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How to find out loves or dislikes: fortune telling with the exact answer

Any girl wonders if a man is telling the truth when he swears in love or pursues some of his goals using a bright feeling as a bait. And, perhaps, he is completely silent and only throws meaningful glances towards the girl.

To get an answer to your questions, you can study psychology for a long time, try to decipher facial expressions and gestures, or you can resort to another method — fortune telling. Moreover, there are many ways of divination, and most of them guarantee accurate prediction, without requiring either special knowledge in the field of esotericism or special conditions for conducting.

The most accessible and popular are those versions of fortune telling, where cards are used as a working tool. You can guess almost on any deck: playing, gypsy, tarot.

How truthful the fortune-telling will be depends not only on the observance of all the rules of the alignment, but also on the ability to interpret the cards that have fallen out, therefore the small number of discrepancies observed by beginners with experience decreases to a minimum. Thus, the fortunetelling on cards can be considered an accurate and informative means in order to find out if the other half truly loves you or simulates feelings for some purpose.

How to find out loves or dislikes: fortune telling with the exact answer

Guessing on playing cards is available to all people, regardless of age, gender and experience. The deck can be purchased at any store or kiosk, and it is inexpensive; and the interpretation of the alignment does not create difficulties due to the fact that all the cards have a simple and clear interpretation.

You can not make decompositions on the cards that were used for solitaire or gambling or contain specific pictures. It is best to take a new (sealed) deck with classic figures and a standard plaid shirt.

The values ​​of playing cards in hands on love and relationships are given in the table.

Card valueSuit
SixUnwillingness to make contactFriend InvitationFriendly interestThe desire to see a loved one
SevenTears and offenses. ChagrinGreedFriendship. Trust to manSexual attraction and nothing more
EightIncompatibility of characters. ConflictsBusiness cooperation. Relationships equally beneficial to bothMutually beneficial communicationCommon interests and views on the world. Nice talking
NineSelfishness. Lack of any feelingsSympathyLoveLove
TenEnd of communication or relationshipNo serious intentions. A man makes gifts to buy feelings partnerStability, respect. Strong marriageThe desire to always be together. Strong love
JackTreason. Cheating Disappointment in manHaving several equally attractive partners. Need to chooseA man lacks the courage to propose a truce or a closer relationshipLove thoughts
LadyElderly woman or rivalYoung woman girlWoman over 45 years old, most often marriedMiddle aged woman
KingOld man or rivalYoung man, young manA man older than 45 years, usually marriedMiddle aged man
AceThe end of the relationship. Magical influence (love spell or cuff, crown of celibacy)Mercantile. Marriage of convenienceMore friendly than romantic relationship. Habit of being togetherWedding. Engagement. An offer of marriage

How to find out loves or dislikes: fortune telling with the exact answer

One of the most simple, fast and reliable divination, which helps to calculate the feelings of a partner in a percentage of 100%. To do this, do not even need to interpret the card.

To make a hand, you need to mix the deck several times — so that the cards are distributed as evenly as possible. Particular attention should be paid to this item if you use a new deck or an old one, if the cards in it were stacked in order.

Then, holding the cards face down, you should remove two cards in a row. If their value coincides (for example, two kings or two sevens), a certain amount of interest is charged for this. The counting principle is:

  • for two sixes — 5%;
  • for two cards with values ​​from 7 to 10 inclusive and figured (King, Jack, Queen) — 10%;
  • for two aces — 20%.

After all the cards are open, you need to calculate the sum of all percentage values. If the result was 30% or less, the partner has no interest in guessing.

A number from 30% to 40% indicates sympathy; from 40% to 60% — to serious feelings, and if it turned out more than 60%, this is a sign of real and strong love.

How to find out loves or dislikes: fortune telling with the exact answer

This alignment takes time, attention and the ability to interpret cards not only one by one, but also in conjunction with each other. A newcomer should only take on him if he is confident in his abilities.

It is advisable to use a deck on which they already guessed and which is set up to communicate with a specific person, rather than a completely new one.

First you need to identify significators (maps that designate a man and a woman for whom they make a hand). To do this, using the above table, choose the appropriate suit of Dame and King and at some distance from each other spread on the table.

