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How to find out your future by date of birth, alternative methods

How to find out your future by date of birth by the number of Destiny

How to know your future by date of birth? Very simple — calculate the number of Destiny by the rules of numerology, and then look at its value. Immediate events predict not work.

But you can understand how your character and temperament, given from birth, will affect your whole future life.

Calculate the number of Destiny

Consider an example of how to calculate the number of Destiny by the canons of numerology.

How to find out your future by date of birth, alternative methods

Suppose your date of birth is October 16, 1991:

  • Write in a row all the numbers: 16101991
  • Add until a simple number is obtained: 1 + 6 + 1 + 0 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 1 = 28. 2 + 8 = 10, 1 + 0 = 1

In our example, the number of Destiny, by which you can find out the future, is equal to one.

Meaning numbers

Knowing the number of Destiny, you can understand what awaits in the near future, identify long-term prospects and learn their strengths.

How to find out your future by date of birth, alternative methods

  1. The unit is the number of the leader. You are a born organizer and leader. Able to lead people, motivate and inspire them. The main thing is that a big responsibility not to have you. In the future, you can become the owner of your own business and develop it to a huge corporation.
  2. Two — the number of communication skills. You are able to resolve any conflict and make a fair decision that will satisfy both sides of the dispute. You are able to «count» the emotions and thoughts of others. Thanks to flexibility and worldly wisdom, in the future you will find a career as a diplomat.
  3. The triple is a symbol of incredible optimism, vitality. Positive thinking will help you succeed in all areas of life. If you do not allow yourself to become a realist and do not forget how to dream, you will become a very happy person in the future.
  4. Four. The man with the number of Destiny 4 is a talented organizer. You know how to create a holiday in everything, you have every chance to become famous, to become a media person. But there will often be moments of loneliness, depression due to the fact that others do not understand you.
  5. Five. The number of a person who goes against the system and has its own point of view on everything. You are able to become a reformer, those who change long-established rules, brings confusion and chaos into the surrounding space.
  6. The six is ​​a sign of the personality, in whose soul a great love lives. To yourself, people, the world and God. Your vocation is to help and heal people. Most likely, you will save someone’s life or help you get out of a serious scrape.
  7. Seven — an intellectual number. Often found in the date of birth of scientists, researchers, discoverers. The love of experimentation and development — the main qualities of the individual. You have every chance in the future to make a great discovery in medicine or science.
  8. Eight — predicts success and promises good luck in any endeavors. The Universe itself will send you favorable opportunities for the realization of goals. But it will have to work hard. It is very important for you to give yourself time to rest in order to be filled with vital energy.
  9. Nine — you realize yourself in the works. You are given by God a certain talent that needs to be revealed and developed in yourself. To make it happen faster, try to get rid of a critical look at things, dream more and strive to find yourself

Birth figures will not help you find out what will happen in the near future, but they will indicate the main milestones of your life.

Alternative methods

Surely almost every person would like to know what awaits him in later life. In fact, there is no single scenario — in the Destiny of each there is a space of options.

Which of them will be implemented depends only on your actions, thoughts.

How to find out your future by date of birth, alternative methods

But, thanks to various methods, it is possible to determine the main milestones of Destiny, to understand what to pay special attention to, to understand your strengths and weaknesses. This knowledge will help build your future.

The most accurate predictions of the future will help to obtain such sciences:

  • Astrology. This refers not to newspaper horoscopes. You can refer to a professional astrologer, who by the date and time of birth will make a natal chart. Through it, you can understand which areas are your career priorities, which partners are best suited for creating a family. Understand the strengths and weaknesses of character.
  • Numerology. You can make a numerological table, the data from which will tell in detail all about your personality, purpose, personality traits. Also using numerological methods you can predict the fate of a relationship with a partner.
  • Vedic astrology. Considers the fate and character of a person from the point of view of karmic doctrine. Determines what debts need to live and work in the current incarnation, so that the future is cloudless

Watch a video on how to predict the future by date of birth using the Pythagorean method:

Why not predict the future?

We already wrote that with 100% accuracy to predict the fate of a person can not. You always have a choice — by performing a certain action, you change the course of events and adjust your life.

But people are often faced with the fact that the predictions of fortune-tellers and psychics come true. This is because the person believes in what he was told.

With his thoughts, he sets himself up to fulfill the prediction.

That is why we do not recommend striving to find out what awaits you in the near future. Believing in the prediction, you will fulfill it with your thoughts, which can be very dangerous.

Suddenly you will promise a disease or separation from your loved one?

But to make a numerological map and to better know the strengths and weaknesses of your personality can be very useful. Then you can adjust your Destiny, direct the energy in the right direction and achieve success in almost every area of ​​life.

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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