright hopes for the future
MoonMystery, lies, loss of control
The sunWell deserved success glory
CourtNeed "pay your bills"karma
WorldComplete cycle

These cards are interpreted as follows.


  • Ace — the beginning of a new love story.
  • Two — relationship full of joy.
  • Troika — Celebrations and celebrations are coming.
  • Four — the questioner embraces boredom. Everything alien seems to be the best.
  • Five — state of apathy and depression. Repentance in deeds.
  • Six — simple joys. Enjoy life "Here and now".
  • Seven — mental turmoil.
  • Eight — something important is left behind.
  • Nine — secret dreams come true.
  • Ten — good luck, happy chance.
  • Page — new love.
  • Knight — offer from a young man.
  • Queen (lady) — a friendly woman.
  • King — gentle man, a doctor, a good companion.

The suit Pentacles:

  • Ace — big money.
  • Two — time management and finances.
  • Troika — new business.
  • Four — success and simultaneous laziness.
  • Five — losses.
  • Six — getting help. Assistance in project management.
  • Seven — hard work.
  • Eight — new hobbies and hobbies. New deal will be successful.
  • Nine — well-deserved success.
  • Ten — inheritance.
  • Page — news about money.
  • Knight — prudence
  • Queen (lady) — a high self-evaluation.
  • King — practical person.

The suit of the Rods:

  • Ace — new projects. Luck in affairs.
  • Two — optimistic plans.
  • Troika — leadership position in the team.
  • Four — moving to a new place of residence or work. Pleasant changes.
  • Five — difficulties and excitement. Sometimes — fights, conflicts.
  • Six — fame and social success.
  • Seven — competition, the struggle for leadership.
  • Eight — difficulties, the desire to protect their position.
  • Nine — nice communication, change.
  • Ten — success that comes at a price too high.
  • Page — news in the professional field. Unusual interests.
  • Knight — travels.
  • Queen (lady) — business woman, active woman.
  • King — powerful man.

The suit of Swords:

  • Ace — tipping point. The goal will be achieved after overcoming difficulties.
  • Two — balance, waiting for news.
  • Troika -fears and worries. Parting with loved ones.
  • Four — temporary rest. Treatment.
  • Five — losing a dispute.
  • Six — desire to escape from problems.
  • Seven — cheating, fraud.
  • Eight — external restrictions.
  • Nine — unrest, anxiety. Mental agony.
  • Ten — project failure Failure in the relationship.
  • Page — snooping or nasty phone call.
  • Knight — disputes, conflicts. Destruction plans.
  • Queen (lady) — widow, nasty lady.
  • King — authoritative man. Doctor or lawyer.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes. I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me.

However, I decided that I still needed personal help. Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when you had to give 11 for renting an apartment.

What was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight. I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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