After that, the remaining cards should be mixed and removed in a row (do not pull out randomly), putting them face up in the following order:

  1. 1. Two cards to the left of the King and the same number to the right of the Ladies.
  2. 2. Two — below the significators.
  3. 3. Two by two — higher significators.
  4. 4. Two by two — next to the left pile of the King and two by two — near the right pile of the Ladies.
  5. 5. Two for each of the significators.
  6. 6. One for each of the significators.
  7. 7. Three times two cards between the King and Dame.

Reading the layout occurs in a similar order. It is necessary to open the cards in pairs and interpret their combination. Values ​​will be:

  1. 1. Secrets that man and woman cherish from each other.
  2. 2. Events in the life of each of the pair that will happen soon.
  3. 3. Thoughts of a man about a woman and vice versa.
  4. 4. What prevents the harmonious relations of both partners.
  5. 5. What is on everyone’s heart.
  6. 6. The true relationship to each other.
  7. 7. What was the relationship; what they are now and what they will be in the future.

This alignment does not require any preparation, but the forecast made with its help is always notable for accuracy and truthfulness.

As in the previous divination, the first thing you need to do is choose the Significator. In divination "On the king" To determine this map, as a rule, they use the category of appearance, not age:

  • Blond match the worms.
  • Fair-haired denote tambourines.
  • Brown are suitable clubs.
  • The peak king acts as a brunette.

After this, the significator should be placed in the center of the table, make a question, and mix the deck and remove four cards from above, placing them clockwise around the central one. How this is done is shown in the layout.

How to find out loves or dislikes: fortune telling with the exact answer

The answer to the question posed by the deck is the interpretation of all four cards in combination with each other.

The treatment of cards in this scenario occurs without regard to the suit. Only advantages of the cards are taken into account:

  • Six — a trip, not necessarily a joint one with a man on whom fortune telling was happening.
  • Seven — will be a romantic date.
  • Eight — unpleasant conversation, tiff.
  • Nine — logical development of relationships from dating to marriage.
  • Ten — A woman is not indifferent to this man, however, it cannot be said that he is crazy about her.
  • Jack — vain unrest or efforts.
  • Lady — treason or betrayal, the presence of a rival.
  • King — need help or support a good friend.
  • Ace — mutual love.

Tarot love appearances seem complicated only at first glance. Beginners and not-so-experienced people are frightened by the large number of cards in the deck, however, they can only be used by Elder Arcana for fortune telling.

This does not affect the veracity and accuracy of the result, but it will facilitate its interpretation.

The interpretation of cards in the layouts of love and relationships is slightly different from their generally accepted interpretations.

The actual values ​​for the Trumps of the Classic Tarot (Ryder-Waite deck) are given in the table.

ArkanIn the upright positionUpside down
JesterDreams of perfect love; illusory perception of a partnerFatal choice
MagicianNew acquaintance or romanceDue to low self-esteem, a person chose an inappropriate pair
High PriestessStrong influence of a woman on a manAttraction at the physical level; passion
The Empress
  • For a man — in his lover, he is trying to find an image of a mother.
  • For a woman, a relationship with a partner who is much older or wiser than she
Troubles, lack of time for privacy. Infertility
The emperor
  • For a man — he considers himself the main defender and patron of the beloved lady.
  • For a woman, trying to find a man who looks like a father
Relationships that comply with all moral principles adopted in society.
HierophantA person needs his love to fully comply with religious dogmas.Tolerance. Willingness to cede partner in key issues
LoversThe manifestation of sexuality. Erotic overtonesUnsuccessful love
ChariotA person achieves someone’s feelings for the sake of principle or disputeSame-sex relationship. Violence or immoral behavior in the union of heterosexual people
StrengthLove relationships are at their peakSome circumstances limit the possibility of developing relationships
HermitBefore a person can experience love for a partner, he must accept and love himself. In the inverted position, the value of the map does not change
Wheel of FortuneA new round in relationships, including after the crisis. An inverted map has a similar meaning.
JusticeMutual respect, stabilityUnion imbalance. One of the partners gives all his moral strength, the second does not want to work on relationships
  • For a man — problems with potency.
  • For a woman — some events from the past. In the inverted position, the interpretation does not change
For a man — the normalization of reproductive functions
DeathFeelings for the current partner faded away, a new romance will soon beginPlans will not be realized
ModerationEmotional and psychological harmonyDiscord begins soon
DevilBetrayal of true and pure love for a moment of pleasure. In the inverted position, this value is preserved.
TowerDrastic and negative changes (divorce, treason). Venereal diseases. In the inverted position, the value becomes less pronounced.
StarA chance to correct the mistakes that were made in the relationship; reconnect after separationMissed opportunity. Partner will not return, union destroyed forever
MoonThe search for a soul mateThe variability of both partners
The sunTrue and comprehensive love (for the partner and for the world around)The man pretended to be in love, but the partner managed to uncover this deception
CourtSex problems are directly related to negative experiences in the past.
WorldFull realization of their desires. A dream come trueUnwillingness to reciprocate; lack of love potential or need for love feelings

This fortune telling will help to know everything about the feelings of a man. Does he tell the truth when he swears of love and loyalty; whether he is sincere or pursuing his own interests; whether he is set up for long-term relationships or is looking forward to a quick acquaintance.

In addition, it will be possible to obtain information about his current marital status (single, married, divorced).

To make a hand, you need to formulate a question, mix the deck and pull out one seven cards one by one, putting them on the table in the order shown on the diagram.

How to find out loves or dislikes: fortune telling with the exact answer

Each of the cards answers a specific question:

  1. 1. The attitude of a man to a lady who initiated divination.
  2. 2. The purpose he pursues in a relationship; his expectations.
  3. 3. His personal life (the presence or absence of close ties with other women).
  4. 4. What is the place of divination in the life of this man?
  5. 5. His behavior in the next few weeks.
  6. 6. What must a lady do to win his heart?
  7. 7. The final relationship. What will the further communication lead to — a wedding, love affair, separation?

Anyone who has met on the Internet with an attractive outwardly and spiritually person and is already thinking about a personal meeting, does not hurt to make this alignment, to ensure the correctness of his decision. It’s not a secret that the image created by people in the network often differs from their real behavior.

After the completion of divination, it will become clear what opinion the new acquaintance has and what his true feelings are, what he hopes he is hiding. As well as the cards will tell you how relationships will develop after a date in real life and what further communication will be if it continues only within the Internet.

Alignment is suitable for both girls and guys. It is produced according to the standard scheme — first you need to come up with an exact question to which the answer will be received, shuffle the cards, and then get them out of the deck one by one and put it as shown in the picture.

How to find out loves or dislikes: fortune telling with the exact answer

Meaning of maps by numbers:

  1. 1. What does a partner think about a fortune teller? What conclusions did he draw from previous conversations? Does he feel love for him or regards him as a suitable candidate for easy flirting?
  2. 2. The impression of the most guessing partner. What is his opinion based on — facts or guesswork; maybe he idealizes his new acquaintance?
  3. 3. How dynamic is the relationship developing now?
  4. 4. What and for what purpose does a divider hide from a partner?
  5. 5. What does the partner keep secret from the guessing and what circumstances make him do it?
  6. 6. How compatible is this pair?
  7. 7. Does a personal meeting make sense? Will she be as expected of man?
  8. 8. How does the actual acquaintance change the relationship, will they falter or, on the contrary, strengthen?
  9. 9. Advice.

The relation of the second half to yourself or to the customer of divination can be checked with the help of this simple divination. More maps will help you better understand your partner or find an approach to him in difficult life situations.

The beginning of fortune telling is no different from previous ones. It is necessary to make a question to which the cards should give an answer, to mix the deck thoroughly and take out 7 cards in turn.

The scheme of their calculations is shown in the figure.

How to find out loves or dislikes: fortune telling with the exact answer

Reading the layout will be as follows:

  1. 1. What does a partner think about guessing?
  2. 2. His feelings.
  3. 3. Partner plans for further relations with the guessing.
  4. 4. His true goals and desires.
  5. 5. Positive moments that the fortune-teller will experience in alliance with this partner.
  6. 6. The negative that such a relationship can bring to life a fortuneteller.
  7. 7. What line of conduct should be followed in order to preserve or harmonize, strengthen the union of two hearts.

Often used fortune-telling based on symbolic signs. Scandinavian runes and bones are the most widely used people (they are also cubes with points on each side in an amount from 1 to 6).

Ready-made set of runes can be purchased at the store. It is not forbidden to make them yourself from a suitable material, preferably natural.

Ideal small stones or plank.

How to find out loves or dislikes: fortune telling with the exact answer

The values ​​of each rune in the divination of love are presented in the table. Symmetric signs do not have an inverted position and are always treated in the same way.

TitleTreatment of the runes in a straight positionTreatment of the runes upside down
FehuCandy-bouquet period. Start a relationship. Union, built on material or household benefitsFor one of the partners, relationships do not represent value. Frequent quarrels. Next to negative runes — end of relationship
UruzSex is the main thing for both partners. A man is trying to establish his unquestioning leadership.Lack of voting rights, everything is decided by the second partner. Impotence or frigidity; indifference to the intimate aspect of relationships
TurisazConflict, jealousy, assault. One of the most negative runes in the love storyMutual attraction faded or it did not exist. One of the partners harbored a grudge against the second. Problems from the past give rise to complexes
AnsuzNon-burdensome or short-term communication. Empty promisesDeception and lack of understanding. One of the partners at the moment does not want to make contact with another
RaidoNear positive runes indicates a logical development of relations up to the wedding. Next to negative promises partingPause in a relationship. One of the partners is rushing events, and the second is not sure that he is ready for this. Loss of coherence and harmony
KenazCarnal love, filled with passion, combined with no less emotional scandalsIndifference to each other, coldness. There is no longer a chance to save this relationship, they have completely become obsolete.
GeboLack of communication; an affair that rests solely on sex and gives no prospects for marriage
VunoThe person experiences illusions about relationships and hopes for more than the second partner can offer him.The partners fell short of each other’s hopes and were disappointed. When fortune-telling on a person, communication with whom has ceased, indicates a longing
HagalazA crisis. Both partners have accumulated a lot of claims to each other and negative emotions. On the final position — a divorce, the final break
NautizOne person literally cannot live without the other. Emotional or financial dependenceOne person clearly makes it clear that for him this relationship is over, and the second still hopes to restore the union
IsaStability in the relationship or cooling feelings
YeraPartners know everything about each other, novelty and an element of surprise have disappeared from their communication, however, this will not affect the relationship
EyvazTo establish privacy interfere with the unfinished business of a legal nature. Sometimes points to a love triangle
PerthPartners are destined to each other. Next to Inguz, it says that only a common child connects peopleOne of the partners does not want to be completely open and sincere. Sometimes indicates a magical effect (spell)
AlgizMarriage registration. The caring and gentle attitude of a man to a womanCheating second partner or having a family. Relationship Vulnerability
SouluChanges in relationships. Will they be positive or not, will show the rest of the runes in the scenario
TeyvazIf the alignment of a man, it is very significant for a woman and she is afraid of losing him. The balance on a woman — a man does everything to get her attentionThe man has problems with potency, and this will be the reason why a woman would prefer him to another. Either he breaks the relationship for his own reasons.
BerkanaSincere, true love. There are people who will be good spouses and parents.The woman reports the presence of a rival. Man warns that this lady will not make him a decent party
EvazSerious relationship, in the future — marriage. Mental and physical harmonyYou should look at relationships without rose-colored glasses and honestly answer for yourself whether this is the ultimate dream.
MannazUnion is more friendly than love. Partners have many common interests and hobbies.Loneliness, parting. Lack of mutual understanding, big difference in age and views on life
LaguzFemale fleece. Speaks about the external attractiveness of the lady and her popularity among menA man promises problems that will arise through the fault of a woman. The woman says that her lover is passionate about another lady
InguzSurrounded by positive runes means the creation of a family and the emergence of an heir. Next to negative, predicts the end of a relationship
OdalIt is necessary to refresh the relationship, make them more vivid. Indicates a married woman or married manPartners diverge, then again resume communication. However, it will end all the final parting
DagazDrastic changes in relationships. What will follow them, tell the rest of the runes in the scenario

If the set contains an empty rune (otherwise called One), then it symbolizes the need to start a relationship from scratch.

Before proceeding to fortune telling, you should ask a question, and then shake the container with the runes and randomly pull out the eleven, alternately laying them out in the order shown in the picture.

How to find out loves or dislikes: fortune telling with the exact answer

In this scenario, the runes have the following information load:

  1. 1. What is the connection between two people (friendly, love)?
  2. 2. Feelings of the one who initiated divination.
  3. 3. Feelings of the second partner.
  4. 4. What will the initiator of fortune-telling make out of this relationship?
  5. 5. Why is this union given by fate to the second partner?
  6. 6. What will happen in the relationship in the near future?
  7. 7. Fleece, additional to the sixth.
  8. 8. What good will happen soon?
  9. 9. What are the negative events to prepare for?
  10. 10. What will be the relationship in the long term?
  11. 11. Fleece, additional to the tenth.

This fortune telling lets you know if one person loves another or only pretends; read his hidden thoughts.

Preparation for decomposition occurs in a similar way. After raising the question, take out nine runes, folding them out in a row (from left to right).

  1. 1. With whom and how does the second person spend a significant part of his free time?
  2. 2. Who takes the most place in his heart?
  3. 3. What doesn’t he like?
  4. 4. Solution of the problem, which describes the third Fleece.
  5. 5. What is your partner’s concern, what is he thinking about?
  6. 6. Solution of the problem, which describes the fifth rune.
  7. 7. What makes him wonder or provokes a feeling of protest?
  8. 8. What would he most like?
  9. 9. What will be the relationship between the initiator of divination and the second person over the next two months?

For such fortune-telling, you will need two playing dice, which have not yet been used for their intended purpose. If it is not possible to get new bones, you can throw old into a glass with salt water or hold them under running water for about half an hour.

So they will be cleared from the energy of gambling.

Next, you need to take a white sheet of paper, draw a circle on it and divide it into three approximately equal sectors. In one of them enter the word "Yes", in the second — "Not"and leave the third empty (it will symbolize indifference).

After that, shake the bones in the palms and throw on the circle. If one die fell on a sector "Yes"and the second to any other sector, which means that the person who is wondering is not yet sure of his feelings.

If both bones are outside the delineated circle, then the bones refuse to answer. You can return to fortune telling after a few days.

In addition, the number of points is important if the same values ​​appear on both dice:

  • Two units — there is a chance to start a serious relationship.
  • Two twos — the heart of a man belongs to another woman, or the woman is already in love with another man.
  • Two triples — the relationship will be short-lived.
  • Two foursomes — this person instead of joy delivers only trouble.
  • Two of five — strong friendship without a hint of something more.
  • Two six — a wedding, long-lasting love union.

The tradition of guessing love on flowers was formed in antiquity. In the warm season, this option of divination was the most affordable, and therefore enjoyed increased popularity among those who financially could not afford to turn to a professional fortuneteller.

They say that the result was quite reliable.

Guessing on a daisy does not provide for any strict rules. All that is needed is to pick a flower and tear off the petals one by one, saying "Love does not love".

Words that fall on the last petal and become prophetic. By the way, the saying can be changed to your taste, setting more specific parameters or increasing their number ("Will embrace", "Kiss", "Invite for a date" etc.).

To make fortune telling more accurate, it is recommended to hold it three times and consider the correct answer that fell out more often than others.

You should go to the garden and personally (this is a prerequisite) to pick a rosebud off the bush, and at home with the words "Rose-beauty, the queen of all flowers! Tell me what my dear fellow feels to me!" put it in a vase of water and wait for the flower to bloom.

If all the petals without exception unfold, it means that a man is indifferent to this girl; if there are at least some folded petals in the center of the rose, then he is truly in love. Bud wilted, never dissolved, so far there is no time to get an answer to this question.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes. I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me.

However, I decided that I still needed personal help. Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when you had to give 11 for renting an apartment.

What was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight. I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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